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There's some urgency around me finding a gown for a wedding I'm in (July 09). The bride is "visual" and needs to see me in a dress so she can choose it. Do you know of ANY shops that have plus sized gowns that I could try on... preferably in Baltimore, MD.

Depending on the cut & designer, I'm between sizes 1x-2x. Your help will be greatly appreciated b/c I'm tired of crying after phone calls.


Re: Plus Size Bridesmaid (DC / MD / VA)

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    I'm pretty sure that David's Bridal has a variety of sizes.  Did you call Bridals by Niko?  They have a huge selection of bridesmaids dresses, and I'd be shocked if they did not have some samples in larger sizes.

    Sorry I'm not much help =(
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    My girls got their dresses from Aria in DC. I don't know if that is too far for you but it is worth the trip! They have TONS of styles made out of a few choices of materials. My girls all got to pick different dresses after I chose the fabric and color. They girl that works there, Karen, is super nice and very helpful through email, over the phone and in person. I highly recommend them, they have great dresses and they are super helpful!

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    You need to call around and find places that carry the Alfred Angelo line.  They are fabulous for plus sized women!  All fo their dresses come through a size 28, in some cases a 30.  Don't cry!  It will be okay and you will find a dress that is wonderful and will make the bride happy.  All but one of my bridesmaids are plus sized!  :)  My girls are wearing these -,126,135&obj=alt1&color=203,186,161
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    Ditto pp about Alfred Angelo, they carry lots of sizes and many bridal salons carry their line.  I also used Aria and one of my BM was plus sized and I think she looked great in their dress (PIB).
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    There is a Davids Bridal and a Alfred A in Glen Burnie on Ritchie Hwy about 5 min from each other.
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