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I want to tell my maid of honor she's no longer my maid of honor. Help?


Re: I want to tell my maid of honor she's no longer my maid of honor. Help?

  • MobKaz said:
    My soon to be sister in law asked me three months after she announced her bridal party. She ordered my dress before she even asked me. You still have time. Bride brains are a little scattered at times.
    i wouldn't stress about it if she does not ask either. Take it as this- you have someone going through the same planning as you. She may be a better MOH just because of that. 
    She what....?

    This sounds to me as if she had a BM back out on her.  She announced her wedding party and then three MONTHS after the fact "remembered" to ask you?  There have been many a thoughtless bride on these boards, not asking their WP for input on style of dress and budget.  A bride that not only does not inquire about your budget, but has a dress purchased prior to asking the BM is not "scattered". 
    Eh, assuming she ordered it and is paying for it, I can see how something like this slips people's mind. 

    My sister didn't ask me to be her MOH for the longest time. I expected she would. We've been close for a long time and she was my MOH so I kind of assumed I would be.

    A few weeks after her engagement, she was discussing BM dresses and started talking about my BM dress. And I was like, "My bridesmaid dress, I assume that means I'm in your wedding?" And she was like "of course."

    At some point, my mom began talking about a shower and me being involved. I demurred and said I was either going to wait until her best friend either reached out to me, or I was going to reach out to her and ask if she was doing anything or whether I should just start since she was MOH. My mom was like, "umm, I think you're MOH" and I was like "well, she never asked me but then, she kind of never really asked me be in the WP either. I kind of thought I would be, but she certainly doesn't have to pick me just because I picked her."

    I get a call the next day from my sister who asks me to be MOH because my mom called her and told her I didn't think I was MOH. 

    Anyway, the dresses were in the works before I even knew I was in the WP. They were made by our mom, so the fabric was being discussed and ordered already. (She paid for the materials.)

    I think it definitely is a bit odd, but I can see it happening in situations with some of those people in your life where asking is sort of a formality because of course they're going to be in the WP. 

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