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renting a timeshare?

Hi girls --- we are considering a honeymoon in St.Maarten and love the idea of a timeshare. We really would prefer to have our own "place" persay as opposed to staying in a resort. I've found tons of websites for renting timeshares .... just want to know if anyone has any experience with this? Should we just use a travel agent?

Thanks in advance!


Re: renting a timeshare?

  • Orysia, that is exactly what FI and I are doing in 2 months!!!  Do you know anyone that has a time share that they can let you use?  FMIL has a time share, and we are just using it for two weeks.  She talked to the company that runs it, and they said it would be fine for us to use it.  I agree that having your own place is better, esp b/c after the wedding, it will be nice to save money making some meals (instead of eating out for every meal).  When are you getting married?  Our wedding is March 20th, and we are going on our HM from March 26th through April 10th in St. Maarten.  I'll let you know what we think about the time share when we get back.

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