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Will the REAL Friday please stand up?


Re: Will the REAL Friday please stand up?

  • 500days500days MA member
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    @twodimes I love Indy!!! 
    @minskat30 It's a funny story about my car. I was parking and hit my house. It's made out of stucco/cement and it just leaves the worst damage (so many scratches). If we lived in a vinyl sided home then it wouldn't be that bad.

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  • Yikes, I'm sorry @500days ... hopefully it isn't an expensive fix.
  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    @500days OUCH! That sucks!!!

    @minskat30 I think he's pretty pleased with himself for getting all that attention. ;)


    @beachyone15 I can't wait to plant some flowers in April too! I've been holding off waiting for any late freezes!

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  • @500days I need to know more about this ricotta pie you mentioned. 
    @TwoDimes Indy is so cute! That made me think of the cadbury commercials with the bunny "try-outs" with all the animals.
    @minskat30 Raj looks so guilty, haha!  

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  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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    minskat30 said:
    labro said:
    @minskat30 Agh I love Doug gifs!!! He is my favorite animated doggie of all time!!! I hope you and your H have the best time ever this weekend!!!!

    ^^^ This part brought on actual tears.
    Dawww, so do I (love the gifs).  Don't cry....

    Omg crying! The good kind!

    minskat30[Deleted User]
  • @wink0erin  - The fight was stupid because it started about feminism but ended up with me passive aggressively testing H, which bit me in the butt. That's what happens when you take what should be a carefully worded discussion and have it while drunk. 

    @minskat30 - H and I are totally fine. It just made me really sad that the end of a perfectly nice day went so horribly wrong.
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  • TwoDimes said:
    This is Indy with ANYONE who walks in our door. If we ever have home intruders, I have no doubts that Indy will kiss them to death.

    @TwoDimes Tessie is the same way. Our friend came over and was looking in our window for a good 15 minutes while BF was in the shower and she didn't bark or do anything but look at him with her tail wagging.
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  • jenna8984jenna8984 clam bakes & patriots member
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    @minskat30 dude, I am stoked for it to be summer when I can go to the beach and wear a bikini while massively pregnant. It's the one of the things I'm looking forward to the most! DO IT, ROCK IT, LOVE IT!!!

    So sometimes if people are on mobile, they can't see their inbox so I'll just call it out here. Boston ladies are we still on for lunch tomorrow?! Myself and @500days are down. We are thinking same place as last time around noon... what you say @caseface5 @lavenderfields13 @jenjen047 (pambees know you are busy- sadface)



  • @jenna8984 I KNOW, so bummed.. I'm coming next time whether you like it or not!
  • minskat30minskat30 member
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    @alpacina - Our house is not that fancy (a simple brick ranch and, as you know, a MAJOR fixer upper) but we do live on a fancy street by Lake Michigan.  I love our neighbors' houses, especially around the holidays.  :)  Have fun celebrating beer and wine this weekend...sounds like my kind of celebration.  
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