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Fiance delaying in setting a date, arrg

Hi ladies - so I got engaged April 9 after being with my fiance for over 5 years (he is a slow mover) and now that we're engaged he keeps pushing me off if I try and talk about setting a date. I keep getting a "give us time to ejoy the proposal" but it's now been almost 2 months and I want to get married within a year. Any tips on how to convince him without attacking him?

Re: Fiance delaying in setting a date, arrg

  • Just sit down and ask him when his timeline for getting married is. You two need to communicate. You don't have to set a date this second, but ask him what season/ year is he thinking.

    Talk big picture type of stuff. Does he see it as a long engagement or short?  Is he thinking four years? or four months? a small backyard wedding or formal church? Is the budget part of the delay? How much time do you need to save? Etc.

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  • He asked you to marry him, so he wants to marry you. If he didn't, he wouldn't have asked. Let him know that you want to get married within a year and why and listen to his reasoning if he disagrees. Being newly engaged is a fun time and wedding planning can be very stressful, so he does have a bit of a point with the 'relax and enjoy it' mentality.

    I agree with the other ladies, it's time to start making decisions as a couple rather than being stubborn... so you may both need to compromise a bit. You may need to wait a little longer, and he may just need to suck it up and set a date.

    Best of luck!
  • Thanks ladies. I'm going to sit down and discuss with him.
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