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Hi Ladies,
I am a younger bride and I need help! I really would like to go out for a least a little bit to the bars for my party, but 3 of my bm will not be 21 yet (i have 8 bm) What do you suggest I do? We will probably go out to dinner, then go to some bars, then maybe go back to the hotel. would it be rude if they couldn't go to the bars, and we just met them a little bit later at the hotel? What should I do!?

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    There are are also a few bars or clubs that allow 18 year olds (I don't know about your state), obviously not to drink but they can still enjoy the festivities. I personally think it would be rude to separate the bridal party for your bachelorette party. Hope all goes well and the whole party has a great time! :)
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    I just turned 21, and this recently happened to me. I was extremly hurt and felt like I wasn't allowed to "be a part of the BP" because I wasn't 21. Don't do that.
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    I'd say that a licensed restaurant is a good compromise, those who can legally drink and wish to do so can, those who aren't legal can still enjoy the fun...Another idea would be to do the bachelorette party at your MOH's house or a BM's house and have mocktails for those who can't drink or don't wish to and cocktails for those who legally can drink and would like to...There are lots of fun things to do that you can plan with some close friends at someone's house that don't involve bar hopping or clubbing so this might be an option to consider depending on the local laws in your area surrounding underage people going to clubs or bars even if they're not drinking....

    Good luck, enjoy the party!
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