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  • Swazzle said:
    Swazzle said:
    audrewuh said:
    @audrewuh H made an awesome potato salad once and then he lost the recipe. It seriously was the best thing I put in my mouth. Well, cupcakes are the best thing I put in my mouth, but that potato salad doe....
    H is fired from all recipe keeping responsibilities.*

    Speaking of cupcakes, Saturday H and I stumbled on this cupcake place downtown and while they weren't the best cupcakes I've ever had, it had been so long since I'd had a cupcake that I was like, zomg where have you been all my life get in mah belleh.

    ...I may or may not eat the whole Taco Bell menu on my way home from work today.

    *ETA: Your H. 

    I'm such a cupcake snob, I only eat cupcakes from my favorite bakery.

    I could totally get behind eating a whole Taco Bell menu too, I'm just too lazy to drive to the nearest one. There used to be one across the street from me, and they closed. It was a sad day, I still get feels about that.



    so what you're saying is that I should pick up some for next weekend?

    Any excuse to stuff my face with cupcakes!!!!!

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  • I leave for like two hours and I see STARBS and talk about potato salad. My two faves!

    @jenjen047 I agree with @cu97tiger! Don't zero in on maybe getting engaged. Enjoy the weekend, have TONS of fun, make it memorable, and if you get engaged too thats FANTASTIC but don't let it ruin your weekend. Either way it could be the best July 4th EVER!
  • @andrewuh - i hate that its on a saturday too. typically we get a 1/2 day on the 3rd and then the 4th off completely. this year we just get the 3rd off. we've been jipped a 1/2 day!!! ridiculous. i still dont plan to moderate my drinking. do you have to work on the 5th?

    @everyone - thanks for helping me stay grounded. you guys are freaking awesome. im trying to keep my hopes down, but thats so much easier said  than done! there may not be a proposal but at least i can guarantee there will be potato salad and cupcakes this weekend! nom nom nom....
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  • Thanks to this thread, when we go pick up snacks for Canada Day tomorrow I have already said we'll get potatoe salad and cupcakes {curse you thread! only not ... kidding! :-* }
  • @cu97tiger yes your advice makes total sense! enjoy the shit out of everything so even if there isn't a proposal it doesn't feel like a let down because it was still an amazing night. :) great advice!
  • @jenjen047 I work in a church, so I work every Sunday morning. What's bad about this church is that I only have to be there for three hours. But this Sunday I have to teach, so I can't show up hungover/still drunk like I would normally do a Sunday after the 4th. 

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  • Man, month end I had to actually work ALL afternoon and even 1.5 hours late....

    @futuremrshistorian Wooooo beautiful apartment!!


    @jenjen047 You being easily distracted by all the awesome 4th of July potato salad (and cakes)




    jenjen047[Deleted User]speakeasy14
  • @andrewuh - ahh man that sucks :(
  • @TwoDimes Now I definitely want to come to your wedding so I can hear your officiant mention potato Salad!!! Also ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    @southernpeach89 When did you drop in to double digits left remaining in pregnancy?!?!?!?!?

    @TwoDimes Pleaasseeeee get someone to take video of your ceremony so I can hear the potato salad part!

    [Deleted User]MissKittyDangerspeakeasy14
  • @TwoDimes - Did Potato Salad make your menu?  It totally should!

    [Deleted User]
  • @TwoDimes I want in on the live streaming too!
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