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Chocolate Cake

I am 50 and my fiance is 60.  There will be about 70 guests.  I'm doing what I want to do (my fiance is fine with anything) and we aren't necessarily following traditions.  We're having a dessert bar and just a small cake we'll cut and feed each other (there will be a couple dozen matching cupcakes for those who want them).  My fiance loves chocolate cake and chocolate frosting, so I say if that's what he loves, that's what he should have! A friend will make the cake.  I'm having trouble finding pictures of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.  I don't want anything too elaborate because our wedding is simple. We're having a New Year's Day wedding and our colors are dark green, dark red, and brown/tan/gold.  Any recommendations?

Re: Chocolate Cake

  • I was just at a friend's wedding, and they had found little gold star confetti to put on desserts.  I think something like that on a chocolate cake would look nice but be fairly simple.  

    Also, we had a dessert bar, too, but we didn't bother with a cake-cutting.  We had two regular cakes (one chocolate, one lemon/almond) on the buffet for people that really liked cake.  I would suggest doing something like that, especially if you will be cutting and serving each other cake, guests might be disappointed not to have it as an option.
  • I would google for cake decor or cake decorations. There are tons of companies out there that sell online, anything you want, in any color. You can get edible glitter, edible gold or silver flakes, edible flowers in any's endless.
  •  I made a groom's cake for a friend that was chocolate with chocolate frosting and decorated with "tuxedo" and regular chocolate-covered strawberries.  You could do a "bride" stawberry and a "groom" strawberry as the cake "topper" (by themselves or on top of a pile of regular chocolate-covered berries), and use edible gold or gold decorations around the edge (and on the matching cupcakes).  A few berries on the plate is nice, too.  All depends on how formal a look you want.
  • Check the websites of your local bakeries to see if they have any good photos of such cakes.

    Google images, Pinterest, are all great sources of wedding-related inspiration too. is only bridal but it doesn't have as many results as the other two yet.
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