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Rhode Island

Large wedding or smaller...Former brides--opinions

I would appreciate any input from former brides who have had either or smaller wedding (less then 100 pp) or larger (115 or more). I can't decide If I want a more intimate wedding where I can focus more on flowers and getting more of what I like or going with a larger wedding and taking some shortcuts? A lot of the places I love are so expensive that the only way I can go there is if I have a smaller, more intimate wedding. If you had a wedding is there something you would have done differently? I'm so confused...help!!!

Re: Large wedding or smaller...Former brides--opinions

  • Well, my wedding hasn't happened yet so I can't really speak from experience, but I'll say that as it stands right now, we're expecting about 90 people.  I had to make a few cuts to the invite list, but it definitely did free up some extra money for perks we wanted, such as a photobooth, a DOC, and more florals.  In my gut, I think we made the right call.
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    I had a large wedding because my fiance and I come from a large family so that was the ONLY reason we had a 200 guest count at our wedding. 200 is actually considered small for an Asian (Cambodian-Chinese) wedding. We also had to work with a shoe string budget which meant we had to compromise on a few things. Like I didn't do favors for the adults. None of our guests seemed to care or miss it. Instead we splurged on an open bar and a dessert bar for our guests. However, if I could go back in time, I would have spent the extra moolah on a photobooth too. Our 2 other splurges were photography and a DOC. I also would have put a little more thought into the floral design and decor of the reception but those are just little things that only I would notice. Overall, we got what we wanted within our budget. We found many ways to save so we could splurge on the important things like food and music. 

  • This is my second wedding, and IMHO for what it is worth....the first time i married, i had a big wedding with every family member that existed...lol, and a small amount of friends, my mom was so bent on not offending people that i still haven't seen since 1996 at my wedding????!!!!,  when i look back at the wedding, i really didn't have a great time...it was pretty, it was nice, but it was just OK, and i had a lot less extras...to accomodate the size.  this time around, i have a guest list of 90, and am inviting our closest family members (way less) and our really close friends(way more!), and i truly can see how this wedding will be so much more enjoyable, i am spending more on a dress this time, more on flowers and decorations, having an open bar, and my wedding is actually going to be much less expensive than the first time around....i can't wait!
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