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  • Hi :) I'm new here.  I'm NEY but BF and I picked out the ring together.  He had stronger opinions about the ring than I did, but I did have a few preferences.  We went shopping together, picked it out, chose the diamonds and all of that.  I also went with him to pick it up because he wanted to make sure it fit (we ended up buying the e ring as well as a matching wedding band).  So I'm fully aware of what it looks like and I'm just waiting on him to ask :)

    I would have trusted my BF to pick out the perfect ring, but he raised a good point. In his words, "If I'm spending THIS MUCH on a ring and you'll be wearing it forever, I want to make sure you love it".  It became important to me that I went shopping with him, because it was important to him.   I hope that makes sense haha.
  • We looked together and decided on what we both liked. I did pick out the stone though, because nice ovals are hard to find (many are too boxy, too round, and/or have an obvious bowtie). I looked for weeks!! After that purchase was made, he worked with a jeweler locally to design the setting, and at that point I was out of the picture. 

    I have the ring now and I love it! 

    I'd love to see pics of other people's rings. 
    I would love to share a picture of my ring, but I can't figure out how to get it to upload to the reply box.
  • FI and I went shopping once together, and I pointed out things I liked and didn't like - shape, type of setting, etc.  He ended up combining the band from one and the stone/setting from another, and it's perfect.

    I knew a proposal was coming (I thought it would be in late March last year or April.. we looked one time in January) - but he proposed only a few weeks after (as soon as he could get the ring!)  - so looking with him didn't ruin any element of surprise.
  • I wanted to be surprised. I did, however, describe the kind of ring I wanted. FI took my Mom along when ring shopping, which I thought was awesome. I love my ring, and think he did a great job with it. 

    We will go together for our wedding bands. 
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  • We went to Kay together and I picked it out, I wanted his opinion on it though and he liked it as well :-)


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  • We picked together based on my taste for what I would wear for the rest of my life, and FI's budget. We visited the jewelry store a few times over several months, looked online, finally narrowed it down to 3 that I would be happy with. He purchased the ring that I loved the most. Couldn't be happier!
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    I did not. We had casually "browsed" rings online and I pointed out aspects I *didn't* like, but beyond that left the decision totally up to him. I'm not a jewelry kind of girl at all, and he as very good taste (and is a big time "researcher") so I had no doubt he'd pick me something perfect. Which he did (…with some input from my sister. He really should get props for that as dealing with her can be difficult, at best ;).
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  • I don't have a ring (yet), but my boyfriend has an idea what style setting I like (I've shown him often enough). I'm sure when it gets closer to proposal time he will start taking me to jewelry stores to pick out the actual setting. He isn't the type to guess and hope it'll work. Long story short, yes, I'll be picking out my own ring.
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    FI and I went looking at rings together about 8 months before he proposed. He was so worried about making sure he picked out something I'd like and would've been heartbroken to spend a large amount of money for me to hate it. I fell in love with a certain style (round/cushion cut center stone with cushion cut halo, diamonds in the band) and he picked out a ring from there. And did a fabulous job to boot.
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    I didn't pick it out but my FI knows me very well and knows I love simple. I had told him I think my sister's ring is way too blingy and ridiculous (2 wedding bands around the E ring- why?). He always said he loved the classic solitaire as well so he picked a perfect one.

    It was funny, when we went in to get it sized the man said we can have it ready in 20 minutes, why don't you take a look at wedding bands while you wait. So the same man who sold him the ring was helping us and he was trying to show me all these bands encrusted in diamonds and I pointed to the plain gold and said I like that. He looked at FI, laughed, and said well you were right, you said she would chose plain!



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    We went to a custom jeweler. I tried on five different settings with a sample stone and explained what I liked and didn't like about each. Then he went to the back room to "discuss things" with the jeweler. It turned out amazing! 

  • Yes and no.  I kinda ended up with 2 rings (no I'm not spoiled!).  The first ring was heavily suggested what I like (colored stones or diamonds, more intricate setting) and he picked one I absolutely love.  My grandmother passed away about a month before we were engaged (my H already had the ring at that point).  After proposing, I inherited my grandmother's ring (that my mom also wore for a while until my dad gave her a new ring as a 20th anniversary gift).  H, knowing how much my grandmother's diamond meant to me, decided he wanted that to be my ring.  My mom and I picked out a new setting for my grandmother's diamond (rose gold, I love it!) and he re-proposed with that ring.  I wear the original ring on my right hand.  I adore both rings for different reasons.  So no, I didn't pick out the first one, and yes I picked out the setting of my second. 
  • He picked it out all on his own. He kept in mind what attributes I like in jewelry (I call it the swirl things) and this is what he got me: ring

    I love it.
  • I had given my him a few specifics(like white gold vs gold gold & round diamond). He picked it out alllll on his own and I personally love it. I'm proud of him and his taste too!
  • yes I did but i thought we had lost the chance to get it and the sneaky boy went and found my dream ring. 

  • My fiance proposed without a ring because he wanted me to get exactly what I wanted.  I found 'the one' and it's being made! :)
    It was a little awkward telling people we were engaged, since they'd always ask to see the ring.  But the wait will be worth it ... and a proposal is about that right moment, not the ring. :)
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    Nope.  But my ring is heirloom ring (FI's grandmother).  It is a simple solitaire with yellow gold.  He knew I preferred white gold so him and his mom did offer to have the diamond reset into a new ring or replated in white gold if I preferred.  But, I didn't want to mess with it or change something that has sentimental value, even if they offered.  And I don't really ever notice or mind that it's yellow gold rather than white anyway.


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    We went once to look at rings a few months beforehand, but we knew we couldn't afford a ring purchase yet. Then a few days before Christmas he surprised me by saying we should go to pick out my ring the next day. I said okay cool! It didn't hit me until that morning that he actually wanted to pick it and buy in the same day, and then I was getting really excited. Until this point we knew we were going to get married, but never really talked about exactly what the timeline was on him proposing. I was slightly hesitant on how it would work, because he worked 7 days a week and we weren't able to do dinner usually etc. Turned out it wasn't a problem because on the ride home we just decided I should start wearing it, when we got home he did get down on one knee and ask, but it was kinda tongue-in-cheek because we already had decided I was wearing the ring that day and I knew he was asking when we got home lol.
    It's not an extravagant or traditional story, but I think it's romantic in that it's so different...our story has a lot of sweet moments to it, the proposal didn't need to be excessive :-)
  • I cried more when he asked me to go ring shopping than when he actually proposed!

    We went ring shopping on our 1-year anniversary and learned everything we could about diamonds and ring-buying together. We shopping for several weeks until we found the right one, and we both knew it. My fiance is a great decision maker, but he wanted to leave this up to me to make sure that I got something that I'd love to wear for the rest of my life.

    It's so fun to have a surprise, but I wouldn't have done it any other way!
  • Sort of - he picked it out without me, bought it -- then granted me the opportunity to go back to the jewelers and look at other options if I wasn't sure on it. In the end I fell in love with it and there was no reason to look at another ring :-)
  • I kind of picked mine out-
    I don't wear jewelry very often at all, so in one of our casual talks about the future I showed him about 5 rings online that I liked so he had ideas of what I like for when it eventually happened.
    He ended up picking 1 of those 5 rings that he liked the most.

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    My FH asked me what sort of a ring I would like and started asking questions on specifics. I couldn't give him any answers because I hadn't thought about it before! Finally I was like, "Do you want me to just pick one out?" He said, "Yes, please!" So I did and that's what he got. I love love love my ring and I'm soooo glad that I picked it out because I'm very particular.
  •  its absolutely fine to pick ring of your choice because at the end of the day its you who has to wear it. 
  • Yes, we started looking together this weekend, and I believe he is making the purchase today!!!!

    I am VERY picky, and the BF is not a very good personal gift giver, so I knew that not only would it not be my taste, but I made the process 100000% easier for the future DH :)

  • I designed my engagement ring.  It's a good thing we went ring shopping together, b/c I ended up wanting something non-traditional:  a sapphire.  Despite people saying it "wouldn't look like an engagement ring", I just loved the way a dark sapphire looked in the halo setting, which is the style I wanted.  The diamond in the middle just wasn't as striking to me.  Plus, sapphire is mine and my grandfather's birthstone.  He passed away about a year ago and I love that my ring honors him in that way. 
  • We went looking together, because we both wanted to make sure I loved it. I had picked a few of my favorites online, but when I tried them on in the store, I hated them. I'm sure he would've been able to pick one out on his own, but since I'll be wearing it forever, we decided on one together. 
  • I did not pick out my ring. My fiance did everything and I had no idea that he wanted to propose to me! Everyone is different but the way I pictured this happening was my man would do this when he's ready and me choosing a ring would let down my surprise. I am also not a picky person when it comes to jewelry I was just happy he wanted to marry me.
  • Yes, as he had no idea what he was looking for. Anything he showed me I didn't like at all, so he asked me for help. I did pick out my ring, but his proposal was a surprise. Now, almost a year later, I still love my ring (a three-stone, white gold ring with black diamonds) and I wouldn't trade it for anything.
  • No. My FI had asked what types of gold I like (white, can't stand yellow gold) and stone shapes and stone types. Then he surprised me by proposing in December with a ring that I wouldn't have picked out on my own, but I do love it. It's got a yellow diamond with the double halos around it. He did tell me we could change it if I didn't like it, but he spent 5 months searching for what he thought I would like, how could I ever want to trade that in? <3 He picked it for me, which makes me love it even more. :)

  • Yes I picked out my ring, even though BF (didn't ask yet) is a great giver and knows me very well. I am very particular with an engagement ring; the style, and etc. So we went to a  few places and finally landed at Jared's, and I found my dream ring but affordable and ended up buying the wedding band that day as well since it matched perfectly. 

    I know he'll surprise me in a "grand" way of his so ths surprise is when he'll ask me. 
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