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Number of PLaces to register??

We currently have a registry going at Amazon and BBB.. thinking of also doing Macy's. Future MIL thinks we should do all three.. My mom thinks the two is enough.
How many places did you all register at? And for those that have been through this... do you think most people like to actually pick something up and have in their hands rather then send via online? Trying to figure out a good mix of what to have posted where.

Re: Number of PLaces to register??

  • We did Macy's and BBB. Since you have the option of a brick-and-mortar store you should be fine for those who prefer that option. That being said I don't think it would be wrong to add Macy's as long as there are actually things you need/want there. Don't add it for the sake of adding it.
  • We did 2 places (Amazon and Honeyfund) however I don't see anything wrong with doing 3. The idea is just to give people options it's not like you are demanding they buy all those things.
  • I think you are fine with 2 places (though I did LOVE Macys' registry service and the completion offer!)

    Most of our guests ordered online and had presents sent to our house, though a few people did bring them to the reception.  I think you have given your guests the option of both and it looks good.  Also, too many registries may cause people not to even look at them all.

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  • We're registered at BBB, Macy's, and Target. I have families from small towns who are probably very far from a BBB and Macy's so I figured Target would be good and I love Macy's but Bed Bath and Beyond is an awesome registry store as well. The more, the merrier!
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  • Thanks ladies!
  • what is bbb?
  • CSol70 said:
    what is bbb?
    Bed, Bath, & Beyond
  • If there are only a few items at Macy's that you want, you could just tell a few people about those items. We went with BBB & Macy's but then my sisters asked if there were items that were not on the registry that we wanted (ie - grill, etc)... just another thought.
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