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Mean bridesmaid

I have 7 bridesmaids. 3 are my childhood friends. One I am not that close with but included in the Bridal party because I thought it would be hurtful if the other two were included and she was not. She got engaged 4 months after me, is getting married a year after me, and told me today that I will not be included in her wedding party (our other two friends will be)

Now I’m very hurt and regret including her since she obviously doesn’t feel the same way. 
Is it wrong to ask her to step down? 

Re: Mean bridesmaid

  • Ouch! I get why you are hurt, but there's really nothing you can do at this point. You have 6 other bridesmaids that presumably are your friends, so try to remember that, and be kind to all 7. 

    I do get how a person could end up with bridesmaids they aren't close to for "political" reasons (sisters of the groom, cousins, etc.) 

  • You're kind of stuck because your only way out would have been quickly thinking on your feet at her inappropriate moment to say "I included you because of the awkwardness factor, do you want out of mine?"..  The PP have covered it..  

    Both of you messed this one up (you shouldn't have asked her and she shouldn't have announced to you..), it'll create drama to drop her, OTOH, is she toxic energy, and only you can answer that.  As the PP have mentioned BP aren't tit for tat, so take that factor out of the decision.  OTOH, consider it "Bullet Dodged" that you don't have to be in her wedding if the relationship is like that!
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