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How do I make my wedding space feel like me?

Hello All! We have booked our wedding at a hotel. It's great, ceremony and reception in one place and all guests can stay there. The only thing I am wondering about is the space. It is a standard ballroom, with black or white tablecloths and decent looking chairs. The carpet and chairs are wine and champagne colors, which I actually like. I can't afford to spend a lot of money and have someone come in and decorate, but I would love some great ideas of how to make it "ours". Thank you in advance!!!

Re: How do I make my wedding space feel like me?

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    Well, what do you like? What kind of centerpieces are you interested in? When is your wedding? What are your wedding colors?
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    Could you ask your venue if they have a picture gallery so you can get some ideas of what others have done?  You can do quite a bit with centerpieces and lighting.

  • I am in similar situation. I do not have too many hobbies or anything themes that really speak ME. For example, my best friend loved polka dots and incorporated them a lot into her wedding. I am just too practical I think! My idea is to spend a little more money on linens and chair covers, so that it feels nice, but then just a simple centerpiece(and hopefully cheaper). Still working on my own colors though.
  • One thing that I'm doing to add a personal touch is to buy inexpensive picture frames and place pictures of FI and I as children on the tables. Our reception is at an old colonial house,complete with fireplaces, so we are also decorating the mantles with pictures. 

    One of the trends on Pintrest is to use chalkboard signs, which are fairly easy to make using an old picture frame and chalkboard spraypaint. 

    Pintrest, though, has been a very valuable tool for me to collect and hone my decor ideas for my wedding. 
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