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Are We Doing Anything Wrong??


Re: Are We Doing Anything Wrong??

  • lyndausvi said:

    I've always attended weddings with full meals, regardless of the time of day the wedding started.   Cold sandwiches are fine, but I would admit I would be a little disappointed in your proposed menu.  Especially considering all the traveling people would be doing.  

    I'm also one who thinks weddings that require a lot of travel for the guests need to be stepped up a bit.  I know it's might not be a popular opinion, but destination weddings are expensive for the guests.
    I'm with Lynda on this one.

    I think your plan to add two hot food options to your reception is a great idea, and I agree with Charlotte that you should add a few more sides in general as well.
    We are planning 2 kinds of pasta salad, coleslaw, 2 green salads, and a bean salad. In addition to the sandwiches and pulled pork. Also a healthy selection of crudités and fruit trays. I'm just wondering if you think that will be enough?  I also thought about doing roasted baby potatoes instead of mac n cheese as our second hot item. Do you think that will be good?  I honestly appreciate the opinions and feedback :smile:
    1. Yum
    2. Yum
    3. Yum
    4. Yum Yum
    5. Yum!

    That all sounds great!  I would personally go with mac n cheese over baby potatoes, but that is just me- I love cheese!  In fact that is the only other suggestion I would have- maybe add a fruit/nut/cheese platter.

    And maybe poutine :-P
    OMG I would love poutine LOL. And we are definitely having crackers/cheese/nuts/etc during cocktail hour. I also love cheese, but FI and some of his family (our farthest travelers) are lactose intolerant, that's what made me lean towards potatoes is all :) Maybe I will have mac n cheese at the next-day BBQ though!  I love the cheesy goodness and it goes great with BBQ :smiley:
    Given the dietary needs of you, your FI, and some of his family, I think roasted potatoes sound delicious!
  • It's not wrong to serve a cold lunch for your lunch time reception, but I think you'll find many people think if you're asking your guests to travel so extensively, host them well for it.

    I think the hot item options are a great idea. Pulled pork goes perfectly with sandwiches and is easy to prepare and store. I was going to vote for the mac and cheese (because c'mon!) but in light of the many dietary issues, roasted potatoes would work better.

    I would serve one pasta salad, one green salad and one bean salad instead of various types of the same.
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