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  • peachy13peachy13 in my cubicle, doing very important work member
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    six months ago tomorrow <3
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    (attached way too huge pic sorry)

    This is me reading threads on TK
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  • @janew88 that's so cute! Congratulations!

    Here's mine. Pink sapphire with blue sapphires, platinum setting, gold band.

    This is me reading threads on TK
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    [Deleted User]nicemarmot
  • He proposed 02/13/2014 my birthday is on the 14th so he proposed that night while we sat in our pajamas in front of the fireplace. He gave me my "early bday card" that expressed his eagerness to spend the rest of his life with me.
    The biggest distraction is when im in the car and the sunlight shines and it sparkles! Lol I have so many pictures of my hand in my cellphone. I am still very much so in shock!
  • My heirloom engagement ring and wedding band. Can't wait to wear both! Engagement Date: March 16, 2014 Wedding Date: May 6, 2017
  • mrsprosser31mrsprosser31 member
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    My sapphire ring.

  • Gorgeous!
    My sweetie proposed 4-11-14.  He did good!! I love my ring:-)
  • Just got engaged this past Saturday 5/3/14! Couldn't have been more surprised and can't stop staring at it! Love seeing everyone's rings and their personal style! Looking forward to talk weddings with everyone :)
  • My sweet man went searching for a vintage ring, found this 1925 beauty, and took me on a hike to ask- all of which I had completely no idea about! He could have wrapped a piece of string around my finger, and I would have said yes. 
  • Engaged 05/04/14 so incredibly happy and in love with my best friend
  • joannemariedjoannemaried member
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  • Engaged 5/21/13 in Maui, Hawaii :) after being together for 5 years, so happy and in love with my soulmate! 1.1 ct, excellent round cut, g color, custom 6 prong channel set...gave him hints here and there, but I knew he'd pick a classy & gorgeous ring :)
  • Wow our rings look very alike! Mine is my great grandmother's ring! 
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  • Engaged on March 19th, 2014! & the black diamonds on the sides are so me. He did so good, I love him so much!


  • Engaged on 4/25/14 - his birthday was the day before and he decoyed me by pretending to be opening his own birthday gift, but it was for me instead :) Best Gift Ever!
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  • Engaged 5/17/14 in California wine country. 
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    We were planning to be in two different cities to celebrate the New Years' holiday because of our work schedules and family obligations. The whole day he texted me complaining about how he had to work on New Years to close the years' financial books and how it sucked that we couldn't be together. I agreed (of course) but assured him that it was fine and we would be together in a few short weeks. Meanwhile at home in a different state, I'm with my entire family hanging out all day in a low key family celebration. During the course of the day my sister announces she is "starting a tradition" of filming holiday celebrations and creating music videos (a la the 'Christmas Jammies' video that went viral around Thanksgiving-time in '13). I think it's a great idea so I'm milking it for all it's worth. I'm giving her "confessionals," helping her film, modeling a 2014 New Years' headband, and brainstorming what music to set it to. We do this the entire night until we're eventually counting down to the Ball Drop with Dick Clark's Rockin' Eve. We get to 8 or so and then the doorbell rings. "Go get it," my sister says. "What? Are we expecting anyone??," I ask. "Just do it," she insists. Now I'm confused and don't know what to expect, but I go to the door and crack it open (I kind of suspect something is up but the last thing on my mind is a proposal, esp. since we had always talked about something quiet with just us).  I crack it open, slowly peek out, and see him standing there all dressed up with his hands shoved deep in his pockets.  Being the practical person that I am, my thoughts turn first to logistics: "What are you doing here???" "Who dropped you off?? "How are you here??!?" He doesn't immediately respond. Instead he just smiles, starts nervously talking about us, and I begin feeling like I'm outside of myself watching a proposal happen to someone else.  I realize what's happening.  Predictably, that realization leads to me proceeding to lose it. He kneels down and asks around 11:59, I sink to my knees and cry with him, and I finally say "of course" on January 1 when he reminds me that I haven't given him an answer. Some time later we remember that we're not alone and turn around to the loudest noisemakers in the history of mankind, my sister filming the whole thing from the shadows for her "Christmas Jammies video", and tears from my amazing family. Beautiful day(s) and perfect proposal. 

    *Sorry so long!
  • Here is mine! Got engaged on Mother's Day!
  • Here is mine.... engaged the day after Mother's Day.  His mom has been doing the hard core "When are you getting married" for a while now, so when family got together to celebrate Mother's Day.. he decided that the proposal would be her present from him.

    It is a ruby.  Was the first ring that his great grandfather gave his great grandmother back in 1918.  
  • Engaged 8/1/2013 He proposed under water while SCUBA diving in Florida!

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  • allymddallymdd member
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    One month till the big show! Its hard to see in the pic, but this is a solitaire with a wrap. The solitaire, which is a .5c miners cut, is basically, exactly what I said I didn't like lol. Bt, it was FI's mother's and I learned to love it. Then, just last week he surprised me by taking me to get the wrap he knew I liked so I could combine his heirloom with something all my own. The wedding band is 5 channel set diamonds of his great-grandmothers, and we are adding the little diamond chips from his grandmothers wedding band to it.
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  • kklinkekklinke member
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    Engaged May 3, 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland at Cylburn Arboretum! Sean proposed in a field of daffodils!

  • lmcooper86lmcooper86 Toronto member
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    Just got engaged on Saturday (May 24)! He did an amazing job with the ring!



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  • We just got engaged a few days ago! I'm still in the "ooh, sparkly"-distracted-by-my-ring-every-time-it-crosses-my-line-of-sight phase!  These pictures aren't the best, so they don't quite capture how sparkly the diamond is, but they do get some of the beautiful detail! 
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  • Hi ladies, what a bunch of gorgeous rings! :)

    Here is my ring. It was a complete surprise, and my fiance picked it out by himself. He did a perfect job <3 We went to St. Maarten and he proposed on a regatta yacht, I nearly fell off the boat out of shock! It is a 1.3 ct round brilliant center, with 20 side diamonds, perfection :) 

  • JeauxBeeJeauxBee member
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    Gorgeous rings, ladies!

    My fiance and I have been together for three and a half years, and we just got engaged this past Saturday, May 24th in Jackson Square in New Orleans, Louisiana. He even asked my sister and brother-in-law to make surprise appearances and capture it all on camera, which was the cherry on top of a gorgeous surprise. He added the diamonds along the band for a unique, personal touch. He did an amazing job, I'm in love! :)
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