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Just got married - name change question for WI residents

Can anyone tell me if Wisconsin will allow me to move my maiden name to a second middle name using my marriage certificate?

I have read that some states only allow a change to the last name.

Also -  Our marriage cert lists me with my maiden name - is this sufficient for changing my name with the SS office and the DMV?
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Re: Just got married - name change question for WI residents

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    I am uncertain of the second middle name, so maybe another can help with that.  (Good question!)

    As far as the marraige certificate listing you in your maiden name... yes this is how it should be listed and when you go to the SSA office, bring an original copy of the marriage certificate, your old SS card, and your current license.  They will make the changes and you will get your new card in a little over a week. 

    The SSA office should also give you a letter stating that you have changed your name with them and you can bring this letter, an original copy of your marraige certificate, and your current license to the DMV the same day.  You can then get a new license in your new name.

    Some DMV'a can be picky about this and ask that you wait until you get your new SS card.  I didn't have an issue, but a friend of mine did (2 different DMV locations).

    As a reminder, wait to change your name with everything else until you do have your new license and SS card in hand!

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  • preciosa4preciosa4 member
    edited December 2011
    For professional purposes, I intend to use my maiden and last.  What I'll do (if I can) is make my new last name BOTH names.  (My middle is still my middle.)  So I'll be First Middle Maiden Last, with Maiden Last as my new last name, if that makes sense...
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