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My photographer canceled with less than 5 months to go! HELP!

I just got back from a short trip to D.C. with my family to visit with my future-in-laws, telling them how well the wedding planning was going and so on.  Turns out, I came home to an email from my top choice photographer (Kingdom Wedding Photography) CANCELING!!!!!  We set up our date and meeting time weeks ago, but since we hadn't yet put a deposit down (because she couldn't meet with us until this Sunday), she figured she could just leave us without a professional.


So now I've got to book a photographer for September 26th (which is basically the most popular wedding weekend in VT, it seems) with NO. LEADS. None that I can afford, anyway.    Ideally, I'd want to spend less than 2000, but I could go up a few hundred if I absolutely have to.

Any help out there??????  Suggestions?  Pretty please????

Re: My photographer canceled with less than 5 months to go! HELP!

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    I'll just start out by saying that I know you will find a photographer-don't worry you still technically have plenty of time!

    With that said, I'm not sure where exactly you are having your wedding, but when I looked up your previous photographer they were in Albany, VT so I'm presuming you're getting married near the NEK somewhere. With that said, my photographer is Dona Davis out of Burke. She has packages ranging from $400-$2,000. Looking at her calendar she's booked the 25th of September but not the 26th. I met with her and felt comfortable with her style of photography. I've put the link to her website below. http://www.donadavis.com/index.html

    If things don't work out with her check out these other photgraphers in the NEK area: Jenks Studio in St. Jay, Image North photography in Lyndonville,  & Spencer Leonard (by Stowe).

    Good luck!
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    I am getting married September 24, 2011 in the Montpelier area and just booked my photographer and I love her artistic style. I would encourage you to consider her and call to see her availability. Her name is Meg McGovern Hamilton and her website is www.rodeoandco.com packages range from $1200-$2450 and her studio is in Wells River, VT.

    I hope this helps! Good luck in finding your photographer ...
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    i used to work for jenks, he is a wonderful man and does a nice job.  also look at borth photography--she is out of richmond, vt but will travel.  good luck, you will find someone!
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    Thanks for the tips, everyone.  I have decided to hire Justin Cash -- his photos are fantastic and my parents went crazy for his portfolio.  Thanks for everyone's help!
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    Brian Farnum does an amazing job, IMO.

    Link to his website.

    http://www.bfarnumphotography.com/ ... just incase the link doesn't work.

    He may be available that weekend. His prices are very reasonable too!

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