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Heyy everyone...
Im a about to be a young bride and ive kind of started to plan but im not ever sure were to start... Ive already got my bridemaids dresses, wedding dress, and even the flower girls dresses chisen and priced... my problem is the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses are strapless and im not sure if that is only good for a summer wedding or when i should for sure set the date... can anybody help or give advice

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    I think any dress is ok regardless the time of year.... just as long as you won't be out side in the cold or hot too long. My daughter was the flower girl for an outdoor wedding in August (hot) and they had her wearing a huge puffy dress, with tights and black shoes... She was miserable and cried the whole time. HAHA, I'm sure your BM's and FG's wont cry... but you get the point.... Make sure they wont be miserable. :-)

    When deciding when we would have our wedding, we thought of weather conditions though. Considering the unpredictable weather in Utah...  We didn't want to get married in the winter. We didn't want to risk the chance that some guests couldn't make it because of a snow storm. But then again... alot of our people are coming from out of town too...

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    A strapless dress can be worn any time of the year.  In colder weather, just add a cute wrap or bolero that can be removed once you've gone indoors.  However, I don't think all fabrics are appropriate for all times of the year.  I had a friend get married in July in a very heavy satin gown that would have been better suited for the winter.  The poor girl was so hot all day.

    More importantly, you should probably concentrate on securing a venue and date.  Summer is quickly approaching, and if you have your heart set on a certain place, month/day, or even just a day of the week (Saturday), I recommend you pounce on that right away.

    If you're more open, you will find many less-expensive options in the winter, plus winter bridal photographs are often stunning.

    Take your colors into account, too, though.  Some colors work better in certain months, in my opinion.

    Good luck!
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    Dresses work for most seasons, strapless would proablly not be best for winter but even then you could get cute shrugs if needed. Work with what you have already!
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