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What's your take on multi-vitamins?

Does anyone here take any multi-vitamins or supplements? I've always been told to be wary of them because they can screw with your metabolism and aren't really all that worth it nutritionally. I've been looking into them though because I know I don't get enough calcium. I'm still growing out of a lactose intolerance, so I'm looking for a supplement of some kind.

If you have any thoughts or ideas or advice, please let me know!
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Re: What's your take on multi-vitamins?

  • I do, and I find them worth it.

    I got my multi-vitamin from Whole Foods, it's supposed to be better for absorption than the typical multi-vitamin.

    I also have lactose issues, so I take a calcium supplement. Since we live in Washington I'm also vitamin D deficient, so I take one of those as well, with the calcium.

    I also take fish oil (for cholesterol), probiotics (for digestive issues), and biotin (for hair nails, it's actually made a huge difference with my hair).
  • I've been told that they're not as good as getting the vitamins from foods, BUT if you aren't getting them from food, you need to get them somehow.  You definitely don't need those multi-vitamins that give you 300% of vitamin C etc.  You'll just urinate the extra out, since it's H2O soluble.  On the other hand, you don't want to get too much of the fat-soluble vitamins b/c you can't urinate those out of your body.

  • I can't take multi-vitamins because I can't have vitamin K but I have found taking vitaminB50 complex to be really helpful with increases my metabolism.Smile
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  • I take a multi (with added folic acid) and fish oil each morning.  Vitamins from food are definitely better than vitamins from pills, but sometimes we can't get all we need through our diets.

    A basic multivitamin won't screw up your metabolism.  The kinds of things that could do that are probably marketed as weight loss supplements.

    As always, talk to your doctor before starting anything new.  They can help you determine if you're deficient in certain vitamins and help you figure out the best course of action.
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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