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Thinking of doing a honeymoon registry. We're in our mid 30's so we already have a house full of crap. Anyone else doing this? I really think this is going to help give us a honeymoon we wouldn't otherwise be able to afford. So I'm gathering a place needs to be reserved already? I'm just worried I'm going to book something that our guests don't buy for us then be stuck paying for it ourselves. What do you all think? 

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    Check out this thread from Pg 3 and a similar one found lower on this page:



    As you'll see, it's essential to book what you can afford and it's always considered to be against etiquette to ask for money.


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    Some things you should know about HR

    1) the company takes a cut of your money.    

    2)  you are asking for money, NOT the experience.  Your poor little great-aunt thinks she is giving you a $100 dolphins experience.   When reality she is giving you $93 in cash

    3) you get the money AFTER the event.  If you are planning on a HM directly after the wedding you are screwed since you will not have the money on time.   Also if you plan on flying you will need to have already purchased the tickets.  Some places require partial or full payment BEFORE you on the HM.   Most people do not give wedding gifts until just before or at the wedding.   That doesn't really help you much.

    4) people know cash is always an option.      Yep, they do.

    I will never understand registering for cash, then paying someone 7% of your gifts when someone can just give you the money directly with no fees involved.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • That sucks. I get everyone's gist. Guess it'll probably be no honeymoon at all for us then. :(


  • That sucks. I get everyone's gist. Guess it'll probably be no honeymoon at all for us then. :(


    Take the honeymoon you can afford.  For us, it was two nights in a hotel in Kansas City.  Twenty five years later, after raising children, we were able to start taking luxury trips.  It was worth the wait.
    Please don't have a honeyfund.  I guarantee that some of your guests will be offended, even if they don't tell you so.
    What is your budget?  We are very good at helping people on a budget find a great honeymoon!
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    That sucks. I get everyone's gist. Guess it'll probably be no honeymoon at all for us then. :(


    No boxes...

    Not necessarily true.  If asked, you tell people you don't have a registry (as mentioned above) and that you are saving for xyz, you'll likely get a lot of cash gifts, which you can then use for a HM.  

    The last wedding I attended asked for cash for their HM on the invite.  They haven't taken a HM yet (married almost a year) and they received glasses from us.  If someone has a honey fund (which they essentially did) I always give boxed gift

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    Check my post on this exact same topic.  You will be side-eyed for it.

    If you don't register, then guests will get the hint that you want cash, don't underestimate their thinking abilities.  

    You can always take a delayed honeymoon.  DH and I went on a cruise (friend was getting married and we wanted a vacation) and then on our 1 year anniversary, we went to Vegas.

    Or like PP have suggested, honeymoon's don't have to be expensive.  If it were solely up to me, I would have loved to gone to Yellowstone National Park and rented a log cabin for a week.

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