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Missouri-Kansas City

Dress on a budget...

So would like to start dress shopping in the next few months for our wedding in June of 2011 but I really want to stay under $500. What places in the KC area would you ladies suggest.

PS: I not looking for a large ball gown- we are having our cermony outdoors.

Re: Dress on a budget...

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    I was on the same budget when looking for my dress a couple of weeks ago.  I'm sure there are lots of other places as well, but I went to Group USA & found quite a few.  I had also made an appointment at Gown Gallery as the girl on the phone had told me that their dresses usually started at about $650 but they had several floor models that they would sell at 50% off.  The surprise was that the girl that helped me pulled out about a half dozen to start that were mostly under $500 regular price!  I was also looking for something simple like you & actually found 2 that I really liked & bought one that day (they gave an extra 10% off & half off shipping for ordering that day).

    I also had an appt. at David's Bridal but decided that since I had found "the one" I didn't end up going.

    Hope that helps!  Good luck!
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    David's Bridal has a good selection of under $500 dress.  I also found that if a stores carries any dress considered "destination" dresses (i.e. for destination weddingd) they are even cheaper.  I found one for $399, it was pretty simple and not a ball room.  You might consider asking when you call the stores if they have a section like that. 

    I went to Mia's and Ida's as well as David's Bridal.


  • prideeinpynkprideeinpynk member
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    I also suggest David's Bridal. I found my Galina dress (PIB) there for $550 on sale and I LOVE it! The fabric and construction is actually really nice because it's one of their "higher end" lines, and I still can't believe how much it cost! My original budget was $1000 and now I get to spend the savings elsewhere on my wedding!

    I went to the one in Lenexa and they were very nice and helpful.

    Just call around and ask different bridal stores what price range they sell. A good store will not bring you anything out of your price range (one reason why I wouldn't recommend Mia's... I said $1000 and they were bringing me $1500-$2000 dresses).

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    Hi Angel!

    My Name is Lauren and I actually have a wedding dress and veil that has never been worn and already altered if you would like to email me and get some more info. on it that would be fine.   [email protected]
  • katej78katej78 member
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    Also, if you're looking for something on the less formal side, a lot of bridesmaid dresses come in white or ivory, and they're definitely cheaper than actual wedding gowns!

    Good luck!
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    I didn't want to pay a huge price for my dress, so I've been looking for months for something I loved, but at a reasonable price.  I got super lucky, and happened to find my dress on sale at David's for $99!!  I could not believe it!  My "runner up" dress was at Group USA.  I don't think they have any gowns over $699 there.  Best of luck!

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