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  • We picked the setting together as we went browsing for rings. He wanted to know what my taste was before he invested in a ring. Once I put it on, we both knew it was "me"!  He did a great job picking out the stone. It's a Tacori 1.25 CT round diamond ring with channel-set diamonds around the band. In addition there are two larger baguette diamonds on either side of the center diamond. I love my ring!!!
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  • I gave him the idea - he ran with it and couldn't have done better!!!!
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    Love that no two rings are alike.. this is my baby haha I got engaged June 13, 2009.  During a conversation in 2007 over one of my cosmo mags he asked which of the four rings I liked in an article and I picked the most classic, traditional one.  2 years later he gave me this - I of course said yes - and he also showed me the wrinkled up magazine ad that he had saved from our conversation!  Love my husband. 

    We just got married October 2, 2010 so here's an updated version with my wedding band!

  • It was my birthday. He cooked dinner of mashed potatoes from scratch and marinated steak with salad on the side. He also decorated the table with calla lilies (my fave) and grass around it. He bought me a small birthday cake and after I made my wish and blew out the candles he presented me with a custom ring he picked out himself, stone and all:

    11.45 natural peridot stone with diamonds around it and along the band. It was just last night!

  • We picked it out together :) It's a 3-stone round antique, I think its total weight is right at 1.4. I can't stop staring at it!
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    Just got engaged 10/15/10! :-) We went to look at rings earlier this year, and I couldn't get it out of my mind (he was paying more attention than I thought when I gasped at this one, hehe!). He recreated our first date from 3 years ago (a picnic at a state park) in our living room after suprising me with something new every day for the week leading up to the proposal (flowers one day, chocolate the next, you get the idea).

    I couldn't be happier knowing that I get to marry the man of my dreams!

  • Custom Made ring: 1.00ct Asscher diamond cut. White Gold....I love it!! My fiance knew I like solitary,,,,and side stones! 
  • My husband-to-be completely surprised me with his proposal. It was on our one year anniversary and honestly I had daydreamed about being asked on that day since we had decided to go away for a romantic weekend to his place in Tahoe. I knew we'd be having a nice dinner out that night and like a typical girl I had envisioned this spontaneous thing happening like in the movies, but figured it wouldn't yet because we had never looked at rings, and had only recently started talking about forever and all that.

    He didn't do it at dinner. He completely took me by surprise while we were sitting on the couch talking that afternoon. We had been reminiscing about our year together and talking about all of our firsts. He said, "Here's another first for us" and he handed me the box. I felt all the air leave the room. As I opened it and saw my beautiful ring for the first time he said, "Will you marry me?" I immediately began to cry and couldn't say anything except, "Oh my GOD." I finally got my compsure back and said YES.

    He is a very level headed and analytical person and always told himself he would wait at least a year before asking someone to marry him. And he could barely wait that long. We had met exactly one year ago for coffee for the very first time at 4:15pm and he waited until 4:15pm to ask me!! I get goosebumps just thinking about it and everyone I tell thinks he is just the most romantic guy ever!!

    Once we started talking about it he told me the story of how he'd been working on my ring for MONTHS! Going to the jeweler whenever he could. First he picked the setting, then he had to pick what shape diamond for the center. Then he looked at all different sizes to find the one that fit that setting the best. Then once he decided on the shape and size he looked at every diamond they had with the loop to find the most perfect one. He said he learned SO much about diamonds and what to look for. I was so impressed. He didn't tell anyone, not even his own mother, that he was buying the ring and asking me. (But he did kinda "ask" my father when we went back east for him to meet the family. Even though I'm a little old to need my dad's permission and I've lived on my own for almost 20 years. LoL)

    So, there's my long and sweet story. And here's my ring. It is so unique, I've never seen anything like it. It even has a little diamond on each side under the main stone so no matter where you look, you see something pretty! There is a wedding band that goes with it that tucks underneath and adds another row of diamonds along the bottom that echos the top.

    Thanks for reading. And thanks everyone for sharing your stories and pictures, I've enjoyed all of them!! Best of luck to you all!


  • I love my ring! Its four sqaure diamonds on top with six small diamonds going down each side. We picked it out together, but I had no idea when he was going to propose. He tied it to a piece of paper in his pocket. I pulled it out and it said will you marry me.  Its the perfect ring for me, and for our budget

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    My engagement ring.  I wanted a coloured stone, but fell in love with this ring my fiancee picked out.  It is a Canadian Diamond and absolutely gorgeous.  I love it.

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    My fiance took me to the beach and and rented this huge condo. He had little surprises planed everday we were there : ] On the 4 day we were at the beach, we had just gotten back to our condo and I was laying on the couch watching tv. He walked over to the balcony and told me that dolphins were jumping out of the ocean and I really needed to get up to see it. He walked over to where I was laying, took my hand and lead me to the balcony. In huge writing in the sand he had gotten people to write "Marry Me, Candice?" i turned around and saw him on one knee tearing up and asking me to marry him : ]

    Its 2 cts with 29 stones : ]
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  • My fiance is not the most romantic type, but he got a shirt made with his last name on it. He had it folded with some other shirts of mine and I thought it was his shirt. I was going to give it back to him, but when I held it up I saw his last name on it and when I turned around he was on his knee. I love my ring! We went to pick it out together!!! yay for showing off all of these gorgeous rings ladies!

    My ring is a 1.51 round center stone with .38 ct on the band!

    Everything happens for a reason; Don't regret anything you've done in the past because at some point it's what you wanted
  • I LOVE my ring :-)
    We had talked about getting engaged, but had to wait until his brothers wedding in July. But it was fun to look in the meantime! After showing him several rings I liked, then one that I absolutely wanted, he said "eh, I don't really like it".
    He went with his mom and sister (mine were not available) but ultimately picked the ring he thought would be best for me. I love it more than the ring I had originally picked out!
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  • we had plans to take his little cousins (5 and 3 years) to Haunt the Zoo with their mom.  he was agitated all night.  we were walking through the zoo and we came up to the butterfly garden.  the butterfly garden is a botanical garden overlooking a large lake.  butterflies live there in the spring/summer and it's very beautiful.  they had it decorated as a "fairyland" for Haunt the Zoo...  sparkly fairies in the trees and fairy castles...  anyway, he said something like, oh let's go look over there, maybe such-and-such animal is out.  i thought it was weird, but.. okay. 

    he held my hands and honestly, i don't remember much of what he said, but he pulled out the ring and asked me to marry him!  i was so excited all i could think to say was "omg, are you serious?" and "who did you tell?!?!" and i forgot to answer him! i was moving my hands around so much that he told me to just hold still so he could get the dang ring on.

    it was very sweet and it wasn't a big production so i was happy.  his cousin took some pictures (which are stuck on my camera right now).

    it was very sweet and heartfelt and we are both so excited.

    this is an antique family heirloom ring.  1.75ct for the center stone (oval) and 1/3ct for each of the 2 side triangle stones.

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  • My fiance designed this ring himself! The sides are Christian fish with one half of the fish being gold (his favorite) and the other side white gold (my favorite) and it twists at the bottom! It is so perfect and I absolutely LOVE it! It has 3 princess cut diamonds on top!

  • Mine is a marquee cut with diamonds in the band for 1 carat total. It was hard to get a good picture; it doesn't do it justice.

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  • I couldn't have asked for anything more! It's a 2 carat light yellow canary diamond, with smaller diamonds surrounding it. The best part is it was my great grandmothers! I was not only surprised at the proposal (he got up on stage at a Sister Hazel concert and SANG to me and propsed! Video here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5J4XvMsspNY) but the ring means so much to me. I'm the luckiest girl alive :)

  • Brand new to this site, got engaged 2 weeks ago! We had looked at rings together in the past so DF knew the kind of thing I wanted... he did amazing! My ring is exactly what I would've picked for myself and I am in love with it :D

    It is a 3/4 carat pear, in a plain, wider band in white gold. I absolutely love it :)

    Btw, glad to see some other girls on here rocking the pear shape! I almost never see it & that's why I wanted it, I love it ;)
  • He brought me up to the mountains outside our neighboring town to a spot we found last year. It was overlooking the lights of the city and we stood there and looked at the stars and the lights and snuggled. Then he put his hands into my coat pockets and started pulling things out going "what's this? what's this?" and then he said "Wait a sec, what's this?" and pulled out the ring. Then he got down on his knee and asked me. Yay!

    My ring is perfect! We picked it out together a month ago. It's a princess cut, 0.89 caret, VVSI, color G, Ideal cut Peerless diamond with a platinum band from Jared. It's perfect and I love it :)

    I can't get it to sparkle in pictures... yet. But I sure will keep trying ;)

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  • He picked it out all by himself and I love it.  I thought we might get engaged at Christmastime this year but I didnt expect him to propose on 10/10/10 so it was a toal surprise! <3
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    Hey Ladies here is my gorgeous ring =]
    1ct tw
    1/3ct Princess Center Cut with 1/4ct princess cut on each side and 1/4 begets in the band. Perfectly made for my finger =]

  • Well, we got engaged in New York at the Grand Central Terminal...super duper romantic!  I had no say in the ring except that it had to be practical, (i plan to own a large ranch sometime in the near future, and i wanted something i would wear and still work with the horses!).  Plus it had to sparkle!  my darling picked this out all by myself, and i couldn't have dreamed of anything THIS perfect!!

    The ring is a puzzle ring, constructed of four interlocking bands.  The story is, that a turkish king gave it to his wife (or wives) and he'd know if they were cheating because the ring would fall apart when they took it off and they wouldn't know how to put it back together.  Now i know that SOUNDS all controlling and such, but i fell in LOVE with puzzle rings and the whole idea of them at the rennaisance fair two years back when we went together for the first time.

    anyway, it's white gold and a .5 carat diamond...i can't stop staring at it and my heart skips a beat every time i look at it! :)
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  • We just got engaged this weekend. Super sweet moment filled with tears and expressions of love.  My ring is about 3 carats.. center stone is about 1.7 carats, flawless.. with another 1-1.5 carats in the band.. my man did a great job. Love it! now the planning begins.. totally overhwhelmed...

  • He sent me a link and said pick one. So I sent him back the one I liked and got it about a month later! 

  • My love proposed to me on his birthday.  I knew we were going to get engaged soon but I never thought he would do it on his birthday.  He took me to dinner at our special place, where we had our 6-hour lunch 1st date.  We have been there a lot on special occassions but when they sat us in the same table where we sat on our 1st date, I thought something weird was up.  He kept getting up to go to the bathroom and I wasn't sure what was going on.. a bottle of wine later we were having a blast!! When we were leaving, we took a short walk, (the restaurant is nestled inside a city park, on a lake) so we walked to this stone bridge and we were talking about what a beautiful night this turned into, and then he started his speech and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him... I was SHOCKED when he asked me(and so happy), and even more shocked when I saw the ring! He had it completely custom made for me..Very exciting moment!

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  • Originally, we were using my grandmothers ring and within 3 days, my finger was green and the ring was not and clear nailpolish didn't help. Well, it turns out that I'm allergic to silver. Lame, right? Here is a picture of the one we are waiting to be delivered.
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  • Newly engaged!  My Best Friend/Fiance and I have been battling with the economy and have had our share of the rocky road.  We've discussed getting married and whenever we went out to the stores, I'd point out sapphires.  This is what he purchased with me by his side.  He was so excited he was speechless. It's very light-weight and thin, I love it.
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    Just got engaged!!!! I am so happy! I'm loving everyone's rings. I'm really happy with what we decided. We got ours online, it was the best way to get what I wanted without breaking the bank. 
    You can find unique engagement rings here. This ring is the Lily from Shiree Odiz. Happy Weddings to everyone!
  • I have a one carat moissanite and palladium ring.  We discussed becoming officially engaged months ago; however, we did not consider ourselves engaged until November 5th when we purchased the ring.

    He saw me looking at rings online before, and he saved the link to a ring very similar to this one, but he forgot it and asked if we could buy it together because he said he had a tough time trying to figure out my ring size.  lol.  It was so cute how confused he was.  Anyway, when the ring arrived, he got down on one knee with the fed ex box and proposed.  We were just goofing around and being silly.  Then he opened it and did a silly proposal with the ring.  He said "will you marry me even though I am sure you will say yes." 

    I love my ring and stare at it constantly especially in sun because it really sparkles.  :)

  • He proposed on a hot air balloon with a banner from the ground that said "JAMAEL WILL YOU MARRY ME?" We had picked the ring together: I chose the diamond, and I chose 3 ring styles I liked and he surprised me with my favorite of the 3, but I never told him which was my favorite!  I still stare at it... It's gorgeous and I love him!
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