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  • Here is my set! 25 days until I can wear them together!  6ct TW Ideal cut Platinum

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  • We had talked about getting married and I knew that he was going to propose within the next year, but the proposal was a complete surprise.  I had no idea he had already gotten a ring and asked my dad for "permission".  He was very good at keeping it a secret, and told me after he proposed that he was paranoid that sometime that night I had seen the ring before he proposed!  It was adorable. 

    He had asked me about my preference in engagement ring styles, and I gave him some ideas.  He picked out the ring on his own, and I love it!  He is a great listener.

    He proposed to me by the Chesapeake Bay on July 30th, a few days before our four and a half year dating "anniversary".


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  • don't know why it looks so shiney, in the first picture.  but anyway, i love it.  the FI and I talked about marriage and looked at rings frequently, I fell in love with this ring and it's what i ended up getting.  Love it(:

  • my custom made heart shaped diamond. diamond with band are over 1.75 cararts.

  • My fiance and I have been planning this for a few months. Back in June he pulled a Sweet Home Alabama by sneaking me into the jewelry store and telling me to pick one. By coincidence the one ring that I really liked above all the rest was the same one that he thought I would pick out on my own. In fact he was so certain that he had already gone ahead and picked out the diamond. 
    Neil and I are in the midst of major life changes - he just separated from the Marine Corps and I am pursuing my second bachelor's, a BSN. At the end of the July as we were preparing to move out of the apartment that we had shared for the last 3 years, he had booked dinner reservations at our favorite bistro. He divulged at dinner that he had wanted to propose that night, however the jewelers were unable to have the ring ready in time. 
    Fast forward - we have moved and are in the middle of settling in at his parents house. My classes start this week and he is studying to take the LSAT in October and we are both currently in search of jobs. His parents are away on vacation and as we were having breakfast on Monday morning he proposed! He wanted to find a right moment, place, time, etc., but figured he couldn't keep waiting and decided to make an ordinary day, extraordinary. It was wonderful and I'll never look back on that Monday as mundane!  
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     My ring is a 1.5 ct white gold flower design and I love it! :)
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  • Before he proposed, my FI and I had been dating for almost 5 years! So, we had already decided we were going to get married, but didn't know exactly when.  Alll we knew was that we wanted it to be after I graduated college which would be in 2010.  So, my FI had been having money problems and had gotten laid off from his full time job and only got a part time job after that.  So I was NOT expecting a ring anytime soon, and that was fine with me! So this summer, I went to Seattle to visit my sister & nephew and the whole time I was there I knew that he was keeping something from me, but thought it was my birthday surprise because it was coming up.  A couple days after I got back we were going to take a family vacation to the beach.  The irony is the night before we left for the beach, my best friend came over to talk about some stuff and she asked me what I thought the "surprise" was and if I thought he was going to "pop the question".  I told her no, that I was keeping my expectations low so that I would be surprised and I knew he didn't have the money.  The next day (July 11, 2010), we get to my grandfather's beach house and HE PROPOSED!! Apparently he had talked to my parents and gotten my father's permission while I was in Seattle!  I was so shocked!  Which was great because I didn't think he would ever be able to surprise me! :)  

    The ring is gorgeous. Although I originally told him I wanted a solitaire marquis, he picked out a princess cut with cathedral setting.  At first, after I calmed down from the excitement, I was disappointed he didn't listen to me.  But, it didn't take me any time to fall in love with this ring because I knew it came straight from his heart & he picked it out all by himself. :D

  • my fiance did such a good job :) 

    we got engaged during Hurricane Earl!

    main diamond is about 1.5 carats or so. surrounding diamonds another 1 carat. .5 carats of sapphires :)
  • I have no idea about total carat weight, except that the center diamond is 3/8 carat. Clarity is VVS2, and color is E. I love it :) He picked it out by himself, and he did a better job than I would have. We originally got engaged with a solitaire, but he surprised me with a new setting and a wedding band too. I love it! He definitely bought the wedding band early, so I wish he hadn't shown it to me lol. I want to wear it already!

  • we got engaged on thursday night - which someone pointed out tonight that is was 90210 (our kids will never understand! ha).  anyways...it was PERFECT!  he sent my little 3.5 lb yorkie into the room with a collar on that said 'marry me?' he came around the corner and got down on one knee :)

    he picked out the ring by himself (well...with the help of his sister - my best friend)!  i had sent him a picture over a year ago but this ring is so much more than i would have ever asked for or expected!!!

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    My fiance proposed almost two weeks ago. I am absolutely in love with the ring he bought me. I like a lot of rings but when I saw this ring I knew it was the one! The ring is 1 and 1/5 ct. the center stone is 3/4 ct. I am so in love with him and my ring I find myself distracted in class staring at it!!!

  • My fiance Jared proposed to me and me ring was a TOTAL surprise!  He had it made from some of the diamonds from my mother's first mariage and then two that he bought.  He has wonderful taste; I LOVE it! 

  • He went to the same jeweler my dad bought my mom's ring 30 years ago!! I love it so much! He proposed on a mission trip on the beach! I was completely surprised and completely happy :) July 16th, 2011 can not come fast enough!!!
  • My fiance propsed on a super hot day at the botanical garden in Murrells Inlet, SC.  It was incredibly special and we have it on video because he keeps a daily vlog (so the camera isn't anything special to have out).  We talked about what ring he would get but—I never knew exactly what it was going to be.  I knew it would be sapphire and not gold because that's what I wanted, he did such a great job! My ring is perfect!

    The sad things is my mom is upset he didn't get a diamond.  The first thing she said when she saw my ring was "Now you need some diamonds to go along with it!"  She's so materialistic!

  • We picked it out together a couple months ago. I absolutely love it and it's not the traditional white diamond so it fits my personality perfectly. He proposed to me on my birthday a few weeks ago.

  • My fiancee had an idea of what I liked/wanted. I wanted something unique, artistic & small. Months back I sent him a couple of pictures, we went looking and I mainly picked solitaires/marquee style.

    He rented a sailboat with a captain and proposed while we were out to sea. He pulled my ring out of the cooler which contained a bottle of our favorite wine, 2 wine glasses & some Godiva Dark chocolate truffles. 

    He picked this ring out on his own which makes it even more special. :)

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  • Here's mine its 2ct. total it was not the orginal ring i wanted but FI picked it out n i fel in love with it. its also a flower design in the center and round side stones as well. it also came with to bands 1 ct each. here is how it looks together.

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  • On top of Mount Sneffels Kiss  14,150 feet elevation... best summit ever!

  • My ring was made from my grandmother's ring. We melted the gold from her ring to make my ring and the center diamond was her solitaire diamond, the smaller diamonds were added for a little more detail. :)

    This will be my band, made by the same jeweler as my e-ring.

  • Here it is!  I love it!!
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  • Cino (my fiance's) Aunt is a jewlery in Cali. She hand designed and made this ring. It is just beautiful and more then I could ever expected.

    Many co-workers and a few random strangers think it is actually the wedding ring. Makes me very excited for the comming months before my wedding in September of 2011.


  • This is the ring that he chose for me =)
    It was actually his mothers ring. She was divorced when he was 4 years old and it was just sitting around. His brother was dating a girl in which his brother was getting ready to propose to. My FI made it seem like his brother was going to get it resized and cleaned up for her. So the FI and I went ring browsing because he said that he needed my ring size and style. (we had been talking about getting married for awhile). I had NO IDEA that he was actually in the process of getting his mom's ring resized and cleaned for me =)  
    It was perfect!!! I love the simple style and because it has the family value to it - it just means soo much more to me. He did GREAT!

    I haven't gotten a very good picture of it yet.. It has 3 diamonds.. top and bottom ones are smaller and the middle one is big-ish. Simple, yet very pretty!
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    I know my ring isnt conventional but i love it and the man who gave it to me

  • It's kind of hard to see in this pic, but it's a .5 carat princess cut solitaire.  We picked it out together.  I knew I wanted a solitare because I don't normally wear rings and I just wanted something classic and simple.  I tried on a 1 carat, but it just looked gawdy on my hand.  Tried on the .75 carat, which I liked the size, but the setting was too tall.  So we decided on the .5 carat which is absolutely perfect.

    He proposed last Friday at sunset black sand beach in Hawaii while we were on vacation.

  • Before getting engaged, I had a purity ring that I had worn for 8 years that was gold with a heart in the middle. When David proposed to me, He talked about how my heart was something becoming more a more beautiful, as though moving from something golden, to something diamond. That is why my diamond is a heart. We had looked at styles together before this so he had an idea. He also knew that I did not want a real diamond because we both feel pretty strongly about blood diamonds, so he had this diamond custom made. On a molecular level, this diamond is exactly the same as a diamond in the ground.

    Anyway, I adore this ring, he couldn't have picked one I love more, or a sweeter meaning to go along with it. <3
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    My fiance picked out the most gorgeous ring I've ever seen...  It's a beautiful princess cut, ideal cut center stone, with 40 small round diamonds and 20 baugettes in the band.  It sparkles so much, I can't stop looking at it!  The only thing I love more than it, is him!
    I'm such a lucky girl and I can't wait to call him my husband :-)
  • FI originally propsed with the center diamond on a solitaire band because he wasn't sure what to get me. We then picked out the new setting a few months after the initial engagement. Although he pretty much picked that out by himself as well. The center stone is a .51 carat diamond with 1/3 carat side stones and engraving around the edge. I couldn't ask for anythign more perfect!

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  • I wish I had some cute story about how he picked it out, but I dont. Having worked in the jewelry industry I HATE when girls are present at the time of purchase. I also wish more girls would leave it up to the guy..However, working in jewelry I also had to look at them all day so it was difficult not falling in love with one from my store. Long story short I didn't have much of a surprise with the ring. Proposal was cute and a surprise though, so that was nice.
  • Here is the best picture of my ring from our wedding.  He didn't propose with a ring, which I found a bit disappointing, but we went shopping later.  We both liked solitaires because of how it focuses on the main diamond.  I liked round cut since I think it has more sparkle.  I also found out through the shopping process that I liked cathedral settings since they allow light to get under the diamond. 

    By the way, Kayla Sue, not all brides are controlling in not "letting" their fiance choose.  Mine didn't want to choose because he didn't know my taste.  In fact, I didn't know my taste until I went trying rings on.  Kinda like the dress.

  • I LOVE my ring! I'm just engaged and loving the bliss of it all!! :D
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