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Is it silly to have an engagement party if we have a short engagement?????


Re: Is it silly to have an engagement party if we have a short engagement?????

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    @lovemesomemonster - You know I could say the same about you being "very passionate" about this as well since you felt the need to respond.  Welcome to a public forum where the entire point of this place is to have discussions and express your opinion.  If I see something I don't agree with I will say I don't and then give my reasons.  That is not me being "very passionate" but just doing what everyone else on this forum does.

    As for my opinion on this topic, it still stands.  You invite me to an engagement party 6 months after the engagement occurred, I will side eye you.  Period.

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    Look, I don't care what it is.  An engagement, baby, promotion, birthday, whatever.  It doesn't matter if the time period is finite or eternal.  People's excitement and attention for someone else's milestone can only last so long.  That ship sails and sails quickly.  Celebrate before it becomes inconvenient and burdensome, or expect some declines and eye rolling.

    Yes, I am in a bad mood today.
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    I say go for it! My best friend threw us an amazing engagement party, 5 months after we got engaged and 6 months before our wedding. We had a great time and the world did not stop turning! Our reasons were similar - with both of our schedules, and those of our friends, it was pretty difficult to find a day no one was working. My friend offered two months after we got engaged and the day we had it was actually the earliest day that worked for everyone.
    Enjoy your party!
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  • Add me to the list of people who would think it's weird to have a delayed e-party. It's meant to celebrate the act of the engagement - the actual proposal - not the entire span of time during which you're engaged. If enough time has passed that I've already congratulated you, it's time to let it go.

    Parents want to host a party? Call it a meet and greet between the two families.

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