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After the wedding...

Just curious...I love my dress but I really didn't expect to spend over $1000 but I did. No regrets but I want to know what are you doing with your dress after marriage? I can't see just putting it in the closet somewhere.
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Re: After the wedding...

  • Preserving it. I would really like to have it to pass down to my future daughter. David's bridal has a preservation kit.
  • my sister got her dress made in to her 6 month old daughters christening gown. yes, a seamstress cut up her expensive wedding dress, but her daughter got to wear it and it's now small enough to keep in the back of the closet forever!
  • I also plan on preserving mine in hopes that a future daughter will some day wear it.  My dress also has sentimental value because my aunt made it for me.  There's no way I'll ever part with it :)
  • Ditto pam and witty's preservation plans. :)
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  • Probably have it dry cleaned and then wear it around the house sometimes and eventually have it preserved :-)

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    LOL @ wear it around the house sometimes!
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