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  • my goodness, it's early!  there is still wine to be had!
  • and limocello to be poured!
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    [QUOTE]Aliegh, will they not let you quarantine her at home? 
    Posted by Ghoti[/QUOTE]

    <div>Probably not since her rabies vaccination wasn't up to date.</div>
  • aleigh - can you have her tieters drawn to see if her original vaccine was still effective?  not sure if that is an option for rabies...  

  • I'm here feeding little Edmund. He's really frustrated about the tape on his face.
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  • limocello sounds fantastic
  • limoncello on crushed ice is almost better than sex
  • well since H is at a bar right now...
  • Ciara - did they say how long it usually takes them to adjust?
  • It's different for each kid. I'm hoping for sooner rather than later.
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    [QUOTE]well since H is at a bar right now...
    Posted by kellyjellybelly[/QUOTE]

    and I'm not seeing Joe until tomorrow night

  • Aleigh, our dogs get three-year rabies vaccines now.  Do you think the last vet you went to might have done that?  I don't know if they can do that for cats.  In any case, that really sucks.  =(



  • Hi, I'm back.  I was digusted by how gross my floors were, and had to vacuum immediately.  Disgusting confession right now, I'm pretty sure that's the first time we vacuumed since Easter.  

    Ciara, I missed why he has tape on his face.  I'm guessing from another appointment?
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  • Beachy we met with the plastic surgeons today and one of the things they want to try is taping the cleft to help close the gap somewhat. It's supposed to make the lip repair surgery easier by stretching the skin and forcing the lip to come together. It is also to help to reduce the amount of scar tissue and the chance of a surgery later in life to remove any excess that would form.
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  • Aww poor Edmund, I can imagine that it would be frustrating.  That's awesome though that they have figured out to do that.  
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  • H and I were having a great conversation about the janitors at our schools.

  • I am happy to report that it appears I did not kill the acetate/polyester dress/jacket that I was trying to remove stains from.  It looks stain free and still in 1 piece.  The Saks suit however is being stubborn.
  • Hiya... at work for the night.  Ugh.  Anyone still up?

  • ciara - does edmund have white-blond hair?
  • Yes he does kjb.
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  • Hey KJB & Ciara - any interesting tidbits in the this thread or am I okay with not reading it?

    Edmund is so cute!  I love your sig pic :).

  • I didn't read until I started posting, which was like a page ago.

    I love babies with white blond hair.  H had that when he was little and so did my brother and my dad.  So there is a good chance if we have a kid it will too :)  
  • Awww... baby KJB.  LOL.

    Part of me doesn't like this working day shift business purely because I am actually busy at work and can't knot and since I'm home when H is also home now it limits how many hours of an evening I can knot... I miss it. LOL.

  • DH had white blonde hair when he was a baby. I had blonde hair but not white blonde. I love his hair and really hope it doesn't change to be brown like we both have now.
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  • yeah, we'll hold off on a baby KJB for now :)
  • hiya! Anything I should read in the 8 pages?

    We just got back from a date with one of my coworkers and her husband. We really like them. We hope they want to go on another date with us soon.

  • aww you're cute birdie
    I was at a date at the nursing home tonight... probably not so much fun.
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