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  • This picture is so dark because I had to take it with my iPhone because my digital camera broke :-(

    FI picked it out all by himself!!!  He did such a wonderful job too:  2.1 in the center with another 1/4 on the band.  It's a year after he proposed and I still can't stop staring at it! 
  • My ring is a 1.1 ctw, G, SI2 diamond with a .4 ctw purple sapphire on each side, set in 14k white gold. The ring was custom designed by International Art Jewelers in Chicago (check them out, they are so incredible and so affordable). I told my fiance exactly what I wanted :)

    PS It looks even more beautiful in person! The pictures do not do the purple sapphires justice!

  • We got engaged at this hotel and couldnt resist taking a picture of the ring with their stationary. He picked out the ring with the help of all of our friends and his sisters. I love it! I am not big into diamonds, and I love pear cut. It is simple and very me! 
  • I saw it online at Kay and we went to look at in the the store. I fell in love with it and he bought it. He also got the matching band so we wouldn't have to worry about getting a set later. I love it! (But I still love him more)

  • Just got engaged on 9/24/10 to my boyfriend of 11 months! He picked the ring out all by himself, and it is PERFECT! :D

    It has a .5 karat brilliant cut diamond for the center stone and smaller diamonds on 3 sides of the band totally 1 karat.

  • Just got engaged tonight!!! I am so happy. We looked and looked for rings and we couldn't find anything we both liked. I was looking at all the beautiful rings here and saw one girl who said she found her ring on esty, so 5 minutes into looking on the site not only am I addicted to esty but we found my ring it's perfect.

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  • My finace proposed to me by walking into the office and telling me "this was the big moment" not exactly, what I envisoned but, nonetheless was absolutely over the top when he presented me with this Tiffany & Co. Embrace Ring. It's .72 ct in the center stone with 6 stones on each side. Not sure, of the total weight but, I absolutely love it!
  • I love seeing all the pictures of the beautiful rings!  Mine is a Martin Flyer ring, 18k white gold, 2.2 tcw (center stone is 1.7).  I just love it. :)

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  • I LOVE MY RING!  It's shape is so unique and it's me - simple but different!  I looked in what seemed like every jewelry store in the state and finally found this baby.  It was designed by the sister of the store's owner.  I did have my choices narrowed to two rings - this one and one somewhat similar.  We both decided this one was it.  

  • We all have such beautiful rings!!!! My fiance surprised me on our 2 year anniversary by putting his jacket on me and hiding the ring box in his jacket pocket, then he told me to reach inside for my anniversary surprise :)I pulled out the box and he knelt down and proposed. It was about storming out and I am a meteorologist :) I love my Fiance so much, hes my best friend.
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  • Fiance picked out the ring all by himself I gave him some ideas but he did this mostly on his own and I absolutly love it
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  • It's so fun looking at everyone rings!  
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    My FI and I had gone to the Jewelry District to look at rings a couple of times.  This  ring was not the one I was originally going to get.  But after looking at so many other rings and trying this one on, I knew it was the setting I wanted.  I later went back alone to pick out the center stone.  I left 3 finalist (settings) and FI picked this one out. YAY!!  I didnt see it for months, though..and I wasnt sure I would get any of the 3 I left for him to pick out. It's brilliant and beautiful!
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  • I absolutely love my ring.  My fiance and I went ring shopping a couple of times so he knew exactly what I wanted. 
    The day we met...5/6/07 The day he asked me to be his forever...8/15/2010 Our wedding in the Carribean...Summer/Fall 2012

  • He went to jared! I picked out a few different ones I liked and he made the big choice...which was my favorite one! I'm in love with it! So sparkly!
  • I always know I wanted something simple, but unique and that's what my rihg is! I went with my fiance to help him pick my ring out but he actually found the setting which I fell in love with right away! It's a rose gold band with a half carat solitare diamond.

    I was having a fat finger day when I got sized for the ring originally, and when we went back to get it sized back down, we foun dmy wedding band! It too is rose gold with small diamonds (.25 total weight) encircling the band a little more than half way.

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  • I sent my FI a picture of the ring that I fell in love with, and then sort of forgot about the whole ring thing. Then while he was visiting my family and I one day we were sittig on the couch and he said "Babe, I have a surprise for you and I can't wait until tonight" So he went into his bag and grabbed a box. He sat down beside me and took of the class ring that was on my finger and instead put this on my finger :) I was so happy I couldn't stop smiling and laughing.
    He said that he took the picture that I gave him, and decided that even though I loved that on that he was going to custm make my very own ring set :) I could not be happier with the ring.

    * The soon to be Mrs. Christie *

  • My fiance actually hasn't gotten down on his knee and asked me, but we have been together for 6 years and have a date set. He'll officially ask me sometime in the next month or so. (he better, we're getting married in 6 months!)  :)

    We set a date, and I've been wearing the same promise ring for 5 years, so I told him that I was going to buy a cheap ring off of ebay, and he could take his time buying me an engagement ring. I wasn't trying to push him, but we went ring shopping the next day! We went to so many different stores, and I had one picked out at one store, and then went to Morgan Jewelers. I saw this one, and kept going back and forth between the two. I decided on this one because it doesn't look like everyone elses. The jeweler had said he had just gotten it in that day, and it was brand new! I love it! :)
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  • We picked the ring out together and he still managed to surprise me by proposing on top of the Haleakala Volcano (10000 ft) on Maui at sunrise. So perfect. It's a round brilliant halo ring with baguettes on the side followed by more round channel set diamonds. I love its vintage quality and look.

  • It's really difficult to see here, but it's 3 stone round cut with two rows of diamonds down the side. He picked it out with his mom from Jared's Galleria of Jewelery, it's getting appraised this Sunday but I love it no matter what! I love how it's unique! Beautiful pictures ladies!
  • He proposed back in april but we just recently got the ring. 
    We were sitting on the couch watching tv, I was in average grunge clothes (ie hoodie and sweats) and he turned to me and said "Will you marry me?" I said yes as calm and cool as a cucumber, which is weird for me. Then he said "I'm not kidding." I said "I know." and then said "You know you have to talk to my dad, right?" So this august he came to visit/meet my family in DC (he's from spokane. we met in school). He talked to my parents and all was settled. When we came back we weren't sure how to announce it since we didn't have a ring yet so we just kinda kept it to ourselves for a while. Then he was speaking to a group of students, and I went to support him, about how much God has worked in his life and how the school community had really helped him better his life. HE THEN SAID BEFORE A THIRD OF THE STUDENT BODY THAT I WAS THE BEST THING GOD HAS BROUGHT INTO HIS LIFE. of course he didn't warn me about what he was saying so I cried and will always treasure the fact that in the moments when I was most transparent, most normal, most myself all he wanted was to marry me. ^_^

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  • he totally picked it out, the only thing I said was I'd love a 6 prong diamond. I LOVE my ring :) and LOVE showing it off, soooo sparkly!! 3/4 carat 6 prong solitare!

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    I love looking at all these rings! I became engaged 4 years ago when I was 21 and my fiance' had only been at his job a few months. We both picked out an engagement ring at an antique store. We both loved this ring and it suited me well: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v708/ynnejwhat/?action=view&current=09-21-200600-00-15.gif This ring had 14 round cut H color I2 diamonds on yellow gold band circa 1980's. I loved it!

    Well we are getting married in 3 months, and while we were picking out wedding bands, he suggested that he should upgrade my ring as a nice wedding gift. Here it is below, sorry pics are from my camera phone:

    What I've wanted since looking at livejournal and wedding boards LOL! Vintage style 14k white gold princess cut diamond center F color SI1 with 26 diamonds on setting! I am so excited to finally be married soon!! (We've been together 8 1/2 years!)
  • I'm IN LOVE with my ring! 1.96 princess cut center, with the side stones it's 2.66!

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    The bling my fiance helped design at a custom jeweller... (yay for him!):

    All Canadian diamonds!  And the proposed matching band, yet to be made:

    All 19 kt white gold.
  • My dream ring, I couldnt make the decision between 2 rings, so my FI took exactly what I liked most about both and put them together to design this one all on his own. I COULD NOT be happier with the end result. Simply amazing :)

  • I wanted a different shape than the norm so we went to the jewerly store and I picked out some options. He snuck back later and chose this one! ( only mine is white gold). I LOVE it! Now I just need to design a wedding band to go with it.

  • It is a Black Sapphire with White Topaz on the side and Sterling Silver.
    I absolutely love it, it is just my style. He remembered that my favorite color is black and my favorite stone is sapphire and that silver looks best on me.
  • Here is my ring!!!
    My fiance picked it out mostly on his own...my mom supplied him with some bridal mags that I had marked rings that I liked in, and he researched online for two weeks (I had no idea what was going on, we never even discussed what type of ring I wanted). He would show what he found to my mom and see if she thought that I would like it. He finally found THE RING that he wanted to buy, but tried to contact the company and they were closed for a couple of weeks. Then he found it again, and the company had the ring, but it would take 2 weeks to deliver. Normally, two weeks wouldn't be a problem, but since he is from Australia & had to leave to go back in 2 weeks, it was definitely a problem! My dad took him shopping at the mall in our town, and the last jewelry store they went in had the exact ring that he had seen online :-) He bought it, and the next day he proposed! We will be married on June 25, 2011. <3

    Here is the picture from the jeweller online. Mine is exactly the same, only with one matching band.

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