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Whatever Wednesday

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It is going to be LOVELY here today! The high is seventy freakin seven degrees! It was still in the 30s when I came to work, though, and my feet are still thawing in my flats. 

Today is my weekly weigh in day and I was -0.6 which brings me to -7.2 overall :relaxed: 

Last night I made a Home Chef chicken meal and this is H's plate when he was FINISHED eating: 

Like really? Am I married to a 6 year old? He went and had a bowl of cereal instead. SIGH. 

I have a wax appointment after work then making my last Home Chef meal (Tomato Jame and Fresh Mozz Panini) and watching Survivor with H. I'm really ready for the weekend already. 


Random thoughts: 

- I hope the sore throat that I woke up with goes away if I ignore it. 
- I'm really regretting not getting an everything bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. 
- I'm going to have a large glass of wine tonight. 
- I complain about Brody being a giant pain in the ass 99.9% of the time but he really can be a cute boy sometimes. 
- There are a pair of Birkenstock sandals that I've wanted for over a year now but they were sold out in my size all summer and now they're not but I can't decide what color I want or if it's a good decision to buy them because they're a little pricey. 
- The book I'm reading is SO GOOD and I can't put it down but I also kind of don't want it to end. 
- I feel really good about myself today :blush: 

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Re: Whatever Wednesday

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    @southernpeach89 Does LV have an outlet? I wanted a Michael Kors purse for Xmas and BF was able to get one at TJ Maxx so it was cheaper. Just a thought.

    I forgot my random thoughts:
    - I am so glad it's going to be nice today and I wanted to walk to go get the paychecks when they come in, however they come in a giant box that is awkward to carry so I usually cave and drive over. 

    - I am not sure if the new Supt. will let us dress down in the summer like we used to. I have been dressing down for the last two summers so I have no clue if I have nice summer work clothes, or if they fit. 

    - I got a pair of shoes just like @Swazzle that I ordered over the weekend and they should be here any day. I can't wait until they get here because I already have an entire outfit planned for them once they do.

    - I have a bump on the back of my head that is really bothering me. I took some Aleve and hope it kicks in or I'm heading to the Minute Clinic.  

    ETF tag.
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    @southernpeach89 - Ohhhhhhhh What bag do you want? I put on a cardigan this morning and realized that I just hate it. It's fine on the hanger but I hate it when I put it on and there's a small hole so I took it off and tossed it. It felt pretty good hahahaha

    @caseface5 - THANK YOU! I think you meant to tag @southernpeach89 about the bag. There aren't LV outlets though, no. 

    @CocoBellaF - The sandals are around $125, I've found them for around $95 but not anywhere I can use a coupon. I have to do more research. I just don't want to wait and wait and wait like last year and then they're sold out. My main problem right now is deciding on a color because of course I want both and normally I would buy both but adulting and all.... 

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  • @CocoBellaF Yum that meal looks good!

    @caseface5 Yay for your living room almost being done!!! 
    LizzyTish88[Deleted User]
  • @southernpeach89 - Congrats on rocking the CF work out!!!!!!

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  • @CocoBellaF That meal does look yummy! 
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    @southernpeach89 - Have you ever considered buying them pre-loved? I used to post on a purse forum years ago when I was bag-obsessed so I used that and learned a lot about spotting fakes, etc. I own the 2nd bag you posted (the Neverfull) and I got it on eBay for significantly less than retail and it was in near-perfect condition. I can give you more info if you're interested and I know some people like brand-new things which obviously I totally understand also!

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  • @jenna8984 - Normally I would load it up with garlic, red pepper flakes, and other spices.  But I wanted to eat it and have it stay in my stomach, instead of having an epic barf session.  So sans garlic it was.

    We had our baby names picked out a long time ago (we had 2 girl names and 2 boy names we liked), so thankfully we didn't have to deal with people's suggestions.  We just told them we had names, and when we found out the sex, we picked one and that was it!  Do you have any top contenders?
  • @Swazzle YES! Let me know the information for that...I'm not all that great on spotting fakes unless it's completely obvious with the logo and everything but send me the details and I'll try to explain it to DH haha.
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    @jenna8984 - You're not missing much by not seeing the picture lol. H ate the chicken and left a plate full of delicious veggies behind. 

  • @minskat30 A friend of his gave him a list of foods he can eat and what he can't. I guess it's the diet this kid uses to train for MMA. It's very high in protein and low in carbs and no sugar. So a sample is egg whites and chicken sausage for breakfast, grilled chicken and salad for lunch, and turkey for dinner with a small side of brown rice and a cup of green veggies. All water to drink. He is a HUGE junk food eater so this is killing him. He flat out said he is going to be a grouch for a while. I don't want to sound unsupportive, but I doubt he'll be able to stick to it for the recommended 10 weeks. 
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  • @Swazzle Nice job on the weight loss- you should feel good about yourself today :)
    -I hate veggies and would have rather eaten cereal too lol. 
    -I say the same thing about my cat too- she is the biggest PITA but I love her so so much!

    @southernpeach89 There's nothing like that baby smell. Congrats on best score at CF, that's awesome! 
    Haha, I did that with a shirt I was wearing last week- put in the wash and decided it's getting donated when it's clean.

    @jenna8984 lol at your CW like you've never heard the name Alex

    I went home last night determined to work out because I have so so lazy and every week I say "this is going to be the week I get back into working out" and then I work out like twice. So worked out for about 45 mins and then made dinner. I hope it's still nice and warm when I get home today so I can do my workout outside!

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  • TwoDimes said:
    @swazzle, congrats on your weight loss! Also, I'm drooling over mozz panini. Yum!

    @southernpeach89, can you save getting the purse for your next big gift? Birthday/Christmas/to celebrate an accomplishment? I like to do that with splurges, that way you can still get what you want, and feel slightly less guilty about it :)

    @caseface5, you can do it all by Friday! 

    @cocobellaf, your dinner from last night looks delicious!

    @jenna8984, OMG unsolicited baby advice. It's begun!!

    * * *

    My randoms:
    -I don't know what has gotten into Indy lately. Normally she's really well behaved, but last weekend she ate my driver's license, and last night she destroyed a pillow. Stuffing EVERYWHERE.
    -The pillow Indy destroyed was a wedding gift (not from the registry). It was one of those personalized "Mr. & Mrs. Dimes est. 8.1.2015" things. I didn't love it.... so I'm not too disappointed that it got destroyed. >:)
    -I'm peeved with H over the destroyed pillow situation. He snapped at me for leaving the guest bedroom door open (normally it's closed) so that Indy had access to the pillow. I had left the door open because it was a gorgeous day yesterday, and I had all the windows in the house open and wanted a cross breeze. Honestly, I kind of blame him: I was in bed already, so he should have been supervising the dog!! Grrr!
    -I need a drink today and it's only 8:15am
    -My baby fever is getting worse by the day
    -I wish it were Friday
    -One month from today  I'll be in Chicago hanging out with some pretty cool people!

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    @southernpeach89 woohoo that's good that he did the class and the insurance was less than you expected!

    @minskat30 Do you have to train anybody for your leave? Or other qualified lawyers just take over no problem? I am super stressed because I'm the only one here who does this so I need to document EVERYTHING I do (which is going to take weeks) and then I have to train somebody how to do it all! Oh yea, I imagine you got some real out there suggestions!

    @cocobellaf My top choice is Mark but H won't commit to it yet. Other possibilities are Eli, Raymond, Samuel.



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  • @TwoDimes Yea definitely I think that's his plan. I wouldn't except him to spontaneously buy me something like that lol.

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    @speakeasy14 Yay  for a closet!! Maybe louvre doors or even just a pretty curtain?

    ETA @Swazzle beat me to the curtain idea! I like it and it's cheap to do!

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    @lavenderfields13 woohoo, good job working out! I'm the same way...been telling myself for weeks to use my treadmill and I haven't. Hoping this nice weather will kick my butt into gear to walk outside.

    @speakeasy14 That is SO exciting! I am loving the curtain idea.



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