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    [QUOTE]I did move to the Raleigh area. I still have some boxes I need to unpack, mostly clothes, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  Lauren, what's the name of it? I'm too lazy to drive further than the shopping center across the street but it never hurts to know where I can find good Chinese when I'm more motivated. 
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    It's called Beansprout.  It's right down the road from NC State's campus.  It's the only place I'll eat Chinese from. 
  • MuSu whatever happened with your sick puppy?  I hope everything is ok, I never saw any updates.
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  • Eesh, Liesel.  On the plus side, it's nice that so many schools want you!

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  • Leisel, I would go for the least expensive school or the best school. I think for me it would really depend on where/ what you want to practice eventually. 
  • Thats a tough situation, Leisel. I don't know what I'd do there except honestly the money scholarship would really heavily influence me. 

    Beachy -- She is ok now! :) Turns out she had an intestinal infection and that led to severe dehydration. With some meds and remedial food, she has gotten almost 100%. :)
  • That's great news, Musu!

    Dinner's here, I'll be back in a bit!

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  • That's awesome MuSu!  I know you were worried about Parvo, so I was afraid to ask.  A friend of mine had gotten a puppy that had died from Parvo and I was really hoping that wasn't the case.  Yay for healthy puppy!
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  • Parvo is scary stuff. I'm really glad Willow is OK!
  • Musu: Yes, we have officially split up. He is also holding Loki hostage, to make me talk to him. I told him to just keep Loki. I don't want to deal with him any longer. 

    Leisel: What Bay said. It is great to have so many options. If I were you, I would think "Which one would I possibly regret not going to in 5 years?" Don't think too much about the deposit, etc.. Just think about which one you truly think is the best option in the long run. 
  • God I know, parvo is so freakin' scary. She looked like she was facing death on the way to the vet too. I left work crying from my boss's office and I was so embarassed, haha.
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    [QUOTE]Hey! I'm trying to convince H that we should go out for dinner. Is my sig pic too offensive?  I decided I don't really want a big pic of H on TK, for no real reason.
    Posted by mica178[/QUOTE]

    <div>1. Hello, Mica!</div><div>2. I love your picture, and anyone who is offended by it needs to get over themselves.</div>
  • I'm sorry to hear that, Aryn. :( It doesn't sound like he is reacting in a very mature way. I think you made a really great decision though. 
  • What are the schools, Leisel? I know you told me once before but I forgot, other than Depaul I think?
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    It's nice to be wanted, I just wish they'd decided a little earlier that they wanted me! Oh well. 

    My first thought was go with the cheapest school, but my parents have very generously offered to pay my tuition and they don't want cost to influence my decision. Of course I don't want them to pay more than they have to, but it's nice knowing that I can look beyond cost when making the decision. Though that still isn't helping make the decision easier, haha. It's going to be really hard to turn down a top 25 school to go to the one I'm currently enrolled at, but I know the current one is in a location that makes things so much easier for H. Gah, I hate these kinds of decisions!

    Glad to hear your pup is feeling better, musu!
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    I'm just hanging out waiting for DH to come home. Not sure when that will be. 

    Chef D woke up to hives this morning.  I have no idea where it's coming from.  He doesn't seem bothered by them though. 

    Tonight we are just hanging out at home. 

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  • Aryn, that sucks he's being so immature about things. But it sounds like you're happy where you're at, which is awesome.
  • In that case, Leisel, I'd go with top ranked. But I do get that you want to save your parents money. 
  • Musu, Depaul is the one offering me the huge scholarship, the one I'd be all set at was University of Illinois, and then Washington University in St. Louis is the new offer of admission. 
  • I'm a lazy ass. If I were you Leisel, there is no way I would change. I wouldn't want to fill out paperwork, get out of your lease, lose the deposit, etc. But,  I'm lazy. That's why I am not going to law school.

    You gotta do what you gotta do.
  • Talking about breakers reminded me that I had to change the batteries in the smoke alarm today.  I woke up to it chirping at me at about 6:30 because the dogs were jumping everytime.  I realized after that it probably was going on all night because I remember some dreams with weird beeps in them.  I went to bed at like midnight, seriously fvcking smoke alarm, you couldn't have decided to warn me then?
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  • Beachy, you reminded me that my fire alarm was beeping several months ago and instead of changing the batteries I just took them out. I guess I should get on that.
  • Yeah, Holly I wouldn't mess with that by myself either! I'd make J do it. lol. 

    Leisel -- Well I suppose Wash U is much farther than the other two than where you are now? I know that is a great school though. FWIW, I am at a lower tiered law school but I've learned that for me anyway, volunteer experience has gotten me to where I am now, working for the county attorney. Sometimes rank isn't everything, but it certainly helps. 
  • The low battery beeps that my smoke detectors make is likely my least favorite sound in the world.

    Erin, that's kind of what I'm leaning towards, but I just don't want to regret my decision. And maybe I won't regret it all, but I'm the type of person who second guesses every little decision, so a big one like this is making me pretty stressed, ya know?
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    Leisel, I actually think that the school you are enrolled in now is your best choice. It might not be the best name, but if it's a little less expesive that helps out your parents. The school you're at now also helps your H location wise, so maybe it's worth it to just stay put. 

  • Holly that's when I would not so kindly remind him that his arms and legs aren't broken.
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  • I've also heard that the location of Wash U is not a great area as far as security goes. A friend from HS went there and she said there was a lot of crime around there. Not like that should influence your decision much, but just thought I'd throw it out there. 
  • The three schools are just about equidistant from where I am now, so that isn't too much of an issue. I definitely agree with you about rank, that's the piece of advice that keeps turning up when I talk to anyone about this. Since I don't have a super focused idea of what kind of law I want to practice though, it's hard to narrow it down based on a specific program or area, which makes me tend to lean more on rank.

    I feel like I'm boring everyone to tears with this topic, sorry!
  • Well that does make sense since you don't have an idea of where you want to go as far as "area" of law... but honestly, like 80-90% of people don't REALLY know when they start law school. I never thought I'd want to do family law or govn't law until recently. Most people I have talked to are that way. 
  • Holly, the only thing I like about when H is on swing shift is that I eat dinner alone.

    Cereal night? SURE! I make my own rules. Spaghetti-o night? YOU BETCHA. I hold myself to a higher standard when H is home and actually make dinner (sometimes). When H is working, my eating goes to hell.
  • Good Evening. I am on the verge of tears, and am getting madder every minute at Elliot. Our cat, Tyra, accidentally swallowed some string. Last night she had surgery for 2.5 hours with 4 incisions. He wouldn't go visit her with me today. I miss my cat, she is at the vet where my mom works which is 40 minutes away. I wanted to visit her and try to feed her because she is so depressed and sore, but not drive alone, as the weather has been stupid all day. I know it's totally my fault she ate the sewing thread that I somehow missed cleaning up before vacation. I just really hope she lives. I'm not sleeping. WTF. End crazy cat rant.
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