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  • erinn39 said:
    I'm also hoping to find a nice wedge but I need the height. I am already tall (5'8") but my fiancé is very tall (6'6") so I'm hoping to make up some of the difference with the shoes! We're getting married outside so I want wedge to avoid sinking if the ground is wet!
    Yes! This! I wore metallic Gucci horse bit wedges for my outdoor horse farm wedding. Had the height, but didn't sink in. And they fit the theme. I love those shoes.
  • I'm wearing flats. I'm not the most graceful girl, so there's that, but also my fiance is only a few inches taller, so if I wore heels I'd be taller!
  • I'm having an outdoor tented reception so I'm wearing sandals. If I was indoors, it would be heels all the way. I do love my shoes though, these are them:
  • I voted others, but I wore heels for the ceremony and a few pictures.  After an hour I was all "F this shit, get me my wedges!"  So I changed into comfy foam wedged flip flops I got from VS that were the same height as my heels (no worries about the dress dragging).  OMG, my feet felt great for the rest of the night!  Comfort should always win, especially when no one will see them.
    I did this too (probably stole the idea from Maggie). After pictures, the ceremony, and first dances, my feet hurt more than I expected them to and I was really thankful to find my giant flip flops waiting for me under my chair.
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