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  • 2.11 oval platinum. I got engaged two weeks ago and still have time to change it (as I had zero input...the proposal was a total shock!). Does it need more?



    Does it need more what?

    Officially hitched as of 10/25/13

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  • The proposal was a complete shock (we had always talked about how we had no interest in getting married, as the commitment to spend the rest of our lives together was understood). After proposing (with ring), my FI informed me that we had scheduled an appointment for us at the jewelers for the following day, so that I could see if there was a setting that I preferred to the solitaire he had chosen. Of course, having given this no thought, and having an hour during our appointment to decide whether I wanted to replace what he had chosen for something else (as it will be on my hand for the rest of my life!) it was intimidating and no fun at all. I didn't know a cushion cut from a princess and 12 hours was certainly not enough time to do research! (As if I would even consider doing research in the giddy state I was in:))

    I've been engaged for 2 weeks now, and I still go back-and-forth every single day on whether I should be looking for my dream ring or keep the one that he gave me....or if my ring truly IS my dream ring! Of course I have been looking at every single ring of everybody that I meet, and I still love mine. But at the same time, everybody else's rings look more complicated, designed and involved than mine, and I worry that mine may look chintzy as it's so simple. But I LOVE the stone, I then wonder if it could even handle more diamonds (like a pave or a halo) without looking gaudy or distracting from the diamond. And then I decide that the solataire is classic and elegant, and I fall in love with it all over again. And then the cycle repeats.(There is also the practical fact that it catches on everything...I can't use the side pockets of my handbags any longer, for example)

  • Trying again...

    Engaged on 2/13/14 with the help of our yellow lab puppy.  The center stone is 1.12 ct, and there are 4 smaller stones on each side.  

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  • My beautiful blue diamond ring!! The photo does not do it justice, the detailing on the side is hard to photograph!
  • image

    here it is! i took this picture a few days before boyfriend bought it... we went searching together, but the buying he did by himself. 
    now i'm waiting for the day!!

    it is green tourmaline in combo with yellow gold that is somehow processed and has some black threads in it so it looks antique.. also it has beautiful crystals on the side. sooo in love! 
    it's one of a kind! :))
  • This is my E ring. I love it very dearly and wear it always. Hope you all like it as well.

  • My ring was my grandmother's. I told my fiancé where it was and that it was the ring I wanted. I'm so glad he honored my wishes!
  • FI picked this one out 100% on his own. I had mentioned something in the past about wanting to be surprised. And he did wonderfully! It's kind of hard to tell from the photo, but the diamond is actually 4 separate, princess-cut diamonds (my favorite!)

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    Your ring is amazing. I think you might regret changing it later as this is the ring he choose for you. You don't want to loose that meaning. Don't forget you will eventually have a wedding band also. You can always get a band with diamonds all around if you want more sparkle.
  • Engaged 2/14/14, and totally surprised since I didn't expect it on v-day! Little over one carat in a cathedral setting!
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  • @aholbrook16 I think your ring is beautiful as it is. With a solitaire setting you have so many options when it comes to wedding bands. My FI and I picked out my band together but it wasn't ready in time from the jeweler (he apparently had an engagement date set) so he proposed with my stone set on a temporary plain white gold band. I loooooove my setting but would have been equally as happy with the solitaire setting. Do what makes you the happiest. You will look at it for the rest of your life!
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    Thanks for the reassurance! He considered my setting as "temporary", but I do love it the way it is. Minutes after the proposal he informed me we had an appointment at the jewelers the next day, and as I don't wear and know nothing about jewelry, it was rather intimidating. But it turns out that we have the same taste. In all things, thankfully.
  • Just got engaged last night. :) Tim and I have been dating since 12/11/2009. We were long distance until 2/2012, and engaged last night! Thinking of getting married in the spring or summer of 2015. We're both encores and are looking forward to incorporating our daughters from our previous marriages into our ceremony. :) 
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    We were Engaged on Christmas Eve while visiting my family. We picked it out together, I picked the setting and he picked the Diamond. He still think's it's to small, and has flaws. But I love it. It's vintagey, something that looks like it could have been passed down from my grandma. 
    Edit: It's not quite a 3/4 ct. Wedding band bends slightly around it with diamonds. Sides are all detailed too. 
    The first thing my mom said was 'It's so glittery'

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  • Engaged 12/21/13. Will be married 6/20/14. He picked it out all by himself, with only a few hints that I've mentioned over the many years we've been together. It was even the right size. I have no idea what the specs are, just that it's beautiful and sparkly and just my style. 
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    It may sound a little cliche, but the fiancé proposed at midnight at New Year's. We were surrounded by about 60 of his family members, and amidst the -60 degree weather in Wisconsin, I couldn't have been more surprised. 

    We've been together since October 2009, been doing distance (approx 1300 miles apart) since May 2012 and will finally be together again this December. :)

    The ring is relatively simple in design- 1.3 carat colorless diamond with about 0.6 carats in the band. 
  • Just got engaged Friday! We were spending 5 days at Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon Weekend, had dinner at Cinderella's Castle, watched the fireworks and he proposed by the little garden/nook behind the castle!!!! No date or anything yet, guess now that back it's time to get to it!

  • We got engaged 2/15/14 and are planning a wedding in 2016. He picked out the ring all by himself and I am ABSOLUTELY in love with it!! It has three center diamonds with six additional diamonds split on each side of the band (3 on each side). image
  • I got engaged on 2/15/14 - and was definitely surprised! We had gone and looked at rings a few weeks prior, but I didn't think he would be proposing as soon as he did. Although I had this exact style in mind for my ring, he actually picked the one that I got out (same style, just a little different setting). I love it!


  • Here's my engagement story! 

    I'd love to hear about your stories on my blog too!

    We are getting married May 2015 in Oak Glen, CA!

  • On Valentine's Day, I had an unBelizable surprise during our last dive at the "Tunnels of Love" for Valentines day. Todd and I were following the dive master 85 feet under water through small dark coral and rock tunnels. We saw a turtle in one of the caves. When I swam out of one dark tunnel, I was shocked to see a banner that our friends Brian and Angie were holding. It read "Kristina, will you be my forever dive buddy?" I turned around and Todd put a beautiful ring on my finger. We were under water so I nodded yes and did the scuba sign for "okay". We sealed it with a kiss. I used a ton of air from my tank since I was so surprised and excited!

    When we arrived at the dock, the dive shop had set up a cute Congratulations sign and had chocolate, strawberries and champagne for us. It was a perfect day followed by a nice massage on the dock at sunset and a lovely dinner with surprise champagne from my MOH, Katie.

    The awesome dive shop caught it on video:
  • Lots of large sparklers here.  My boyfriend (well, now fiancé) just proposed 03/03/2014 and got me a gorgeous ring.  I feel kind of odd posting it seeing as it's not as 'glamorous' as the rest of these, but at least I think mine is more beautiful.  I'm not really into diamonds (who wants people to be murdered over their jewelry?) and big rings are gaudy, so I think mine is just perfect.  No white dress for this future bride either. <3

  • We've been engaged since October 4th but I just picked up his ring today!!
  • My center stone is one my great-grandfather bought as a gift to his daughter (my great-aunt), who passed it down to my mother, who passed it down to me. It's an old cut of diamond, and I am a history buff, so I like it because it looks sort of old Hollywood to me.

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  • I´ve always been one for simplicity. My fiance and I are very young and penny-pinching Germans so my engagement ring isn´t huge and fancy like many of the others I see on here. Honestly, my finger is a size 4 though, a big rock would look a little out-of-place. I love my ring, it´s perfect for me. We got engaged at Niagara Falls in Canada on Valentine´s Day this year and I can´t wait for the wedding
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    My dear fiance picked this ring out by himself and I love that he knew me well enough to pick out a ring that I would love :) Engaged 3/9/14  

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