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need color ideas

ok im engaged to an army officer. we are having a military wedding but im not sure what color my braidsmaids dresses should be... also should they have the same style as my wedding dress or should they be opposite?

Re: need color ideas

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    my fiance is wearing is dress blues (Army) and I am using black and white as my colors. The bridesmaids are going to wear black cocktail dresses. At first I thought I wanted to try and "match" his uniform, then I decided that I have always wanted black and white so I am just going to let his uniform stand on it's own!! :) Uniforms match everything so I would just use the colors you are most drawn to. As far as the style of dress for your bridesmaid, do you mean, if you are wearing strapless, should they? If that was what you meant, I don't think it looks bad either way, to have them matching you with neckline or length, or completely different, I am going to wear long, strapless and they are going to wear short strapless. However, I would ask if they feel more comfortable in straps or strapless and go with that. I know some girls just hate having to deal with the strapless bra issue :) Good luck!!
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    Your BM dresses should complement your dress.  For example, if you are wearing a strapless dress with a ball gown silhouette, I would choose a strapless BM dress with more of a straight or a-line skirt.  KWIM? 
    Colorwise, don't try to match his uniform.  Just pick colors that you like.

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  • melbelle24melbelle24 member
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    Personally, I wouldn't make my bridesmaid dresses match my dress. Make sure the styles go well together, but I think it's supposed to be YOUR day, so YOU should be the one to stand out, and having matching dresses does not make you stand out. Find colors and styles that you like for the bridesmaids, and go with that. Good luck planning!
  • armymamachickarmymamachick member
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    My fiance and I are both Army (although enlisted). The uniform colors are the same though, and what we're doing is having a white wedding with splashes of navy blue (think sashes on dresses, napkins, shoes, saphire jewelry) just to tie everything together. Truthfully most colors will work except bright neon colors. IDK if you are actually having a military wedding, but if you are keep in mind that they are intended to be formal events so floor length dresses (both you and your bridesmaids) are expected.
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    we are going with fall colors. red yellow orange and green, just so he aint the only person in green, his groomsmen are wearing forest green shirts, and my bridesmaids are in black dresses wth COLORFUL flowers and leaves everywhere. so really its just what ever colors you want. just remember that whole day is about what makes you and him happy.is long as you are happy with it, then i am sure it will turn out great.
  • LeahCKLeahCK member
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    We're doing a formal military wedding with dress uniforms (officers as well - not that it matters but part of the uniforms are slightly different). So navy (really midnight) blue, wine red and ivory in the winter with sword arch..  :)
    We picked colors that we liked that complemented the blue. What season are you getting married. My bridesmaids are going to wear floor length wine colored dresses. Different cuts to completment their bodies. All the military men in choker whites and non military in tuxedos. Very formal and black tie trying to keep with the theme from the 20's.
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  • alicia.agresalicia.agres member
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    I think black and white is great.  It is classy and goes with everything.  As someone mentioned, your fiance's uniform and your dress will stand out no matter what (as they should, it's your day).  A friend of mine is getting married to a Marine and chose blue BM dresses to compliment his uniform and they look wonderful--blue and red are also the overall colors for her wedding.  I am getting married to a Marine as well and am not doing red and blue, or any variation thereof (I'm doing metallic colors), so my BM dresses will not match the uniform.  As far as style of the BM dresses, my friend allowed everyone to choose their own style as long as it was cocktail length and the same color (this is really easy to do if you're working with David's Bridal)--I plan on doing the same thing, as different styles flatter different body shapes.  
    Some other ideas I've heard of for military weddings are blue or red with ivory or blue and red with splashes of yellow (gold or baby yellow are other variations).  Granted these have all been ideas for Marine Corps weddings, I'm not sure what colors the other military branches' uniforms are.  
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    Black and white will be very nice and elegant. 
    At first i was trying to match my bridesmaids dresses to his uniform but realized i wanted him to stand out on his own in blue. our colors are green and blue for a june wedding. my girls will be wearing floor length green dresses. 
    As long as their dress don't look trashy or in stark contrast to you and everything else you should be fine Smile
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