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  • @cu97tiger well I've already gotten them the ribbon for their dresses, but I'm getting a fancy lip colour for them {they chose between nude or red, this way I know they'll wear it later} Also picking up initialed keychain with their name and possibly a little pouch. Pouch is a maybe because I feel like I'm picky and can't find any I like.
  • @Swazzle - Not yet...I'll AW it when its all up though.  ;)

    @cu97tiger - Fun!  That sounds like an awesome trip!

    @lavenderfields13 - Yeah, not looking forward to the exam but I am looking forward to the doctor.  She has MUCH better reviews than the last lady.  

    @Alpacina - Ugh, feel better.  :(
  • @swazzle Oh, DH & I are kind of picky assholes so I just looked on the BA website and out of this week's meals we would only like one of them. And even that one, I'm like thinking how much more groceries I could buy for $20. So I guess I won't be giving it a try.

    @alpacina boooooo feel better! I'm doing month end as well

    @bethsmiles Yay for birthday camping!

    @mrsspence87 I feel like ribbon and lip gloss to wear during the wedding aren't really "gifts" since they are tied to the wedding and might not be used again. That basically just leaves a keychain. Not being rude because I don't know what your budget is, but maybe you could think of something a bit more. Even like a gift card to the movies or a nice picture frame.



  • @untouchablets Good score on the under armour pants! I really need to shop at Marshalls/TJ Maxx more often.

    @swazzle That dinner looks so good!

    @dignity100 Definitely relax tonight!

    @twodimes Good luck meeting with your officiant tonight! We meet with ours last week and stayed for over 2 hours just chatting with him and his wife. 

    @southernpeach89 I love the crib! I'm a huge fan of the dark wood/espresso look. And I would easily fall asleep in the rocker recliner.

    @lavenderfields13 My FI is the same way about writing thank you notes or anything handwritten that isn't on his phone. He would rather dictate what to write on the thank yous to me than write them himself lol

    I really wish I didn't sleep in so I could have hit up the beach. The traffic is just too much to deal with after 10am. Today I will clean and continue to search for things to pack for Alaska. Maybe go to target for some toiletries. Pretty boring. I'm going to go later with my MOH to pick up her dress from the seamstress after she gets out of work. 

    Yesterday I got a little annoyed when I spoke to the hotel about the block and shuttle that I reserved and paid for. The sales manager has been nice and accommodating ever since December when I made the hotel block and paid for the shuttle service. Well, yesterday she was being kind of a bitch. She kept on saying that I didn't have enough people for the shuttle- even though the contract does not specify amount of people, it just states that its free after 10 rooms booked or costs $$ with under 10 rooms booked. So I paid it. We have 7 rooms booked, with half being my parents and my FI's sister and mom. The other 3 rooms are out of town guests. Sales manager will only provide shuttle at 4pm...when my ceremony is at 6:30. So basically the 3 rooms will be on their own to get to the wedding (8 minute drive) which is annoying. She also questioned why I have non-hotel guests (2 bridesmaids didn't book a room) coming to my room. WTF do people not get ready in the bride's room at the hotel anymore? The last 3 weddings I was in that is what we did and it wasn't a problem. I told her that we are getting our hair done and the photographer will be taking pictures and she just responded with "eh, ok". I honestly never thought that I would have to run that by the hotel because I thought it was common practice, especially for the area I live in. I got through the phone call without getting angry- but to be honest I'm still thinking about it. 
  • @jenna8984 lip colour they will use {I already asked} Ribbon maybe not, but a few have already said they had ideas {one is using it for another wedding actually}
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    @jenna8984 I went to the gym on Sunday and worked out for the first time in two years so I am right there with you!! I love it there though so I am really motivated to go lol and I only shop at Marshalls for workout stuff and shoes (and also DSW) it would be dumb of me to do anything else, sports bras are too expensive and I go through them fast because I wear them to work lol. Actually Marshalls, DSW, and Nordstrom Rack are all in the same place so when I need an outfit or something I'm set! Oh and the post something ignorant about the gay marriage ruling. Since I grew up in a highly religious family we know a lot of highly religious people and some of them are very vocal lol.

    @alpacina feel better!!!

    @500days sorry about the hotel, that sounds super frustrating! I would definitely have lost my temper, I have a very short fuse lol
  • @jenna8984 You just reminded me that I need to get gift bags for the gifts!!! I might even AW my bridal party gifts because I think I did a good job by TK standards.
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  • @jenna8984 - It works for us because I normally meal-plan and then spend around $125 a week for groceries for us. And then, life happens, so meals would get pushed back and produce would go bad, I'd have to put the meat back in the freezer and then would be too impatient to wait for it to defrost so I can make the meal I'd planned for it. H and I eat most things so it's a great way for us to try meals that we normally wouldn't even think of. I also like that the meals are relatively healthy and use "whole" foods for the most part :)

    @500days - That's really annoying. Why are they suddenly making up all of these rules that aren't listed in your contract? What are the guests going to do for over an hour at the venue? Are any of you booked at the hotel for more than 1 night? It sounds like your hotel is kind of being a dick, but mine allowed me to count those as separate stays to get us over a certain number so the shuttles would be free. And why on Earth is it any of her business that you have people getting ready with you? 

  • @500days - that seems weird about your hotel. first off, if you paid for the shuttle it doesn't matter how many people are in it. also does it specify anywhere in contract what time the shuttle will run at? and last, its your room, you can have whoever you want in there with you.

    @mrsspence87 - agree with @jenna8984 on the gifts.

    @lavenderfields13 - oh shit you have it worse than i do. it's $3.50 total for wash and dry at our place. but yeah, i feel like i could have paid for my own set by now. UGH hopefully we will be out of  this apartment within a year and in a place with our OWN laundry. and i feel you on the grill thing... we have zero outdoor space. it would be so nice to be able to grill.
  • @500Days - it sounds like the hotel is sore that your 2 bridesmaids didn't book rooms of their own with the hotel, not that they're coming for hair and makeup (at least in your post that's what I got). 

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    @TwoDimes My application was something similar. Basically, you had the option to fill in if you were changing your name and what it would be. It didn't make it official though until you actually went to apply for the change at Social Security. Also, tomorrow is the start of your wedding month!!!

    @Swazzle That shrimp roll looks noms!!!

    NEY is so chatty you guys! I can't even keep up!!!

    My car got new shoes this morning. It took forever, I arrived right when they opened at 7:30 and didn't get out until nearly 10. I was feeling pretty annoyed. On the plus side, H took me to breakfast and I had a delicious omelette to go with my crappy coffee. Today is quarter end so I'm insanely busy and will probably be working all night.

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  • @swazzle- yeah none of her fucking business. She went as far as to ask me how they are getting home after the wedding and I'm like I don't know that's up to them. They are adults and I'm not a micro-manager. The 4 other guests at the hotel (who won't go early for family pics) will have to drive themselves to the wedding, which really annoys me. @dignity100 I'm thinking she was trying to guilt me into booking more rooms from the questions she was asking me. Like I'm an asshole if I don't book 2 more rooms for my bridesmaids. 
  • @mrsspence87 I'm also with @jenna8984 on the bridesmaids gifts

    @500days I'd be really annoyed with the woman at the hotel too. You paid for the shuttle, you should be able to use it whenever you like. Like @Dignity100 said I think she's irritated your BMs didn't book. Too bad!

    @untouchablets I get almost all my workout clothes from Marshall's too- so much cheaper! I don't really care for Marshall's for other clothes because I hate searching through the racks but for sports bras, etc I love it. 

  • @lavenderfields13 yup hate searching the racks unless I'm really trying to kill time. I just don't have the patience and all the workout clothes are in one section so its much easier to find what I am looking for.

    I don't know why I keep scrolling through Facebook. My feed has not become even a little less trashy since this morning. I'm like

    The only reason I don't delete is because my family doesn't bother to call me so that's how I get updates on their lives lol
  • @mrsspence87 I agree with the other PPs. Did you already order the keychains? I would rethink the gifts.
  • @swazzle Aaah good point. We spend about $120 a week on groceries and we don't eat out. But like you said, some nights we just want cereal or ramen and end up throwing away items at the end of the week. I brought the same grapefruit to and from work about 4 times before I finally just threw it out lol



  • @eilis1228 Glad you had a great time in SF!

    @mrsspence87 agree with PP's the ribbon and lip gloss are not gifts.  I would reconsider the ideas.


  • @mrsspence87 - I'm with the other ladies in that I'd rethink some of those gifts. The lipstick sounds ok as long as you're sure it's something each BM individually would like, I think a gift card for Sephora or Ulta might have been a better choice, though, so they could pick it out themselves. I do not understand the ribbon or a key chain as gifts at all. Is the ribbon supposed to be worn with their BM dress? I picture key chains on a stand at a souvenir shop on vacation, TBH, not really a BM gift.

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  • Hey guys - so addressing all since I should clarify better.
    Yes lip colours are for wedding BUT I had them choose between a few options and made sure they're okay with it and would wear it again.
    None of my friends are makeup girls, except for one but she buys from her own company {Younique}

    Key chain is going to be individualized. Like 1st letter of their name is key chain, and their name engraved on it with a little decal. It is nicer than it sounds.

    Plus night before I'm having a little party for them. Only 2 of the girls could come to my shower, so I'm gonna try to recreate some parts and have some fun with left over stuff. {which they also got gifts at but some couldn't receive them}

    I know it sounds like small things, but it will be much more in the end. It's just hard to explain :)
  • @peaseblossom55 - call amazon and tell them what's wrong with your kindle. They'll send you a new one. At least, they did with mine and it was 3 years old. I got a refurbed one of the current generation out. 

    @eilis1228 - your birthday sounds like the best ever! And yay for making it out to (and surviving) SF pride! 

    @mrsspence87 - I'm with PP's on the gifts. I mean, I'd rather have a lip gloss and my favorite candy bar over a ribbon and a keychain. 


    I'm back in the office today after being out for what feels like forever. I'm avoiding writing our newsletter article. 

    This weekend was fun. Friday I stayed in bed with Cramps From Hell and watched Season 2 of True Blood while H worked and then went to the FC Dallas v Dynamo game. Saturday we went to a local brewery that was celebrating the SCOTUS ruling and got equality pint glasses and great beer. Then we went and explored downtown for a while, which has taken 6 months to go and do. I love big buildings and admiring the architecture, but damn, Dallas is so small compared to Houston. 

    Sunday I worked in the morning and really revisioned how I want our youth hall to look. I'm excited about some of the ideas I came up with and I'm ready to get some of the decades old crap out of there. H and I spent the afternoon at the Farmer's Market where I got some fresh cinnamon honey goat cheese. I have since only eaten that for meals and it's been an amazing life choice. 

    So, now I have two, what's looking like three days in the office this week and next week H and I leave for NYC with two of my students. I'm crossing everything that I'll be able to see @swazzle and @hummingbird125 while we're there. We won't be able to drink, but being around them will be good enough!

    "You're our early 20's BSC scarecrow. They cower at your maturity." - lennonkdc Anniversary
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  • @jenjen047 I missed your post, but yeah nowhere does it say only one pick up or drop off. They need to fix their contract if they want to have requirements like that. Based on the fact that there are only like 8 guests I can see how the shuttle going at various times may be unnecessary- but it's an 8 minute ride..not far at all. She legit even said "the shuttle is not a limo service". I never asked for anything more than point a to point b transportation. Limos make stops and provide extra service. If I wanted that then I would have booked a limo. All I need is an 8 min ride for me and guests at hotel. I wish I could change the hotel but it's the closest to the venue. 
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    Hey everyone, this is a total PNR because work is busy (like every Monday and Tuesday). I miss you guys a lot, but I'm glad to be back here more often!

    This weekend we got our new sectional, I LOVE IT, like I couldn't wait to get home from work last night to relax on it. I watched the final episode of Nurse Jackie and it left me sad and upset. Oh well, I'm starting to watch Friday Night Lights on Netflix so that'll consume me for a few weeks. H and I are watching Weeds together too. After that I'm going to get him started on Six Feet Under.

    Anyway....that was a long drawn out paragraph about a couch.

    Today I'm in such a shitty mood, I don't know why. I guess I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. BUT I checked my email and my mom got me a Birchbox subscription! I'm so excited. I told her I wanted one, but I didn't think she would do it. She usually sends cash, so this is nice! Our poor mailman, we have so many subscription boxes coming to us!

    My office sounds like a tuberculosis ward, it's DRIVING ME CRAZY.

    To the PP who is picking out BP gifts (@mrsspence87), I HIGHLY reccomend Etsy. I had one MOH and two BMs and I got them a few gifts that were all the same (and I checked with them first if they wanted them or would use them) and a personal gift for each person (for example, my MOH was finishing her master's in library science so I got her a librarian bracelet). We had a budget of $100 for each WP member and I got a lot off of Etsy for $100 each. From what I remember I bought their "personal" gift, a black tote with their initial on it (I checked if this was okay with them first), a red pashmina, those clear plastic tumblers that don't sweat, a cute bracelet and something else.


    ETF: What I watched last night...

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  • cu97tiger said:
    Hey guys - so addressing all since I should clarify better.
    Yes lip colours are for wedding BUT I had them choose between a few options and made sure they're okay with it and would wear it again.
    None of my friends are makeup girls, except for one but she buys from her own company {Younique}

    And yet you're giving them lipgloss/stick? I get that you feel like these are good gifts, but step back and think about the last time you bought yourself a keychain. Do you use a keychain? I know I don't.
    I spoke to them prior to this. They'll wear it {some are wearing nude} just wouldn't necessarily go out and buy it specifically. They're not against makeup, just not ones to buy it.
    As for keychain, I wanted to do something customized for each. I considered other options but they were either stupid or over priced.
  • @audrewuh oh I never thought about calling amazon directly. It mostly has issues connecting to the internet for downloads, so may be it's fixable!  A newer one would be nice too I think imins is close to 4 years old. Thanks :-)


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    TwoDimes said:
    labro said:
    @TwoDimes  Also, tomorrow is the start of your wedding month!!!


    Except apparently I'm really dumb....but it will be a MONTH to your wedding!!! Even if all of that month is in July. ;)

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  • @swazzle - I really thought you were mentioning me to talk about the awesome bridesmaid gifts you got ;-)


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