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    He'll have a little brother or sister in like...5 months. CRAZY.

    Vacation with Alix, Andy, Mandy, and FLORENCE. AND HER MACHINE.

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  • My Italy bells were ringing!  :)

    The piazza to which you were referring Mrs is the Piazza della Signoria.  As for the sights in Florence, well, we were never much for the museums.  I know people think they are a must, but there's so much to SEE when you're there, that you can get a real feel for the city.  As soon as you get there, it seems to breathe power at you.  Interestingly, I never got that feeling in Rome, nor in Vatican City.  I suppose it's because the city has been rebuilt so many times and the ruins are, well, ruins, that the feeling is completely different.  I recommend staying overnight in Florence and walking the city after dark.  It's an opposite animal from the day when there are tourists everywhere. 

    I think my favorite time in Florence was when we walked way up into the hills opposite the city, past the Boboli Gardens, to the fortress, and then back down into the city following the old walls.  It was so peaceful and quiet up there and you get some really amazing views.
  • Those are so great!  The colors are awesome, looks like you had a good day.  Where did you do them?

    No, I don't think we're FB friends.  I'm friends with a bunch of knotties so you could probably find me :)  My profile picture is the same as my sig pic here.
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  • Oh, and you don't need the international driver's lisence, but it won't hurt anything. *shrug*
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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Mornin Ya'll : Thanks for the advice, Amoro. I've been waiting so long to visit Italy. I can't wait.
    Posted by cfaszews25[/QUOTE]

    Sure thing.  If you have any direct questions, let me know and I can try to help.  Sometimes I don't know because living there I didn't encounter some of the same stuff. :)
  • Good morning!  It's Friday and I actually gave myself plenty of time to get ready this morning so I'm in a great mood.  H and I are hopefully going camping this weekend, if we can find any spots.  If not, it's still a 3 day weekend and I'm sure we'll figure something out.
  • Oh my, I just found out we're LEAVING at 3 AM, which means I need to be up at 2, which is in three hours.  So, everyone have a good day!
  • Good mornin', y'all!!

    LTB, your pics are super cute.

    I'm ready for fall. It was 66 earlier, and it's already mid 70's. Come on, cooler weather! And cooler weather means mid 70's all day, of course. Right now, all our money is going into the Orlando fund, but when we get back, I can't wait to buynext fall decorations, even though it'll totally be October by then. I'll just go crazy on Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff.

    I'm working until 1:00 today, then I have to head home and clean up a little because my H invited our neighbors over for the GA game. I'd planned to read and paint, but now I have to entertain the wife whilst watching football. Joy.
  • Georgia!! I got a text from my SIL this morning. She's at HP World and she asked me if I'm Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff?? For reals? (Nothing wrong with Hufflepuff, mind you, but I didn't get a Ravenclaw tattoo for nothing, ya know?) Anyway, you're one of like, two people I could tell that story to. The end.
  • Hufflepuff? As if!! I don't of anyone who would identify as Hufflepuff. I mean, really. She must have gotten into the butterbeer.

  • Gooood Morning!!

    The family I nanny for text messaged me at 6:15 this morning and said cinnamon rolls and grits would be on the table at 6:30 if I wanted some - so my morning was awesome. Grits and Cinnamon rolls might sound like a strange combo, but it was effing delicious.

    FI's dad will be in town this weekend *bleh* so I'm going to attempt to sit by the pool with his mom the whole time.

    Oh - and we've gotta pick out what the fellas are wearing for the wedding...we're running kinda late on that. Whups.
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    [QUOTE]I definitely don't hate FALL, necessarily. I love fall, assuming that we GET a fall. Our fall season is really short. We go from like...beautiful weather to snow, typically. And? I will wear my ON flip flops until it snows. Belee' dat.
    Posted by crfische[/QUOTE]

    Haha that's exactly opposite of us! We get heat and humidity forever and then we have about a week of beautiful weather and then cold for a month or so and then we're back in shorts and flip flops. I WANT SNOW!!!!
  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Mornin Ya'll</a>:
    [QUOTE]Love Fall - and OMG - Hershey's came out with a new flavor of Hershey's Kiss (at least I've never seen it before) - Caramel Apple.  The caramel inside really tastes like apple too.  Best thing I've tasted in a long time... They were really good - and made me ready for fall... 
    Posted by Loopyseven[/QUOTE]

    Loopy - that. sounds. amazing. I think I might need to run to the store on my lunch mouth is literally watering.
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