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Trashy Tuesday

Good morning all!

I woke up too early after my late shift and then looked at my facebook feed and thought "this is trash" so basically Trashy Tuesday.

Yesterday was "eh." I wound up getting out of the house cause it was so nice out and stopped by Marshalls to replace all the workout clothes I so generously donated to charity a few months ago lol. I found some cool stuff and found a great pair of Under Armor running pants that were like 20 dollars so I snagged them before anyone else could! And then I went to work because I was asked to come in early.... again. I don't know how this girl gets away with leaving a shift early every. single. day. Anyway I got home late, and somehow I am up before 8 so that's nice (not).

I am gonna get myself out of bed, go get some coffee, and make my way to the gym. I'm still a little sore from Sunday but not much. I am just really excited about it, I feel so pumped when I get there and I feel great when I leave, it's kinda my happy place. I used to go to the gym almost every day after work to de-stress and kinda regulate my mood lol but that was when I had a 20 year old car and it broke down so I stopped and that was two years ago and since then I have gained some weight so really want to get back into it.

Anyway not much else planned for the day. Probably gonna FaceTime BF later, and I am going to the movies with my roommate tonight. I should probably find other activities to keep me busy today. This one class I have is literally the least amount of work I've had to do since I started school and I am LOVING it!

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    @swazzle she wants to see Jurassic World! We were supposed to go on Saturday but she forgot that she was going to a concert, and then I had to work Sunday night and last night, so we are finally doing it today. I am excited, I loved it when I saw it!
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    @swazzle a lot of the local theaters here have like "super Tuesday" or ladies night on Wednesdays where the tickets are half price so that's when we try to go!
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    @untouchablets I would see it again too! Hope you guys have fun!

    @Swazzle Parm fries are my downfall. I also want to see all those movies except Max because even the preview makes me bawl my eyes out.

    Last night I cleaned up the kitchen and put away all the laundry that I was too lazy to put away Sunday night. I then sat down to read HP. I heard a noise outside and looked and there was an 18 wheeler in front of my house! It was BF, he bought stuff at Lowe's yesterday to fix up our horseshoe pits for Saturday, and he brought them to the house in his work truck. It was funny some guy swerved looking at the truck. He was probably wondering when Budweiser started doing house deliveries! 

    Then he went out to work on that and I made dinner. Nothing too fancy, just whole wheat pasta and sauce. I kept reading HP and BF worked on the pits until it got dark. They look really good and they got a lot of use last year so that's good.

    Nothing planned for tonight! Hopefully another night of relaxing and then watching America's Got Talent.
    friends tv show funy
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    @SouthernPeach89 Congrats on getting the crib and rocker!! Also, that's a great idea to get a chair you can keep for a while! 
    friends tv show funy
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    @untouchablets - That is awesome! I don't think we have anything like that here :(

    @Dignity100 - It varies. I mean, everything is healthy and most of the ingredients are "healthy" or "whole" (veggies, grains, meats, seafood). Last night's meal had mayo in it and obviously was served on hot dog buns. According to BA, it was around 575 calories per serving and when I entered it myself into MFP, I came up with 553 calories. I did see JW in 3D and I thought it was awesome. 

    @caseface5 - I saw the preview for it before Jurassic World and I was sobbing! H wants to have horseshoe in our yard but I don't think it's long enough in either direction with the way the yard is set up. 

    @southernpeach89 - How is the pup's tail doing? All back to its waggy normal self?

    @cu97tiger - It just tastes SO much better at the theater though! Fountain soda > bottled. I can get on board with the candy though. I like SnoCaps with my popcorn but haven't gotten them lately. I can't wait for your first BA delivery too!

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    @Swazzle Yes! It went back to normal a couple days later. I think about it every time he plays with other dogs but I think from him staying with my parent's all week and playing really hard for such a long period of time maybe triggered it.
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    @Swazzle - Num, num, num.  That looks amazing!

    @untouchablets-  Great snag at Marshalls!

    @Dignity100 - I know how frustrating home buying (especially with big pups) can be.  Hang in there...the right one will come along. I like the idea of building from scratch too!

    @southernpeach89 - Yeah for crib and rocker!!!  Getting so close now!

    @TwoDimes - Officiant meeting AND pizza?  Heaven.  Have fun!

    @cu97tiger - Are you guys doing anything (trip?) for your birthday?

    @caseface5 - I haven't read HP in forever...might be a good thing to re-pick up.

    H and I both slept pretty fitfully last night.  I have a full day at work today as does H.  His lunch will be a going away lunch for a co-worker today so he's likely to be stuffed tonight (they usually eat heavy food) lunch is a visit to the lady bits doctor so, yeah, not the most fun but hopefully she is kind and helpful.  

    Tonight H and I have to pick up the last of our kitchen tile backsplash (we ran out and had to reorder).  I didn't realize I would want the backsplash to go all the way up the wall where the hood is located but I think it looks really sharp that way plus I cook a ton so the more protection the better.  H is off tomorrow which is nice for him....he's going to be around to help the guy put the rest of the backsplash up tomorrow so that will be helpful.  I can't wait for Friday guys.
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    @untouchables Score- I freaking love Marshalls! I was just looking at Roxy flipflops on their website for $25 and I got the same ones at Marshalls for $7. Oh and what was the thing you saw on FB that was trashy??

    @swazzle omg same here- movie theater popcorn is my kryptonite and everyone knows I do NOT share. I eat a large by myself and it's gross but it's life! Ted 2 was really good- basically as good as the first. We don't go often but when we do it's a Sunday morning show- empty and $8 each.

    @southernpeach89 aaaaw yay on the crib- so cute!!

    @twodimes fuck that- year end should always be 12/31. I'm actually upset because we run a 4-4-5 month right now and we're switching to a calendar month next year.

    Oooooh I want to try Blue Apron! My best friend just did it and said the meal was good but "not their taste" so I'm not sure what that means. Can't you chose which meal you want? So I don't know why they would have chosen one that wasn't their taste but whatever.

    We have decided to crack down and lose some weight so we got up at 5am today to go for a run together....for the first time in 1 year! My legs were burning like immediately but then I got into it. But it was a one mile loop and DH refused to do it a second time. So I felt shortchanged that I got up that early and had to stop. Hopefully tomorrow or by next week I can get him doing the loop 2-3 times.



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    @swazzle let me know how tonight's recipe goes it sounds really good.  Now I want parm fries.

    @southernpeach89 I love the rocker!  We talked about getting something that can put in another room once we are done using it for the baby.  We haven't even begun looking yet.

    I got in a good night of rest last night and my headaches went away after a small cup of caffeinated tea yesterday afternoon.  Thank goodness. I've been feeling pretty good about studying I feel myself progressing and the grades on my quizzes are getting better too.  Yay! I'm so glad it's a 4 day work week.  Otherwise life is pretty boring. I can't wait after studying to pick up a book and read for fun though and buy a new kindle.  I think mine has bit the dust. 


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    @southernpeach89 actually I love it! Matt would prob get something like that, but I feel like I'd pass out in it. lol

    So this morning my allergies were good enough I could put on makeup. I think my body forgot it had strep, since now it seems to act as if I have a sinus cold.

    Tomorrow is Canada Day and it's suppose to rain, so I spent part of yesterday trying to figure out what our alternate plan is if weather sucks. We were suppose to go to the beach, but rain kills that idea.

    My bus was on time, and slightly early so I treated myself to a venti shaken iced tea lemonade in passion {or hibiscus tea - @untouchablets ;)!} and a blueberry bar. Got to the office right at 9am! *yessss*

    Work today will be mostly catch up since I'm off tomorrow. Thursday and Friday I'm sure will be more lax, but I have a backroom that I'd like to start boxing old files.
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    Oh! And today I order part of bridesmaid gifts and Friday I'm placing order for other part! :D
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    @southernpeach89 - yay for crib and rocker!!

    @swazzle - i cant wait to try Blue Apron. right now im on Nutrisystem trying to lose some weight, but after i hit goal i think i will definitely try it!

    @cu97tiger @twodimes - your pizza and sushi sounds amazing.......i just want to eat ALL THE THINGS ALL THE TIME

    @caseface5 - horseshoe pits! fun!!

    why is this week CRAWLING?? ugh. last night we didnt do much except laundry (prices in our building have gone up to $3.50 per load...grrr). BF seems to be doing better with the loss of his friend, so that's good.

    i had a dream last night our apartment was broken in to and my ring was stolen before BF proposed. eek!

    tonight BF has a gaelic football game and i need to go for a run. it thursday yet???
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    I will be mostly lurking today. It's too hard to type from my phone.

    Teriyaki last night gave me food poisoning. I'm not feeling well at all. Which extra sucks because I have deadlines at work today I was hoping to meet!

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    @AlPacina :( feel better! Rest and keep hydrated. Food poisoning sucks
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    @TwoDimes - YAY FOR PIZZA! I hope the meeting goes great tonight! I'm sorry! Maybe we need a "no food talk before 11am" rule hahahaha

    @minskat30 - Did we see pics of the backsplash?

    @jenna8984 - There are 6 total recipes: usually 1 red meat, 1 chicken, 1 fish, 3 vegetarian. You can switch some of them out. 

    @AlPacina - UGH! Feel better, lady. That is no bueno. 

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    @alpacina - feel better :(


    ETF: wrong Regina gif
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    to anyone who feels like this week is arent wrong:
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    @TwoDimes - that's strange that they make you choose right now if you're going to change your name.  I know mine asked for any previous names I went by (from a previous marriage/divorce/adoption/whatever) and I got to decide after the wedding if I wanted my name changed.

    @AlPacina - Feel better!

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    @AlPacina - Food poisoning is the worst! Feel better soon!

    @Jenna8984 - I'd say a mile is good for the first time out in a year! I suck at being motivated to lose weight. But last night I cleaned out my fridge and went to the store and bought all sorts of healthy stuff so hopefully I can get back on track with my diet at least.

    @mrsspence87 - Passion tea lemonade is the best! One of my friends and I started our whole friendship based on our mutual love of it :)


    I'm actually in a pretty good mood today. I'm really looking forward to camping with BF for my birthday this weekend, plus having Friday off I think will keep me in a good mood all week :) And all of my references e-mailed me to tell me that they sent their letters of recommendation in for the teaching job I applied to. One of them is a little flakey so I was worried she'd miss the deadline for full consideration.

    Today's heat is supposed to break records. It's been in the 90s almost every day for about a week now. I would really love for it to cool down a bit! The sun shines right into our office every morning and makes it hot as hell in here. Today I need to clean out my car after work so that it's ready to get packed up for camping. I also need to start making a list of everything we need and probably do some research on good hiking in the area we'll be in.

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    @alpacina feel better!


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    @bethsmiles - happy early birthday!!! hope it cools down a little for you :)
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    @twodimes - We have a dog walker that comes in the middle of the day, so they at least get out of their crates and get some exercise. We haven't found a day care close enough to us to make it work (we both work within five miles of our house, so options are limited). At least once every two weeks either DH or I work from home for part of the day, so it isn't too bad. Especially in the summer, because now we can just take the dogs with us and sit on a restaurant patio to eat dinner. I think it's weird that you have to tell them what your married name will be before you even get married. Is that what it's asking or is it asking you if what your current name is now was your original name?

    @minskat30 - We are going to Savannah and Hilton Head for my birthday. Savannah will be just DH and me, and then a bunch of my friends (10 as of right now) are joining us in HH. I can't wait!

    @mrsspence87 - what are you getting your BMs?
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    Morning everyone,
    I should be working since today is month end close but...priorities.

    @minskat30 I hope this doc is so much better than the last! I usually schedule my gyno appts during lunch too since they're next to my office and it's less busy during that time. Definitely don't look forward to lunch on those days.

    @jenjen047 is laundry $3.50 total? We live in a 3 family with laundry in the basement and it's $2 wash, $2 dry. It sucks- we could have bought a couple of our own washers and dryers already with all the money we've spent on doing laundry! I cannot wait to have my own home and my own washer and dryer! Oh and a grill - we have one but it's in the basement since we can't use it on the porch :( Makes me SO SAD during the summer. 

    @twodimes you have to decided now if you're changing your name? Or you still just don't know. I'm waiting to change my name on FB when it's actually legally changed because I'm weird like that lol. 

    Yesterday I went food shopping and we got the suitcase unpacked. I started writing some TY notes but only did about 5. H doesn't want to write any even though I told him he needs to write the ones for his family and friends since it's not fair to for me to do them all. He's a PITA sometimes. I don't want to look like an asshole because he doesn't write them on time. And we're only together 2 days a week for me to actually make him do it. I will work on some more tonight. 


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