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Just Engaged*** Is it too early to start planning a 2013 wedding?

Hello folks, I am recently engaged- 12/25/11. We have been in love for years and want to start planning our wedding which is planned for late summer 2013. Is it too soon to start planning our wedding? we've have already looked at several banquet halls and I really like Paradise Convention centre. Am I doing too much too soon? Thanks!!

Re: Just Engaged*** Is it too early to start planning a 2013 wedding?

  • Kind of what I thought. I guess I'm just so excited to plan!
  • I agree with edielaura. congrats!
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    It depends on how busy you are. I am having a Aug 2013 wedding and may even be summer 14 I have not decided yet, but I have started planning. I am looking for ideas to figure out what I want and I almost have my guest list completed. However, I am a full time student in College and am not going to have a lot of free time to plan.   I am also doing a lot of DIY items such as invites, save dates and programs. However, it also may be because I am super excited lol but I don't think it can be to early.  Alsos it is great to look at venues early because they get booked so far in advance  I would rather have to much time to plan then cram and not get what I want in the end

  • YAY so happy to hear that others feel like I do. I just got engaged in Chicago on 12/29/11 and we are planning on a Feb 2013 wedding but I am soooo ready to start planning. We have been together for five years and I also work and go to school full time so I don't want to be running around like chicken with my head cut off trying to get things done. Ive been looking into different places to have ours too.
  • Nope.  Depending on your area some venues may actually be booked already.  Start buy finding a venue then look for everything else.
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  • Congrats! I also got engaged 12/25/11! :) We are planning on getting married march of 2013. I have been looking at venues, and gathering lots of wedding ideas on flowers, cakes, centerpieces, etc. I havent been actually booking or deciding on anything yet cause I feel like its too soon, but I am definitely gathering all my ideas, and gettin little details picked out so when the time comes to make these decisions, I already know what I want, and won't be stressed about it! So that's what i'm going with...But I am going to faithfully take advice from The Knot's to-do checklist timeline. Happy planning girl! :)
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  • I agree with everyone else but definetly start looking at venues. It depends on the venue but sometimes they are already booked up for 2 years. Start attending bridal shows too..they might help you out. You will be surprised how fast a year will go. So start getting ideas and slowly plan. Congratulations!!! 
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  • No way! I plan on getting married August 31, 2013 because most people will have the weekend off for Labor Day (which is on September 2nd I think) I'm having a themed wedding at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament down in FL (I really DO get to be a princess for a day lmao). I've got the wedding and reception planned, my castle cake, possible bridesmaids and MOH dresses picked out, and even know who will be custom making my beautiful dress that I designed myself since none of the dresses I've come across make "the cut". I think it's a great idea to plan early so you have a solid idea of the money that'll be spent and can have your big day where you want. Many people start planning a year in advance for simpler events like graduation parties, so why not your wedding - which is much more important in my opinion. :)
  • It is never too early to start planning your wedding, and especially to start planning your budget.  

    Knowing early how much money you can spend or will spend can make the planning more focused and doable.  

    Be sure to get a wedding budget sheet to help you plan your budget, and don't be afraid to ask your fiancee tough questions about finances and life this early.

  • My wedding is May 2013 and we have our venue and photographer already, so it's not too early! Our place actually has an event the next day already which is crazy to think about! If you want a venue that is high in demand or does only one wedding at a time I would start looking ASAP. Some people like to wait so they get a good deal, but if you want a Saturday or Friday night I would look now and maybe put a deposit down in the spring.
  • I think its great to start planning in advanced! It helped me especially when it came to working out budgets etc. :) 
  • Doing the big stuff first might help out with budget.. our engagement is just under a year long, and we booked the venue/photographer right away.. turns out that it's saving us money because we booked in before they came out with the next year's prices (which went WAY up!), so that's great for us since we've already been quoted and already given the deposit and got a signed receipt saying how much we still owe closer to the date :D

    I might wait with the little details like colours and dresses (you and BM) and cakes and stuff until closer to the date, but it doesn't hurt to start browsing at least:)

    Happy planning!
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  • I just got engaged too 12/24/11 and I don't think it's too early! I already am starting to plan mine just haven't been to places yet. But, I know exactly what I'm looking for...so excited!!! Good luck!!!!!
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    Yaga13, I don't know what your problem is. Actually, I AM engaged thank you. My boyfriend/fiancé and I consider ourselves to be and have for a while now. I don't need a ring on my finger to be 100% certain that we're getting married in the future. He was hoping it would be in Febuary of 2013, but we bumped it to August to give us more time to save up. Once we finish paying off a $750 bill this month, he says the ring is next on our saving list(s). As you can see, women start planning early. I won't be signing any contracts until much later this year though. As for the bridesmaid dresses, I'll be making final decisions about those sometime in 2013. I'm just doing research now and talking to people.
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    Not to early at all! Im newly engaged now too (Oct 30, 2011) but we've started planning already to. We don't even have an exact dated yet due to other financial obligations but we're planning on gettin married in tx either fall of this year or August of 2013. We're planning on havin or reception/vow renewal on our first year anniversary for all our local family and friends. My point is the sooner u find things u KNOW u'd like or will need for ur event and it's a great price buy it a little at a time and the cost for othee things wont be such a burden :-) saving money is always a plus. Sincerely willntracy08
  • Congratulations, no, I don't think it's too early to start planning =)
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  • In Response to Re: Just Engaged*** Is it too early to start planning a 2013 wedding?:
    [QUOTE]YAY so happy to hear that others feel like I do. I just got engaged in Chicago on 12/29/11 and we are planning on a Feb 2013 wedding but I am soooo ready to start planning. We have been together for five years and I also work and go to school full time so I don't want to be running around like chicken with my head cut off trying to get things done. Ive been looking into different places to have ours too.
    Posted by hgutie01[/QUOTE]
    Kudos on your engagement =)
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  • NOT at all, especially if your on a budget or trying to shop around for deals.. I started looking 2 years ago and have gotten cheaper pricing because wehn I signed the contrats it locked me into the old prices.... Especially the big things, reception hall, florist, videographer, photographer.... Especially if your getting married at a prime time...  good luck..

  • Its never too soon! I am doing the same! My fiance and I have been together 4 yrs in Nov 2011 and he finally proposed Labor Day 2011. We're hoping for a Labor Day weekdend wedding in 2013.  Part of that is becasue I have to wait for him to get home from military duties, but also the date I have chosen will be 10 yrs to the day from our first meeting and our first kiss! We've got about 20 months to go but most places want you to book their venue within a year (sometimes more) of the wedding date.  If you have the time, use it wisely and everything will run smoothly and fall right into place instead of last minute rushing about, I think.  But don't rush into stuff to quickly. Shop around and do your research.
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  • When our last DD got married we booked her photographer 15 months out.  By Feb 08 they were almost completely booked for 09.  Many venues and vendors book that far out.  If you have a solid budget and you can put your deposits down I would do it.

    Please do make sure the date works for ALL of your must-haves - parents, g'parents, close family/friends that you really want to attend.  It would be tragic to book now and then find out in a few months that there are must-haves who can't make it.  Good luck.
  • It's definitely not too early! When I got engaged in Nov. 2010, we were planning our Sept. 2012 wedding, and I ran into so many people with dates near and after mine, so I started booking what I wanted soon. People are having longer engagements, which means they're booking farther out. Get the bigger things done - venue especially, and you can go from there. 

    Congrats and enjoy it! You will blink and time will have disappeared! At least that's how I feel! :) 
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  • Congrats! It's definitely not too early, we just got engaged on thanksgiving day 2011 and we have started planning our March 9, 2013 wedding. We have gone to some bridal shows (it will be too late next year) and looked at some venues. We wanted to have our date early, so we can plan out vacation days and our budget accordingly.
  • nope!!!!! i got engaged at the end of aug.2010 getting married june 2012. i already have my photographer and dress. its alot more laid back planning like this! no rush and no stress.
  • Its not to early I have been engaged for almost 3 years we are getting married in august, we had to keep pushing the date back but I started looking at venues and figureing out what I liked. I bought my gown july 2009. Start getting ideas of what you like and book your big items as soon as you are able to it will save alot of stress later on. Happy planning and congrats!
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  • Definitely not too early to plan dear! I'm having to plan for 2015 because after this next year I will be working a three different dissertations to complete my majors, and my little brother and Edward's little sister will be graduating after that. Enjoy planning at this pace- nice and slow. You'll be less stressed that way!
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  • Congrats! I don't think it's too early. I got engaged at the end of May 2011 and started planning right away. I have the venue, photographer, DJ, ceremony music all booked, and am meeting with stationery places and florists here in the next month. I don't think it's ever too early to start, this gives you ample planning time, as well as a change to get the good vendors before they book up! =)
  • its definately not too early to start planning. you don't have to make decisions just yet, but you can start thinking about your budget and style. take this time to figure out what says "you" and start gathering ideas.
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  • definitely not too early, at least for the venue. I'm not getting married till 2014 and the venue we wanted was booked into late 2014.
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  • Congrats! 

    It is not to early to start planning. At least start formulating ideas. I have been engaged since September 2010, and believe me, things will come up and you will be thankful you started planning early Wink
  • Congrats first of all! Laughing I don't think its too early! Mine is actually in summer of 2013 too and we just booked the recption and ceremony site.. the reception site was filling up fast, so I'm glad we decided to do things early!
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