Outdoor venues

I have found some venues that would be suitable for an outdoor reception, but since they're generally on the grounds of some house or something, they're pricier than I want to spend, especially since I'd then have to rent all the equipment like a tent, etc. Anybody know of free or very low cost outdoor venues. I know state parks don't allow alcohol, otherwise that'd be a good option. Other ideas?

Re: Outdoor venues

  • Without knowing your budget and/or number of guests, it's difficult to offer suggestions of possible venues.

    That being said, if you have a small wedding you could try local restaurants.

    What time of year will you be getting married? 

    Regardless of the time of year, you should always make sure there is a contingency plan for weather (heat, cold, rain, etc.) - this will either involve having an indoor option or renting a tent. Proper hosting involves making sure that your guests are comfortable - they should not be subjected to heat/cold extremes and they should not be sitting outside in rain/snow/chilly/hot conditions.
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