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Just ranting...don't mind me

I used to hang out all the time with a former co-worker until she moved to a different company...i.e. I was one of the first people she texted after getting engaged. Now we only talk once in a while, texting here and there.

We got her save the dates several months ago, and I was invited to her bridal shower. I never formally RSVPed, and ended up having a family emergency that weekend, so I missed it anyway. I texted her a couple of weeks later (I realize this is late) and apologized for missing her shower, but wanted to send her a gift...I asked her to please send me her address.

Long story short, I found out the invitations were already mailed for the wedding...and I wasn't invited. She's also now ignoring my texts.

I'm sorry...but when I did invites for my wedding I ensured that everyone invited to the shower and who was mailed a save-the-date received an invitation...regardless of the status of our friendship/relationship at the time (and in this case, I don't' even think I did anything wrong). I just find this unbelievably rude. *end rant*

Re: Just ranting...don't mind me

  • Well, as for "I don't even think I did anything wrong." to be fair, you should have RSVPed to the shower.  Does that justify how she's treated you?  Nope.  She's been rude by ignoring your contact and not inviting you to the wedding.  Everyone invited to the shower should be invited to the wedding.  She's being petty and obnoxious.  I'd probably return the shower gift and move on.  Sorry you lost a friend, but she sounds kind of immature.
  • She is being rude and petty, I agree with happymellow about that. This is why I said I'm always confused by Save the Dates. Does it mean I'm invited? Clearly with your friend, it's not a guarantee. 

    Anyway, I'm sorry to hear that you lost your friend over something like this. You would think she would understand a family emergency. That's not a true friend, imo.

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    Some people are very petty.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
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    Then she must not have been a true friend. But I do agree that you should have RSVPed for the shower.

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