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Photographer help!

I just found out the photographer I was planning on using will not be able to do my wedding in June so I'm beginning to look for photographers around Kansas City. Does anyone have any reasonably priced photographer/possibly videographer? I have emailed a couple and Photos Edge, McBride, and Sorenson are all booked on my day. Heartland Wedding Photography was an option, has anyone used them before? Any others you'd recommend? Thanks for any help!

Re: Photographer help!

  • I am using Real Deal photography. Their website is www.realdealweddings.com.  I found them from a reference on this board.  They are fairly inexpensive compared to other photographers but they have a lot of experience.  My wedding is still several months away but I have liked working with them so far. 
  • Crystal, i inboxed you. 
  • Was Heartland the one that only does Christian weddings without dancing or alcohol?

    Our photographer is By Asa Photography.  I actually found him on craigslist and he's amazingly good and pretty cheap.  $1200 for EP w/disc, and 8 hours day-of coverage w/disc.  We've met him a couple of times and he's been very polite, very professional, but still warm and easy to work with.  I also asked for references and they came back glowing.

    Bottom line, I haven't seen his pictures of *our* wedding yet, but the ones he has done have blown me away.  I would highly recommend him at this point,
  • Okay i'm not sure if it's Heartland, she never said anything about that in the email. Thanks for the options though everyone:) How about 49th street photography?!
  • Are you looking for a photographer who will also print your photos? I have found one who will do your wedding (from very early in the morning till 10 at night for $895) only stipulation is that he will give you CD's.To have the photos you want printed yourself. He said he could print them but it would cost a little more. He also has a "photo-booth" that is $150.00..... Check out his website..He seems really fun and laid back. 
    Jim Powers

    Hope this helps
  • Ok, Heartland is NOT the one that only does Christian weddings.  She's the one that airbrushes everything within an inch of its life.
  • I would be wary of "By Asa" photography. Google Asa Orris Brown Photography and read some of the reviews. Seems him and his wife too some people's money awhile back :(

    I just checked out heartland. I thought they looked good and not "airbrushed"
  • Looks like a lot of those negative reviews have a lot to do with his ex-wife, with whom he's no longer in business.  Still, we'll feel things out at the engagement session later this summer.  Fortunately we're far out enough that if that goes less-than-buisinesslike, we'll be able to find a backup.  Thanks for the tips!
  • I not used these photographers before, but I have a couple suggestions incase you are still looking:

    Melissa Lyn Ellis photography http://melissalinellis.com/ is amazing! She is doing our photos for our June 9th wedding and I am so excited about it. 2 people in our bridal party are getting married later in the year (1 in November and 1 in December) and they are also using Melissa. I was blown away at how reasonable her prices were for how exceptional her photos are. She may not be the cheapest, but for the quality I was surprised her packages were under $2k!

    I would also suggest Katie Wood Photography http://www.katiewoodphotography.com:8080/Weddings/ she is a friend and an incredibly talended photographer!

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    My ex wife Drew deserves a terrible reputation, but I assure you my business has absolutely nothing to do with her. After I left her business OrrinBrown Photography she failed to communicate with brides, didn't fulfill the contracts she had insisted on keeping, and didn't provide pictures to the bride's who's weddings she had already photographed. I feel horrible about all of this, and tried to do what I could but at the time my main focus was on getting my sons and myself out of an abusive relationship. By Asa Photography was formed after we were divorced, and I promise you and the world I will never affiliate myself with anyone like her again. I am more than happy to provide references to anyone who is interested. Service is VERY important to me, and I do this because I love it.
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