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  • I am way too picky for my FI to be comfortable enough to pick out my ring on his own.  We went ring shopping together and he ended up getting me the one that I really wanted. :]
  • He picked out the diamond, an amazing 1.5c round stone. When he proposed he had it set in a solitaire and said I could do whatever I wanted with it. We went back to the jeweler and got it set into a three stone that I got to design - it was/is perfect!
  • My fiance picked the ring out all by himself and he did a tremendous job. We did go look at rings together in January but the ring that he proposed with is nothing like any of the rings that I tried on. I told him that I would like him to pick the ring on his own because I really wanted it to be a surprise. He gave me a simple but beautiful sapphire ring with a diamond on each side on a simple, classy silver band (he picked sapphire because he knows that deep blue is my favorite color, which was so incredibly thoughtful of him). We got engaged this past Friday on the 4th of July at 8:45 PM and every day I love my ring even more. I feel that it really reflects me, a low maintenance type of girl who doesn't wear jewelry often. I posted a pic of my ring in the "what was your proposal like" thread but I took another, better photo and I'm going to post it because I'm so excited and happy! My fiance is the most wonderful man that I have ever met and I can't wait to marry him.
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  • I actually emailed a picture of the ring I found online to myself to show my fiance months ago and never got around to it. While we were at the mall a month or so ago he wanted to ring shop and I was totally shocked! We ended up picking out the ring I fell in love with online without even realizing until after we made the purchase. He always said he wanted me there when he purchased the ring so it could be sized right away and fit for the proposal. Which took place 3 days ago! 
    It's love(:
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  • My fiancé and I agreed on a budget, then we chose the center stone together. He wanted his family jeweler to set the diamond so I created a Photo Stream of elements I liked and we let the jeweler do his thing. The jeweler came up with seven different designs and my fiancé took his opinion and opinions from my family and friends about what I would like most and that's the ring I have. I couldn't be more happy with it!
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    I didn't, but he asked for a few pointers since I worked at a high-end jewellery shop for five years.  I basically just told him that what colour gold, what shape gem, and that I wanted it low profile instead of set high where it can catch on things.

    He was so thoughtful and gave me such a perfect 'meantime' ring that I can't wait to see the actual one.

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    Yes I did! Well, we did it together actually. My fiance knows how picky I am about jewelry (from experience lol) and he knew that this ring was something I was going to wear for the rest of my life so he wanted to make sure I was in love with it. We went looking for ideas to show him but ended up finding my DREAM ring at a jewelry store here in Atlanta. I thought a round diamond with two pear-shaped diamonds would be beautiful since my promise ring was a rose flower with two petals and I thought that design would look similar, but in diamond form. I asked if they had that and they did!! We were sold!!!
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    I picked out about four or five bands that I loved and from that he choose and he picked the stone. He proposed and we walked right into a jewelry store so I was very overwhelmed and I'm glad he picked most if it instead if me! I'm also glad I had the chance to show him I liked smaller bands because he did not know that. It's more of a comfort thing to want a thin band for me.
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    I sent my DH a few types of diamond cuts I liked along with a few different types of settings. He took it from there! I did not see my ring until he proposed. He did VERY well :)


  • I literally sat down and ordered it myself. He wanted me to get exactly what I wanted because I'm the one that has to wear it. I did ask his opinion as I was having trouble deciding between two rings. He would not have been comfortable picking it out himself.
  • In a way yes, he showed me pictures of different ones to get an idea of what I wanted but he also wanted it to be one that he enjoyed seeing on my finger.
  • Yes.  We went ring browsing today and ended up getting one that I keep falling more and more in love with every time I look at it.  It is a blue diamond.  I have never had an interest in colored diamonds until this one was shown to us.  The proposal was ruined and never happened but I still love my ring.

  • I showed him pictures of things that I wanted, and what I liked and he picked it out himself I wasn't actually there when he got it and when he asked me was the first time I seen it. 

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  • My guy picked it on his own. I probably woudln't have picked anything more perfect He did an amazing job!!
  • He picked our rings. They are perfect! :)
  • We picked out my e-ring together, bought it together, and picked it up together when it came back from being resized, same thing with our wedding bands.

    Our whole relationship has been nontraditional, we met on an online dating site, talked about marriage and kids right away so we both knew what we wanted, because the 1.5-2 hr commute when I would visit, I would stay 2 or so days at a time, I then moved in with his parents because I received a job down where he was. So I didn't really care about the not knowing aspect.
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    I picked mine out because my fiancé was stressed out about getting it right. I'm not traditional and it didn't bother me at all. I also didn't want him to feel obligated to spend a ton of money, as a ring was not a high priority for me and it would have been a waste. We ordered it from an Etsy vendor together and that way we're both happy with it.

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  • I picked out my ring. My Fiance knew that it was important to me to be able to make the decision, especially since my Mother had given me her engagement ring and we we're undecided between using it or not. He purposed with a "Mrs" necklace from Kate Spade while on vacation. We picked out a ring the first day we were home. I was so happy, because I found one that was exactly what I wanted, and I was able to replace the center stone with my mother's diamond. I am really thankful that I had a choice in my ring. 
  • I did in a round about way which was pretty neat.  Back in February, I went ring shopping with my fiancé's cousin, supposedly for her.  They wrote down the info for a setting of something I really liked, although I didn't expect to do anything with it- not wanting to pressure him into proposing if he wasn't ready.  He apparently grabbed that info from my purse, snapped a picture, and went the following weekend to buy the setting.  In July when he proposed, I was shocked as all hell to see that ring again and that was pretty cool - I was had a part of picking the ring, was surprised by the proposal, and got proposed to with the ring that day.
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    H asked me to pick mine because he didn't want to pick something I might not like. He doesn't buy other jewelry for me for the same reason. He gets kind of paranoid about it, but I'm used to it. If he wants to get me a necklace or bracelet for my birthday or Christmas, he has me send him three choices, and then he picks one (so it's still a surprise).

    He proposed with a gumball machine ring. :) When we got home, he told me to pick my engagement ring instead of giving him three choices, because he knew I'd wear it forever and it was extra-important to him that I have something I loved. I asked him for his budget and then showed him what I liked. We went ring shopping the following weekend and brought the printouts to show the saleslady.

  • We picked it out together! I'm not the most traditional person on the planet and knew I wanted something that didn't look like everything else I was seeing on facebook. We ended up at a vintage jeweler after he proposed to look at rings, and he picked out the most perfect ring right away! I tried on a few others, but I couldn't have been happier with his selection. 
  • We are very non-traditional. My FI wanted my full opinion because he wanted us both to be happy with the ring. We set a budget and shopped together. I really wanted a platinum, solitaire band and he really wanted the diamond to have specific qualities. We are thrilled with the ring and we are both comfortable with the decisions we made, together.
  • I showed him pictures of what I like, and told him my ring size, but there was NO way he would go to a jewelry store with me and pick out rings together, or even get sized! He really wanted it to be a surprise. My grandmother left me a diamond so he needed a setting that I would like to go with it. He said that when he went to the jeweler and was ordering the setting, he knew exactly what I wanted and what I would like. He did such a good job!

  • @mrsbrueske3 How was the proposal ruined?  And also, I've never even heard of a blue diamond - sounds beautiful.  I'm partial  to my blue sapphire, but if I liked diamonds, blue would be the way to go.

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    kerbohl said:
    @mrsbrueske3 How was the proposal ruined?  And also, I've never even heard of a blue diamond - sounds beautiful.  I'm partial  to my blue sapphire, but if I liked diamonds, blue would be the way to go.
    My wedding band is blue diamonds!  Never what I had planned on, but both H and I fell in love with it when we saw it in the store.  

    If you want to see the ULTIMATE blue diamond though, I direct you toward the Hope Diamond--CLICKY.  (Super gorgeous with a really interesting history...free to see if you're ever in DC!)

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    I sorta did. I showed him a picture of it, said "I absolutely love this!" and he bought that one. It's perfect. :)
  • I picked out my engagement ring. I had proposed to him (and actually beat him to the proposal by two months) so we went out and picked my ring the next day. He was planning on letting me chose anyway. Money wasn't an issue and he wanted to make sure I was happy with the ring I wore the rest of my life.
  • We went and picked it out together :) I'm so glad that we did, because I really had no idea what I wanted before we want. I originally was just going to show him a few things that I liked, but I ended up trying on one ring and I immediately started crying and told him this was the one. He didn't tell me until after the proposal, but he ended up buying it that night!

  • We went to the store 3 times and I showed him exactly which style of ring I wanted.  It was up to him to pick the size of the stone.  But I pretty much picked out my own ring. 
  • i actually picked out my fiance's..she started a pintrist with rings and basicly went off that for ideas...shej just wanted different....found a few that i liked..say one on jarreds website..they didnt have it in the store soothe ordered it in...once i saw it i knew it was the one
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