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  • Swazzle said:
    @mrsspence87 - I know that @GoldenPenguin has already touched on this but I would really, strongly suggest taking personal info out of some of your posts and/or changing your username. Through a very quick Google search, I was able to find out a lot of personal info about you (FB, twitter, Youtube, etc.). The internet is a scary place and there are some real dicks out there. 
    Oh Yikes! I will def make changes! I completely forgot last night.
  • @mrsspence87 - i  second @swazzle about internet security. i found both you and FI with 1 facebook search

    @500days - yeah that hotel is not being very nice

    @eilis1228 - your bday sounds amazing!!!
  • Re BM gifts I got for my girls:
    1 nail polish color
    1 piece of jewelry for my jewelry girls
    1 wall hanging for my non jewelry girls
    1 note with gushy feels

    Budget: $30/girl. 

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  • I got each of my girls different things. @Swazzle listed what she got, my matron of honor got a similar bracelet, but with different sayings, a jewelry dish with a cute saying on it (something about friends being family), the stone coaster, and something else that I'm totally blanking on. My other bridesmaid got a funny cat post-it holder (she loves funny desk decorations), adorable earrings that she told me she loved, and the stone coaster.

    They all got LL Bean totes in different colors with their first initials on them. 


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  • RE BM gifts for my bridal party:
    Soap and/or lotion (not b/c they were stinky lol but we like smelly things)
    Alex and Ani Bracelet (not for the wedding)
    1 note to each of them
    customized picture frames for my maids of honor (my 2 sisters)
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    Haven't gotten the keychains yet, but I will take a look around while I'm out this week. Nail polish is kind of out of the question since part of my bachelorette is getting nails done {2 are getting gel tips}

    edit: fixed name
  • @TwoDimes fyi I think we get married a day apart ;) I'm Aug 1st :D
  • OH! And your secret present, @swazzle



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  • Haven't gotten the keychains yet, but I will take a look around while I'm out this week. Nail polish is kind of out of the question since part of my bachelorette is getting nails done {2 are getting gel tips}

    Also .... does anyone know how to change usernames? I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but all of my options say "invalid or taken"
    Yea, see I got them polish to use after the wedding. In their favorite color. 

    Actually, at the RD, some of them swapped colors with each other.

    "You're our early 20's BSC scarecrow. They cower at your maturity." - lennonkdc Anniversary
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  • I got my BM's

    a chiffon shawl matching their dress color to cover their shoulders during the church ceremony. It was not a part of the gift but something I gave them since my church required covered shoulders.

    I got them a Kate Spade wristlet

    each got a different boxed gift of items from Lush

    I thought there was something else but I don't remember.... already details are slipping.......



  • All BP members received:

    Black tote with their first initial in red

    Ring dishes that I bought at my employer's gift store

    Elephant friendship bracelet (NOT required to wear to wedding)

    Red pashminas (not required to wear to wedding)

    Clear tumblers personalized with wedding date (they all peeled the decals off, did not gaf)

    For my MOH: Librarian charm bracelet (I don't know if she wears it now, we don't talk)

    BM #1 a Great Dane Christmas ornament

    BM #2 a silver butterfly necklace (that she wears 24/7, it makes me really happy).

    I also bought them Lokai bracelets for a thank for planning my shower.


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    @MsKittyDanger Thanks for changing your u/n! The internet is a scary scary place!! Also, I fourth/fifth/whatever everyone else on gifts. I'd change it up a bit somehow, and even candy goes a LONG way.

    For my bridesmaids

    MOH 1 (@southernpeach89) - a pair of Tory Burch pearl stud earrings, Starbucks g/c, chocolate
    MOH 2( other sister) - a leather Pandora bracelet, Starbucks g/c, chocolate
    BMs 1 and 2 - necklaces from James Avery, Starbucks g/c, chocolate
    BMs 3 and 4 - One got a "Tree of Life" necklace because she's super in to that style of jewelry and the other got a "Reading is my Superpower" charm necklace because she's an author, plus the necklace was adorable and totally her. They also both got a small g/c to their favorite store (their necklaces were way cheaper than everyone else's jewelry so I had a little more budget room), Starbucks g/c, and chocolate.

    ETA: Oh and @southernpeach89 reminded me. I got each MOH a custom ceramic tile with a photo of us screen printed on it and a poem about sisters.

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  • LOL I can't say what my BM gifts are since @audrewuh is a BM... but I agree with other PPs that the keychain and wedding-related makeup would be a letdown. Put yourself in their shoes-- how would you feel receiving that stuff as a gift?

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  • @mskittydanger - agree with @andrewuh. i think you're missing the point that the gifts should be separate from things they need at your wedding. if you give them a gorgeous nail color and they choose to wear it for your wedding, great. but it shouldnt  be given with that in mind.
  • I basically shopped for bm gifts over the last year- just whenever I saw something they would like I picked it up. So I spent more than average- but it's worth it because they have been awesome.

    Everyone is getting bridal jewelry and a starbucks cup (cheap one like this) filled with a $10 starbucks gc, rosebud salve and a body shop soap. My MOH is getting an alex and ani sister bracelet because she will be my sister in law. My BMs are getting gold colored kate spade bow bracelets.

    Individual gifts:
    BM 1:
    -hemp yoga bag
    -studded elephant tank top
    BM 2:
    -8x8 photo canvas of her and her BF (just moved into new home together)
    -t-rex coffee mug
    -fancy english tea with an infuser
    BM 3:
    -owl wine glass set
    -running hoodie
    -2 small bottles of st. germain
    -kate spade wristlet
    -real techniques core brush set
    -sephora rollerball perfume sampler

    I think I did a pretty good job. The idea is to just shop like it's their birthday. If I didn't have the time I probably would have gotten giftcards.
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  • Agree with others like @audrewuh that the point of the gift is that it isn't a wedding related gift @mskittydanger

    I got each of my BMs necklaces but the were customized for each girl.  My MOH got an amethyst necklace (her birthstone that she loves), one BM got an opal necklace (her engagement ring is an opal and she adores them), one BM got a tri-color gold necklace (again, her preference in jewelry) and one got a fancy initial charm for her baby on the way from the same company she bought her other two charms from for her other two children (I knew what she was naming her baby).
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    ditto PPs- the gifts have nothing to do with the actual wedding- it's about the person.

    I budgeted $100 p/p

    My MOH got a GC for her favorite nail place, a jewelry dish I made (she has tons of jewelry) and elephant stud earrings because she loves elephants

    My BM got a gift card for a store she likes, a cosmetic bag and also a jewelry dish that I made

    My brother was a bridesman and I got him a GC to Amazon - he loves Amazon (who doesn't?) and a book about the history of yoga with a ton of cool art- he recently got really into yoga and the history and has always loved art

    eta: I also gave them each a TY card with a note about how much it meant to me to have them with me on my wedding day

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  • Congrats, @futuremrshistorian!! That apartment looks beautiful! If I have to go back to apartment living, that's the kind of apartment I want. 

    "You're our early 20's BSC scarecrow. They cower at your maturity." - lennonkdc Anniversary
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  • Congrats @mrsfuturehistorian! It looks really nice!

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  • @futuremrshistorian I love the wood floors in the apartment. Looks great! Congrats!
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  • @futuremrshistorian - Beautiful! Congratulations!!!

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  • @labro - thats so sweet!! i would cry if my sister gave me something like that.

    @futuremrshistorian - adorable apt!! congrats!!!

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  • @futuremrshistorian lovely!! congrats!


    I have browsed online a bit. Hmmm .... some ideas but will probably have to take a look in store. Luckily I still have 32 days!

    Thoughts on this - starbucks to go cup and inside is lip colour, gift card for starbs or somewhere else and maybe something else small?
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