Near Trumbull/Monroe - Make-up, Hair, and Florist - Looking for Recommendations!


I am looking for recommendations for:  Make-up, Hair, and Florists

I am fine going to a salon rather than having someone come to my home.  Any suggestions in the nearby area (Fairfield, Stratford, Monroe, Trumbull, etc). 

If you post a suggestion, can you please include price range and location?

Thanks in advance,

Re: Near Trumbull/Monroe - Make-up, Hair, and Florist - Looking for Recommendations!

  • I'm using Flowers by Danielle (based in Monroe) and I'm really excited about her! I'm getting married in June so I can't really review her yet but so far she's great.  For $2,500 we have calla lilies for bouquets, 2 huge aisle pieces, about 16 centerpieces plus bouts and other randoms.

    I'm going to my regular hair salon Studio 416 (Fairfield) for my hair.  I'm also getting make-up by  Danielle Santagata ($125ish I think for bride's airbrush, $80ish for BMs airbrush).  My trial with her was awesome and she's definitely a board favorite!
  • Thanks!  I already contacted Danielle and she's already booked.  Any other flower suggestions?  I'll have to look into your suggestions for hair and make-up.
  • I love my florist- Melissa at Stylish Blooms! She's extremely affordable- she quoted me at a third of the price the other florist I met with quoted me at (for the same stuff!). I just met with her last week and practically changed my entire bouquet, and she didn't bat an eye. She's great!

    I am a very low-maintanence kind of girl, so I couldn't stomach the prices of some of the great hair stylists and makeup artists that are highly recommended on this board (Dana Bartone, Naomi's Salon, Larissa Lake, Erin Infantino, Daniella Santagata). I'm using Imagine by Carleen from Branford, CT for my makeup ($95 and up) and a local salon in Mystic for my hair. 

    Good luck!
  • My ceremony was in Trumbull and reception was in Monroe. For hair and makeup I used The owner Sharyn has a studio in Shelton but will travel to your location. Also highly recommend Justine Sweetman, she was the makeup artist when I was a bridemaid in my cousin's wedding last year. Since it was a decent size bridal party, Justine had another makeup artist with her, they were both awesome. You can find pricing for Sharyn on her website. I'm not really sure about Justine's pricing since my aunt paid for everyone's hair and makeup but I know she is more expensive than Sharyn. For flowers I use Beachwood Florist in Milford. My flowers were gorgeous and lasted all day. Of the 4 florists I met with, Beachwood was the cheapest. 
  • I second Melissa from Stylish Blooms! She is based out of Bristol, but met me somewhere in between for our consultation. She is lovely! Our quote was right around what our budget was. I am using Danielle Santagata for makeup for me it was $120 for the bride and $55 for th girls and she will travel to you. There might be travel fee dependind on how far she is traveling. Trial is $55. So far communication with her has been great. I am having my trial early (when we do our engagement photos in June!) She also recc. a hair person Rebecca. I have not booked her as of yet, and am still going back and fourth because I have not really heard anything about her. I think her prices for hair are $80 and up which is a number I have seen across the board.
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  • I'm also using Melissa from Stylish Blooms. She has been great to work with so far, below my budget and I love her work.

    I am getting my hair done at Panace in Shelton which is the usual salon I go to.

     I have had my hair done there for other weddings and have been happy with the result. I have yet to have a trial done. They also do make up but I'm using Naomi's Salon.
  • Im usings Rosa's Flowers in Bridgeport. She does amazing work and is very reasonable! 
  • There is a woman in Brookfield I dont know where she goes but she does wonderful make up. You can find her on Facebook or her MaryKay site. Her name is Candee Caldwell and she only charges $55 or something around there.
  • City Line on the Trumbull/Stratford line did our flowers and they were great.

    JoDavi on the Trumbull/Fairfield line (near Sacred Heart) is where I had my hair and makeup done.  BMs had their hair done and did their makeup on their own.

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    I also recommend Justine Sweetman or Danielle Santagata. I have worked with both of them for makeup.

    For hair, Nicole Storms is great at Ricci's Salon in Newtown. 
  • I used Whisconier Florist in Brookfield and Amelia did a beautiful job! She worked well within my budget and had some great ideas to make everything come together.
  • We used Flowers by Danielle (loved her), so that won't help you. 

    For our hair we went to Headliners in Trumbull.  They were great!!  Both moms,myself, and all of the 6 bridesmaids got their hair done ...each person had a different style and everyone looked beautiful!  The salon had a fun atmosphere and all of the stylists were so sweet and accomodating, which made for a great start to the day.  I don't remember the prices exactly, but I remember them being reasonable, and cheaper than some of the Shelton salons I checked out.  We all did our own makeup, but I think they will do makeup as well??

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