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     We got engaged May 9. 2014 in Savannah on Tybee Island North Beach right after seeing some dolphins in the ocean! And conveniently their (not planned at all) was a photographer there to take our picture lol!  And then the next day we witnessed a wedding at the beach :)  He told our 3 year old where the ring was and all ( bad idea lol) Anyway, it was still a nice surprise.. He  didn't settle till he found the ring! :) GREAT PICK! 
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    Here's my ring!! We got engaged yesterday :) YAYYY!!  

    I attached two, one in natural light and one in sunlight because of the SPARKLE!
  • Here are some tips to make a great proposals.
  • My boyfriend of 6 years proposed to me under the kissing bridge in Manchester, VT on May 18th. It was a day I will never forget!

    The middle diamond on the ring was my grandmothers diamond!
  • Got engaged in January but just had our engagement pictures done!  Love my ring - he did an amazing job designing it!  

    To all the ladies...your rings are beautiful!   
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    It's a vintage Ritani with a cushion diamond, a halo, diamonds on the side, and micropave diamonds on the band! I LOVE IT!!!! 
  • We just got engaged on Saturday, May 3, so I'm still completely distracted by all the sparkly lol :) I love it though!
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  • It's been a couple weeks and I'm still staring...he proposed 5/15/14 on our last night of vacation in Key West. We were on the beach and it started to rain. The ring is perfect...he took all of my hints and had this made for me. It's an oval diamond with micro pave band, set in rose gold. Love it!
  • Hello everyone! 

    Just engaged June 5, 2014!!!  Exciting day for me.  I'm just in awe of my ring, I can't stop looking at it! 

    We shopped for rings and I chose a few and gave him some hints, not to take the element of surprise away.  I think my fiancé did a great job!

    Veragio Parisian Collection- Center diamond 1ct (not sure of the diamonds on the band)
  • You did good Pappa!

    I got engaged on May 17,2014 My fiancé proposed to me at my graduation party I had no idea almost fainted. I wasn't wit him when he purchased it. Wedding ste for 5/31/2015 in Houston Texas. 14k white gold and 2 karate diamond

  • Beautiful rings ladies. My fiance just proposed on Thursday 6/5/14 with his great grandmothers ring.
  • Oh WOW! Look at that bling! You lucky ladies!! Congratulations to all of you!!
    I wanted to smack my fiance for going to little over the top and buying me a designer ring...

    Verragio - Parisian Collection - 1 carot diamond - 14 carot white gold ring - detailed with rose gold and mini diamonds...not even going to ask how much he had spent but can't help feeling uber spoiled. 

    He surprised me at my nurse pinning ceremony - in front of hundreds of people - still can't believe it!! It was also caught on video: 

    Began dating: April 7, 2012 || Engaged: October 22, 2013 || Wedding Date: April 7, 2015
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    You girls have beautiful rings on here! I just received my bridal set so I'm gonna post the pics. I already put up a pic of my engagement ring on this thread (over a year ago lol) so I'll post it again for those who haven't seen it. We got engaged Sept 1st 2012 and wedding is for Jan 10th 2015 in Mauritius!
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  • We got engaged on 5/19/2014 on the beach in Punta Cana!! He did an amazing job custom designing my ring! Knew I loved vintage settings. 1.6 carats total. Just amazing. Still can't stop looking at it! Pictures don't do the sparkle justice!
  • Everyone's rings are so pretty! I never even put my ring on here. Me and my fiancé have been together about 7 and a half years. I always talked about getting married and he acted like it wasn't a big deal. We were together that's all we wanted really. So when he proposed I was in total shock. I couldn't believe it! I would drag him into jewelry shops and look at all the rings. He remembered the one I wanted. I didn't want anything too big simply because my figure are kind of small lol We have a unique relationship to say the least lol he proposed Christmas Eve with a big box with a poem and a smaller box inside with a picture of will smith (will) another box inside with pictures of me (you) and Mary poppins (marry) and the ring box with a picture of him. It was perfect. We are getting married on our 8 year anniversary :) don't mind my nasty hands, I am a dog groomer lol
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    ♡ Engaged 6/17/2014 ♡
    Me and the fiancé have been together about 2.5 years. It has a 2 ct FB Moissanite center cushion cut stone surrounded by .5 ct halo setting. Pictures do this ring no justice and I couldn't be happier with my love :)
  • Just got engaged July 14th! My fiance and I dated for five years before that. It happened at the Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, one of my favorite places! I knew it was happening that day but he still surprised me by hiding it in a flower when I didn't expect it! Here are some pics:



    It is a vintage estate ring with 1 carat brilliant-cut round diamond, two .25 pear-shaped diamonds in a platinum setting. I can't stop staring at it, I am obsessed!! 

    Congrats to all you newly engaged couples on this thread!!!!
  • Um, why was the title/original post deleted? I didn't even know you could alter the title of stickies.

  • We got engaged in June and are getting married in May 2016.

    My fiance gave me his grandmother's ring.  It's a wonderful story piece for me.  My fiance's grandmother was a wonderful, sweet woman who married a very bitter and controlling man.  The grandfather wouldn't give her any money (ever) and didn't even let her have her name on bank accounts...so she went out and got a job and saved to eventually buy this ring.  Now I wear it...and it didn't even need re-sized.  Her personality seemed very to mine so it almost feels like she left it for me, even though I was nowhere near being in the picture when she died.


    We've been researching to try and find out more about the ring.  The jeweler she would have bought it from passed away years ago and his sons did not continue the business.  I contacted a jeweler in Australia (whose business initials match the mark on the inside of my ring) and whose family has been making jewelry for over 100 years.  He said that, while the mark is not his family's mark, he thinks the ring was actually made in the 1930s (not the 1940s or 50s, when Grandmother would have purchased it).  I pulled up other pictures of 1930's rings and the settings, side design, etc., are so similar.  I LOVE IT!!!

    I'm a lucky girl...and not just because of the ring.  I got me one of those REALLY "good guys".

    Best of luck, everyone!  - Tina

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    We got engaged in June, and I picked up my ring that we designed from the jeweler yesterday. It's a 1.5 ct equiv RB moissanite with purple sapphires. The peekaboos are our birthstones: a garnet for FI, and an alexandrite for me. I love it so much!




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  • This is exciting seeing all these beautiful rings :-)

    Dating: September 6, 2008 (Freshman year of college)

    Engaged: March 15, 2014 (same place we met on our college campus) - Ring is a 1.5ct Neil Lang ring with a halo style center stone. I absolutely love it. 

    Wedding: October 10, 2015

  • April 18, 2014, after 5 years he asked and I said yes. We just set a date and I am STILL in awe over the ring he designed himself!
  • At least in the United States, it is not customary to reuse the engagement ring during the ceremony - though I'm sure there are a small percentage of unique arrangements.  
  • 2.05 ct and I LOVE it!!! Engaged 8/9/14 :)
  • My boyfriend proposed yesterday on our 5th anniversary. He (along with my bff's help) did an awesome job with the hints I dropped. It's a yellow .57 diamond with a halo of white diamonds. *swoon*
  • Still in complete shock! Just got engaged last night in front of our coworkers, friends, and 700 freshmen at SUNY New Paltz. What an incredible night!
  • Got engaged Saturday, we had so much fun!






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