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Stressed to the max...

Just finished addressing all of our invites to go out. Needless to say our guest list has ballooned out of control, like so many others. We're inviting 89 people now! Whatever happened to small and intimate?! Anyway, thankfully we can accommodate and we are expecting a lot of declines due to date (holiday) and location but it is still hard to swallow.
Anyway...had to vent for a minute. Apparently I am not good at saying no to people.

Re: Stressed to the max...

  • I have to opposite problem lol I feel we are leaving out too many people by keeping our list to only about 25-30. It's already stressing me out and we aren't even close to sending out our invites! lol
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  • Hi Rose, what is your date?  We are expecting a lot of no's because we are having ours December 23.  I
  • Well the important part is you invited them. If they decide not to come then that is up to them. I have some on my guest list I am hoping don't come but am sending invites to so as not to create tension within my family. My FI and I are currently disagreeing about the guest list as he feels that everyone should get a +1 and wants to invite everybody he has ever known. I told him if wants to add anymore people (beyond our current list) he has to pay me the cost for that individual lol. I think that put it into perspective for him about how much it costs to invite just one more person. 
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  • We have a very small list bc of the venue. I know people will be upset and hurt that they're not invited, but sometimes you can't always invite everyone.
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  • Expanding accepteds to 100...  We began this as accepteds at 45....
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    I'm in the same exact boat. I started at 32 and now it's at 60! 
  • we invited 120... 38 people coming! the joys of having a 14hr flight between home and the wedding!
  • We invited about 85 people and are expecting 30-45 to actually show, due to location and travelling and what not.


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  • I'm sending out all 15 of my invites tomorrow, hoping only 4 say yes :)
  • Thanks for the encouragement all! Glad to hear I'm not along. A little worried I may get more acceptances then I would care for. Money and space aren't the issue it's just I wanted this to be small and lower stress. Oh well...Jesus take the wheel I guess!
  • This may sound evil but i am with you and feel you on this....headache

    So to avoid this we choose venues with smaller guest counts and this way we would not feel bad because we would just tell guest "we have reached max guest count" so unable to add additional guest  and it helps us stick to and games

    Told the fi if he wants the entire fl/uk to come then he has to pay the difference on all of it

    He has not mentioned it since :)

    Sorry and hope it works out for you

  • i invited 50. i have 27 coming - which is still more than i thought was going to happen since it's so far. i still have people that haven't responded to the rsvp - due in june. i'm assuming they aren't coming...
  • j3nnmack3y- I would contact the ones you haven't heard from.  That way you have a definite count.  I would hate to assume that they aren't coming and they show up.  HTH :)

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