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RSVP cards for everyone?

Okay this may sound a little weird but.. should RSVP cards be included in invitations going to guests we know are definitely attending the reception? I mean like the bridal party, parents, grandparents, the key players. I know everyone gets an invitation regardless, but for these people should they get the RSVP card out of formality or is it okay to omit?

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Re: RSVP cards for everyone?

  • I had asked the manager at my venue about entree selection and she said I didn't need to include it because guests will order dinner when they're at the table. I know usually entree selection is put on the RSVP but in this case I don't necessarily have too.
  • I hope your venue is accustomed to doing quick table-side service or that you have a very small wedding!

    And yes, everyone should get a full invitation suite - the people you listed are honored guests even more so than other guests! 

  • But now I have another question.. I went to a wedding where you selected your entree with the RSVP, but then they had you order when you sat down anyway. Is it still necessary then? I swear figuring out these invitations is going to be the death of me LOL
  • Ahh okay. That makes sense. Don't get me wrong I thought it was very strange having us order twice, I even remember saying that night to my now fiance "didn't we already do this, why are they taking our order now?" But the clears that up.

    Yes, my venue did tell me some time ago there was no issue with ordering table side only. And because I want to make sure I get everything right going through this process lol when I replied I asked her to clarify that I didn't need entree selection on RSVP's and she said nope! So, that's what I'm sticking with.

    Would it be a good idea to put on the RSVP "entree selection chosen table side"? Or just let everyone figure it out for themselves?

    Thanks everyone ! :)
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