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Being here for so long, I really can't believe my post is here! I tried to imagine how this time would feel and I knew I'd be nervous, exited and anxious, but I didn't know I'd also find myself looking forward to certain little random moments.

As crazy as it sounds, some of those moments wouldn't be happening without the help of you all. I can't even imagine how my wedding would be playing out if I hadn't found this crazy place and I am truly thankful for all of the recs, help and advice, for things WR and not.

I came here as a girl who had just left her family, friends and job to move out for the first time across the country to Seattle and plan a NJ wedding. All I imagined was a steady rain following me around. =) What I didn't imagine was that I'd be one of the crazy girls who read and posted here all the time. "Do all these girls know each other?? I don't get it!" I thought. But now I get it. =) At times we share more than we do with those in our "real lives" and in fact it was here that I turned to in those early days to share a story, vent or just chat, and I am so amazed by the help and friendships I've experienced here. You truly got me through those days when I didn't know a soul, and I think that's why I stayed multiple moves later...I'm not a Seattleite geographically, but I still have a place in my heart for the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you for everything. See you on flip side!


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    That was beautifully written Melissa. I hope you have a wonderful day & an awesome party!  Congratulations, I can't wait to see pictures!
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    Aww, super sweet!  Thank you!  And we're glad you're a part of the group!  You've contributed your fair share of great advice as well! Smile
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    Awww... I agree with Tygirl. I think you are more help to us. Thanks for sharing and happy wedding day. I can't wait to hear all about it.
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    That was very sweet! Can't wait to see pics and hear about your beautiful day! Have the time of your life! Next time we'll see you you'll be an OMH!!!!!!!!! :)
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    You're so sweet. But I agree w/ pps about you being more help. I also can not wait to see how your beautiful day turns out!!!

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    Love it! And yes, i got hooked as an occasional poster, not even being engaged,  when i first started in 2003! The girls on the Knot, be it Seattle, Hawaii or elsewhere are fabulous.  I am thankful for TK as I start my wedding planning journey.

    Have a WONDERFUL time and can't wait to see the pix!.
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    Aww, that made me teary-eyed! I am sooo excited for your day!
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    You are a huge help to this board and like pp stated that was beautifully written! I cannot wait to see pics of you fabulous NYE wedding!!! Happy New Year!!!
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    You're right, the ladies (and gentleman) on here are really cool.  We're lucky to have such a friendly and quick-witted community.

    And, Congratulations!  I think yours is the first knottie wedding where I feel kinda invested since I've been reading your posts since summer.  I can't wait to hear all about it and see the pics afterwards.  Have a great time!
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    Yay! You have a great time and party hard! And thanks for all the ideas and advice!
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    Good luck! Hope your wedding runs smooth and great!
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