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Memory table display question


Re: Memory table display question

  • Weddings are about love, creating a family together, and the joining together of your two families. If you can use one of these themes to put out old photos, I think that's great. We did it with wedding photos of our parents and grandparents (no divorces, but my dad and all my grandparents were dead, and 3 of my husbands grandparents were dead). If there had been divorces or unhappy marriages, I likely would have avoided the wedding photos and put up some family photos through the ages--I would have tried to mirror some of my family photos with some of my husbands family photos to get at that "joining of the families" aspect of a wedding. 

    I find this type of thing DRASTICALLY more appropriate than a memorial table at a reception. "Remembering the dead" has nothing to do with the theme of a wedding, the way that love, creating family together, and the joining of families has to do with a wedding. 
  • I felt the same pressure from my MIL during the planning of our wedding. Her mother had passed shortly before the wedding and MIL was upset that she would not be there. As a compromise there was a small chalkboard with a generic "in memory of those who could not be here, you are in our hearts" and then a vase with a roses (grandmother's favorite flower). It was super simple and was only for those who knew what it meant. 
    I understand the pressure from family to add certain things to your wedding. But as PPs have stated, and I'm sure you will hear this plenty of times. This wedding about you and your spouse and your future together.

    Best of luck to you!
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