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Catholic church wedding music choices...needing help

Hi everyone. I was sitting here with my fiancé, We were looking through a list of songs our harpist is offering to play at our wedding that's going to be in a Catholic church.


I am converting from the Lutheran church and have realized I feel a bit confused about selecting music for the ceremony. I haven't attended a church wedding in years. I have come to realize that there are so many segments for music to be included like (pre-ceremony as the guests enter and wait), music as we light the unity candle, bridesmaids walking down the aisle, the priest's entrance, recessional, etc., etc. Can someone please educate me on the specific order of the service so that we may be more included to selecting music?


Re: Catholic church wedding music choices...needing help

  • Catholicweddinghelp.com has a great outline.




    You can also check out our Catholic board's website for a list of music other brides used.

    Welcome and I hope that helps!

  • Thanks, Tami. I am going to check out the sites now! :)
  • This is what we are doing:

    Bridesmaids march - Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, Johann Sebastian Bach
    Bridal march - Canon in D, Johann Pachelbel
    Responsorial - Psalm 33, The Earth Is Full of The Goodness of The Lord
    Alleluia - John 4:12, If we love one another God remains in us, and His love is brought to perfection in us
    Offertory - I Have Loved You, Michael Joncas
    Communion - When Love Is Found, Brian Wren
    Meditation - Ave Maria, Franz Schubert, Op. 52
    Recessional - Wedding March (from "A Midsummer Night's Dream"), Felix Mendelssohn
  • I'm also converting from Lutheranism (Missouri Synod) to Catholicism (probably not before the wedding, but we are getting married in his childhood Catholic church), and I was perplexed about music appropriate for the Sacrament of Marriage, as well! So thank you for this post. I've already consulted the Catholic Wedding Help website before finding this thread--but there was only one song listed on that site that didn't feel forced or too formal to mean something to me emotionally/spiritually.

    ...I mean, honestly, who wants Handel's Messiah or the Hallelujah Chorus played as their entrance music? Am I ridiculous for feeling this way??
  • lalaith50lalaith50 member
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    ...I mean, honestly, who wants Handel's Messiah or the Hallelujah Chorus played as their entrance music? Am I ridiculous for feeling this way??

    um, don't you think that sounds a little snooty? Apparently somebody wanted it... doesn't mean that just cuz it isn't for you doesn't mean it's ok to practically insult anyone else would want it.

    Anyhow, to answer your original question, the person who can best answer your question is whoever regularly does music at the church where you are getting married, particularly if they will be the one doing the music for your wedding. (some parishes even have rules requiring you use that person.) They can suggest songs that they are capable of doing for your wedding and give you different options that are appropriate.
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