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Plus One Drama at Small Venue


Re: Plus One Drama at Small Venue

  • Hmm. How many warnings did she manage before flouncing? 

    Let's see: My experience watching K#'s performance here was certainly not boring AF, but if I had had any sort of relationship with her before this, it would be ruined by her self-centeredness and rudeness. Sounds like a certain upcoming event.
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    I am confused. Are the OP and Deleted User the same person?

    Eta: after re-reading, I realized they are not. 
  • JoanE2012 said:
    Raven said:
    I have a fear of having too small a venue. Mine holds approximately 500. I've invited slightly over 200 and I need the additional space for uninvited guests that are likely to turn up. In african/caribbean culture, it is normal for MANY more people to turn up than is actually invited. Basically guests bring people with them. My Nigerian friend recently got married, he invited 300 and 500 people turned up. To OP: It's always better to have a little extra room because it reduces the stress for you.
    Where do the uninvited sit and what do they eat?  You obviously wouldn't set out enough tables for double the guests or order double the food.  Or do you?
    Afro Caribbean caterers (at least here in the uk) normally work on very approximate numbers for catering, e.g. 200-400, seriously!  Also many venues popular with ethnic weddings have huge function rooms with stacks and stacks of chairs and tables in the back.  I'm not Caribbean but I've worked at a few wedding venues.   
    I've found the perfect venue for my 200+ guests that has no corkage, allows self catering, near my family, allows self-catering, massive amounts of parking, and even has its own dry ice machine. The closest wedding venue holds about 70 (ish) people so even though knot people wouldn't like it I'm holding my wedding ceremony there. I had initially posted a question about it earlier, but that venue is amazing and well within price range so I'm going with my initial plan. I'm not going to have my ceremony there because the place I've found is pretty on the inside and less nice on the outside, which is ok for a reception/lunch. All the guests will come to the lunch/reception and having just immediate family at the ceremony. The reception venue has experience with afro caribbean weddings. My actual family is so massive, they recognise that finding a venue that holds 300+ people is difficult unless you are using a church. All the churches I phoned turned me down because I'm not from the area. I'm getting married somewhere different to where I live.
    Are you kidding me? You are worried about a fog machine entrance when you are not inviting half of your guests to your wedding?! Are you trying make your wedding look like a Bonnie Tyler video? I cannot believe after all of this you are still going to be that rude and thoughtless. 

    You keep saying it is common in Afro-Caribbean culture- I have been to several Afro-Caribbean weddings and I have never, ever heard of not inviting all your guests to your wedding. All my British Afro-Caribbean friends would be horrified at this- the culture is all about being a gracious host and welcoming, and you are being really, really rude! 

    You can justify it to yourself all you want but you know you are wrong. Why else would you be asking about it on here? You are being incredibly rude and enjoy having everyone 'talk about you, but not in a good way'. You have said your Fi is English- you are OK with alienating all of his friends and family that you aren't inviting? 

    Look, any way you paint it you are being lazy and rude by not inviting your guests to your wedding. 

    But you are really putting the nail in the coffin of behaving like a complete and utter rude chav by having a tacky AF fog machine for your first dance. You should see if the Jordan horse carriage is available so you can drive by all your friends that you aren't inviting to really rub it in that you are being a total bridezilla and self-centred.  So at least you get points for consistency. 
    Thanks for that, I just choked on my tea!  
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