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Reception Ideas

Round Vs. Rectangle

I was really set on renting round tables for the reception but I am starting to think that I should just use the tables that the venue has, which are rectangle.

But now my question is what is better? Should I spend the extra money or just use their tables?

Re: Round Vs. Rectangle

  • If there wasnt a price difference I would choose round but I wouldnt pay extra just for round tables, I dont see anything wrong with rectangles but thats just me.
  • I wouldn't pay extra for round tables.  I do like round better, but not if it costs extra.  Just use what the venue has.  It will be so much easier for you not only cost-wise but also set-up and dealing with another vendor bringing in tables and things like that.
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  • I wouldn't spend extra money on tables if I was being provided with them. If I was given the choice, I'd pick round, but if my venue was like "we only have rectangle", I'd either suck it up or find a comprable venue that had round.

    But I also am a total budget-freak, so I didn't sink extra money into anything that I was already being given for no additional cost.

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  • if the venue is already supplying the tables, i wouldn't waste the money on the rounds. use that money to get another bartender or something else that guests will actually notice!

    i'm sure no matter what you do it will be beautiful!
  • i like rectangular better, but at my venue, they cost more!  so we are doing round.  i think it feels more "family style" and elegant to use long tables.  but if you do not like the idea of long tables then i think the previous poster who recommended pushing them together to make a square was right on target!  good luck!
  • In most situations, I'd spend the extra money for rounds. I've seen some pictures of beautiful and elegant rectangles, but most times when I see rectangles, they don't come across as nicely. But it really depends on the venue, the room, what the overall set-up is, etc.

  • Thanks girls! I like the idea of making them into squares by pushing them together. I'm getting the reception site for nothing so I really can't find a compareable venue lol.

    Thanks again I appreciate all the ideas!

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    I like the look of round tables much better, I think it just looks a little more elegant.

    BUT, if you are on a budget, go with the tables that are free.  I've donet the two 6' tables put together to make a square before, and it makes it a little cozier feeling than long cafeteria style rows.  Saves on centerpieces also, with two talbes, one centerpiece.

    You can usually seat 8 -10 people per table that way, but they take up a little extra room.  I like placing them diagonally. 
  • We're doing squares because everyone does rounds and we wanted something different.  My site coordinator set up both rounds and squares in the ballroom space, and both my FI and I agreed that we liked the squares better.  I agree with pretty much everyone else in saying that I wouldn't spend the extra money to rent tables if you don't have to.  It could probably be better spent elsewhere.  Good luck though!
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  • I think either could look really nice, but I'd be concerned with the linens...  It was absolutely imperative to me that the linens covered the tables completely, all the way to the floor.  I'd make my decision based on the availability and cost of linens.  Good luck ;)
  • I wouldn't pay extra...but if money isn't a problem, or it's not a huge difference, I'd go with round.

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  • If you don't want to pay extra: I like the square idea.  If that doesn't bother you, I would go with round. 

    But finding linens to cover the square tables might be difficult or offset the difference between just getting the round tables.  So I would figure out how many people you would set at a square table vs. a round table, the cost of the table + the cost of linens + guestimated centerpiece cost.

    Then you could figure out based on how many tables you'll need if you should go with the square or the round.
  • I dont think it will make any difference as long as you dress them up nice. The guests wont care if they are round or rectangular all they care is that they are important enough for you to invite them and that they are there celabrating with you and scoring the food you picked, lol.. so dont stress it use the one from the site, the money you'll use to rent the tables you can use it in somthing else more important like the flowers for the reception. Just enjoy the planning of your wedding all the way and remember that the bottom line is that at the end of that day you'll be a Mrs.  Congrats to you both.
  • We used rectangular tables with 16 tops because it was more space efficient in our particular space. Our venue coordinator actually said she's hear from people that with big weddings (ours was about 200), rectangles are actually MORE conducive to conversation since it can get loud, and you can't hear across a standard 8 top round that well, so you can talk to just the people next to you, while that's not an issue at the narrower rectuangular tables.

    We didn't have floor length linens, so I can't really comment on that, but here's the best pic I have of the room set up, I think it looked good!

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  • Personally, I love square tables.  I don't like rectangles, so I'd push them together to make squares.  Because, more than I don't like rectangles - I don't like paying for tables when free ones are available.
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  • If linens are an issue, you could use two tablecloths, one for each table and then on the seam where they meet, have a floor length table runner to cover the seam. 
  • Rectangles can most definitely be very posh and elegant, but it depends on the venue.  In either case, unless the cost is minimal, I wouldn't spend extra for rounds - use the money instead for other costs or to spruce up your decor ideas.
  • I would go with the rectangle. Every wedding I have been to it has been round.  I think being different is always good, and plus your saving money.

  • I'd go with rectangle.  I find that round tables are frequently too large to allow conversation across them easily, and I'd anticipate the same problem with squares.
  • Rectangle.... its not worth the money!!
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    [QUOTE]If linens are an issue, you could use two tablecloths, one for each table and then on the seam where they meet, have a floor length table runner to cover the seam. 
    Posted by Theresa626[/QUOTE]
    oooh... Good idea!
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